How to Buy a Marquees

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There are a huge range of marquees on the market. The quality of these marquees varies significantly. It is therefore important that you purchase a marquee that does the job required. Low and medium quality marquees are priced accordingly and have very limited:

· life
· protection from sun and rain
· and safety in windy conditions

We have listed several points which will make it easier for you to compare between the different types.
  • Fabric Comparisons
  • Frame Comparisons

Is the Foldable Marquees frame from Aluminum or Steel?

The Steel is lighter weight and will not rust. However, We recommends Aluminum frames, which are stronger and more durable. The Steel Tents are ideal for low budget or short time use.

What are the dimensions of the upper legs?

Manufacturers of foldable marquees generally use 25mm square profile aluminium up to 40mm square for leg construction. Bigger legs have bigger connectors and therefore offer greater stability. 

What is the thickness of the aluminium?

Manufacturers use aluminium in legs and truss bars between 1.0mm and 2.0mm thick. Thicker aluminium will offer greater strength and stability. 

Do you print directly onto the canopy and walls?

Some companies print on separate pieces of fabric and then stitch or glue a patch onto the canopy. The patch is significantly inferior in appearance and may lift after time. 

Do you apply a hot lacquer after printing?

 This protects the printing from scratching and fading and will keep the marquee looking good for a very long time.

Do you print on PVC or Polyester?

Printing on polyester results in a dull appearance (similar to printing on a T/Shirt).  There is no higher quality available.
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