How to Buy a Mens Pyjama Set

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How to Buy a Men's Pyjama Set

Men’s pyjama sets are available in a range of fabrics and designs, with a variety of bottom, top and sleeve types. From traditional button front tops and long bottoms, to whimsical onesies, knowing what to look for simplifies the buying decision. Choosing the right men’s pyjama set depends on a number of factors, including the advantages and disadvantages of the most commonly used fabrics, such as comfort and breathability, and the level of care required to keep the pyjamas looking good.

Tops vary in style from button fronts to T-shirts and vests, and sleeves can be long, short, or absent. Some styles are more practical, but personal preference should be the deciding factor when making a choice. Patterns include stripes, checks, or spots, as well as solid colours and printed designs. Again, the design chosen is influenced purely by taste, and can be elegant, practical or convey a sense of fun. Finally, accurate measurements of the person who will be wearing the pyjama set should be obtained and kept at hand while shopping. Men’s pyjama sets are available from clothing and department stores, and online from sources such as eBay.

Fabrics Used in Men’s Pyjama Sets

The most common fabrics used in the manufacture of men’s pyjama sets include cotton, cotton blend, silk, faux silk, satin, synthetics, and jersey. The table below gives a brief description and lists the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fabric.

Fabric Type





Natural fibre harvested from the cotton plant



Breathable and absorbent


Cool in warm weather

Easy to wash


Tends to shrink and stretch

Creases easily

May not be colourfast

Not stain resistant

Cotton Blend

A mixture of cotton and other materials, usually synthetics

Designed to take on the best aspects of each type of fibre used in the blend



Resistant to tearing

Does not show wear fast

Easy to wash


Where the percentage of cotton present in the blend is low, the fabric may lose advantages from natural fibres

Not as breathable or absorbent as pure cotton

Not as cool as cotton


Natural protein fibre harvested from silk worms and other natural sources



Breathable and absorbent

Warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather


Drapes well

Luxurious feel

Weakened by perspiration and deodorants

Requires special care

Tends to be expensive

Although fibres are strong, silk garments tend to be delicate

Not stain resistant

Faux Silk

Made from manufactured fibre, usually polyester

Designed to imitate qualities of silk

More durable than natural silk



Drapes well


Pleasant feel

Easier to care for than natural silk



Not as breathable or absorbent as natural silk

Does not provide warmth in cool weather or keep the wearer warm in cool weather like natural silk

Hard to remove stains


Glossy fabric traditionally woven from silk

Modern satin woven from silk or synthetic fibres such as nylon or polyester

Sateen is similar, but woven from short-staple yarns such as cotton

Satin woven from silk takes on the properties of natural silk

Requires special care

Difficult to remove stains

Satin woven from synthetics takes on the properties of the synthetic fabric


Blanket term for manufactured fibres such as polyester, rayon, nylon, fleece, and acetate



Crease resistant


Easy to wash


Not as breathable or absorbent as natural fabrics and retains body heat

Some variants pill or snag easily

Prone to static cling

Stains may be hard to remove


Knit fabric originally made from wool

Modern knit can be made from wool, cotton, synthetic fibres, or blends

Used to make T shirts




Breathable and absorbent

Easy to wash


Stretches easily

Tends to retain body odour due to absorbent qualities

Prone to pilling

Fabric with low cotton or wool content will lose many of the advantages associated with natural fabrics

The type of fabric chosen should be comfortable, breathable, and appropriate to the season. Cotton keeps the wearer cool in warm weather, while cotton blend, silk, faux silk, satin, and some synthetics are more versatile and can be worn in a wider temperature range. Jersey and selected synthetics, for example, fleece, provide the most warmth. Natural fabrics tend to breathe better than synthetics.

How to Choose the Right Top When Buying a Men’s Pyjama Set

The type of top chosen depends largely on the wearer’s preferences.

Men’s Button Front Pyjama Tops

Button front pyjama tops are usually designed like collared shirts, but featuring a V-neck and fewer buttons. Some may prefer this type of men’s pyjama top as it can be put on and removed without pulling the garment over the head. However, men who sleep on their stomachs may find the buttons irritating.

Men’s T-Shirt Pyjama Tops

Men’s T-shirt style pyjama tops are soft, warm, and comfortable. They tend to have a roomier fit to allow greater freedom of movement.

Men’s Vest Pyjama Tops

Men’s vest pyjama tops are generally cut closer to the body and fit more snugly than T-shirt tops, but are available in loose fitting and baggy variations.

Choosing Designs and Colours for Men’s Pyjama Sets

The pattern chosen when buying a men’s pyjama set largely depends on the wearer’s taste. Solid colours may be elegant, while checks and stripes are traditional. Spots, cartoon characters, or sports team branding convey a sense of fun.

Measuring for the Best Fit When Buying a Men’s Pyjama Set

UK clothing sizes are not standardised. As a result, the same size may differ from one manufacturer to another. It is best to have the wearer’s measurements at hand when shopping for clothing, especially where clothing will not be tried on.

How to Take Accurate Body Measurements

The two most important measurements needed are the waist and chest measurements. These should be taken with a fabric (or tailor’s) measuring tape. Where one is not available, a piece of string can be substituted and measure with a builder’s measuring tape or a ruler. Measurements should not be taken over clothing and measuring against the skin is most effective.

Taking an Accurate Chest Measurement

The chest measurement should be taken while the person being measured is standing with his arms at his side and his posture relaxed. The measuring tape should be held parallel to the floor and not pulled too tight. The chest measurement should be taken around the broadest and fullest part of the chest, but not too high under the arms.

Taking an Accurate Waist Measurement

The waist measurement should be taken around the natural waistline. This is usually above the navel, but below the rib cage.

Men’s Pyjama Sizing Guide

Although sizing guides are not accurate for all manufacturers they provide a starting point for searching size ranges. The table below can be used as an indication of the approximate sizes corresponding to body measurements.








Waist (cm)







Chest (cm)







Most clothing sizes are based on the average body unless otherwise indicated. This means that men’s pyjama sets are made for men of an average height of 5 foot 10 inches. When in doubt, it is best to buy a larger size.

Buying a Men’s Pyjama Set on eBay

Finding a men’s pyjama set on eBay is simple. Type a keyword or search phrase (like "men’s silk pyjama set") into the search box that can be found on any page. Choose the most appropriate category and item characteristics to narrow your selection. If you want additional control over the number of listings returned, use the advanced search feature.

Before You Buy on eBay

Before you buy on eBay, take a moment to check the seller and the item listing.

Check the Seller’s Feedback

eBay’s seller feedback feature allows buyers to leave feedback about sellers’ products and customer service. Detailed seller ratings give more detailed information about aspects such as:

  • the seller’s communication
  • the accuracy of the seller’s item description on the listing page
  • whether the postage and packaging fees were reasonable
  • how long the seller took to dispatch the item

To view this information simply click on the number displayed next to the seller’s username.

Check the Information Included on the Listing Page

The listing page tells you everything that you need to know about the seller and the product. Included here is:

  • information about the item’s condition
  • images of the item
  • bidding and buying information
  • the seller’s accepted payment methods
  • the seller’s feedback, information, and contact details
  • postage and packaging fees
  • terms and conditions of the seller’s return policy (where applicable)

If you have any questions about a listing, use the "Ask a Question" link to contact the seller.


Men’s pyjama sets are offered in a variety of designs and fabrics, with a range of sleeve and top types. To choose the right men’s pyjama set, consider factors like the pros and cons of commonly used materials, including factors such as warmth, comfort, breathability and absorbency, and ease of care. The style of top chosen is largely dependent on the wearer’s personal preferences. Some men may prefer a snug-fitting vest to a looser front button top. Similarly, the pattern chosen relies on the wearer’s taste, but some patterns do make a garment more elegant.

As UK clothing sizes are not standardised, it is best to have the wearer’s measurements on hand while shopping for a men’s pyjama set. A sizing guide can be used to get an indication of the approximate size needed, but to be sure of the fit the pyjamas should be tried on or measured and compared to the wearer’s measurements. From elegant silk to traditional cotton, eBay sellers offer a huge selection of men’s pyjama sets.

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