How to Buy a Mens Wristwatch

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How to Buy a Men's Wristwatch

Even though clocks are appearing on more and more surfaces, including mobile phones, tablet computers, and basically every other electronic device, wristwatches still remain a popular accessory for men. There may be many reasons for this, as glancing at a wrist, is in many cases faster than powering on some device simply to see what time it is. A wristwatch is a simple, portable device that does not need to be stored in a pocket with other bulky objects.

A wristwatch is more than just a device for telling time, as it can be an important part of a man's personal style. All of these factors are usually taken into consideration when buying a wristwatch, whether it be in a jewellery store or online via eBay. However, there are several other things to consider when buying a wristwatch, including what kind of watches are available, how they are powered, and the materials used to make the watch and band. Wristwatches are a concrete component to men's fashion accessories today.

Types of Watches

Since wristwatches are basically miniature clocks that are designed for portability, it makes sense that watches come in the two basic styles that are used for clocks; analogue and digital. Each style is popular and used quite commonly. Any decision on which one to use is based more on personal preference and style considerations than anything else.

Analogue Watches

Analogue watches have an hour, minute, and often, a second hand, that allows the user to tell time more accurately. Analogue watches are considered more formal than digital watches, and are often more expensive for this very reason. In many cases, analogue watches are made from expensive materials such as gold or diamonds that would never be used for a digital watch. There are, however degrees of formality for analogue watches, based on the design and material used to make the band. Some are fine with nearly all clothing and situations, while others look out of place with anything other than dress clothing or formal wear.

Digital Watches

Digital watches feature the time displayed in a numeric readout, to make it easily interpreted by anyone. This readout comes in either LCD or LED form. In the case of an LED display, the numbers themselves actually light up, providing illumination in darkness. Regardless of how the display is made, digital watches are considered extremely casual, and even with a nicer band and construction materials, might still be inappropriate for some situations. However, digital watches are usually less expensive than analogue watches. Many digital watches fall within the category of sports watches, with timers and other features related to sports.

Gadget Watches

Gadget watches are a type of digital watch that typically do much more than simply tell time. Many of these watches contain a calculator, or other features that increases functionality. There are many kinds of gadget watches, all with varying abilities. Some feature a touchscreen that allows the user to access a menu of features, including internet access or even a digital camera.

Analogue/Digital Combination Watches

There is a third group of watches that contain both an analogue face and a digital readout. This type of watch is worn more as a style choice than for any practical benefit. While a combination watch has an analogue face, they are still considered more informal than a regular analogue watch.

Wristwatch Power Sources

All watches need a power source in order to either keep the hands moving on an analogue watch or to keep the display visible on a digital watch. There are several different power sources available, each with different qualities.

Battery-Powered Wristwatches

Digital watches are most often powered by a small battery. For this reason, digital watches can be reasonably accurate, although they usually require a periodic readjustment as they eventually lose accurate time.These batteries can last for years, but do eventually need to be replaced. For many watches, battery replacement is fairly straightforward, but in some rare cases, special tools are necessary. Some watches make use of solar-powered batteries that do not need to be replaced.

Quartz Watches

Quartz watches also make use of a watch battery, but use the electricity supplied by the battery to electrify a very small quartz crystal that vibrates at a very fast rate. This vibration allows a watch to keep a very accurate time, and does not need to be reset more than once a year. The battery, however, will need to be replaced unless it is solar powered.

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are powered by kinetic energy stored within a metal spring that drives a series of gears and other mechanical parts. A mechanical watch needs to be wound at regular intervals, but can be extremely accurate in keeping time and suffers less degradation than other watches. Many mechanical watches are hand-made by experts who have learned the art of watchmaking over years. These skills are becoming more and more rare as older watchmakers die or retire. For this reason, well made mechanical watches can be quite expensive.

Motion-Powered Watches

Motion-powered, or automatic, watches are a variation of mechanical watches that use the energy created by the wearer's motion to power the spring. These watches can be very efficient, but if they are not worn each day, they can lose power. Likewise, if the wearer maintains an extremely sedentary lifestyle, the watch spring may not charge properly.

Wristwatch Style Considerations

A wristwatch should be a subtle, yet important, part of many men's outfits. For this reason, there are many aspects of a watch that are designed to look a certain way or please a certain crowd. Some of the most important aspects of wristwatch styles are related to the watch band and the watch face.

Watch Bands

Watch bands come in a wide variety of colours and styles, but one of the most important things to consider when buying a watch, is the material that the watch band is made from. There are three main materials used for creating watch bands: metal, leather, and plastic. Plastic watch bands are used mainly for digital watches, while leather and metal are mostly used for analogue watches.

Leather watch bands are comfortable and elegant, and can be useful for both formal and informal situations. Leather is typically not as durable as metal or plastic, and can even deteriorate after exposure to water or too much perspiration. Metal watch bands, usually made from stainless steel, are much more durable and are a good fit for a watch that can be worn in formal situations. It should be noted that watch bands can be replaced when they become damaged or even to establish a new look.

Watch Case

The watch case is the enclosure that protects the watch face. Men's watches generally have a larger case than women's watches. Digital watches generally incorporate the face into the case, but analogue watches often have a glass cover over the face. The part of the case surrounding the glass on an analogue watch is often very decorative and is commonly made of metal, even in cases where the watch has a leather watch band. As is the case with watch bands, stainless steel is very common, although other metals are used as well, which has a direct effect on cost. Titanium is durable and resists stain and tarnish, whereas gold is mainly a statement of style and luxury.


Many watches are labelled as either waterproof, or water resistant. Many watches can be submerged in water up to various depths without taking any damage. Others are water resistant, which basically allows them to shrug off rain and, occasionally spills, but should probably not be worn in the shower. Before buying a wristwatch it is important to think about where it might be worn and how much water it could be exposed to.

Buying a Men's Wristwatch on eBay

Many different examples of wristwatches are available on eBay. Men who need a wristwatch for any occasion, can find the perfect one by exploring the many products available on eBay. The best way to discover what is available on eBay at any given time is to enter a general search term, such as 'wristwatch', into the search bar on the eBay home page.  A search for a specific kind of watch or one with specific features can be done with the addition of extra search terms.

Evaluating Products

Each product on eBay has a product description that can be used to supplement any technical specifications that come from the manufacturer. It is important to always read any product description before making a purchase in order to determine product quality. In this way, you can get a good sense of how a wristwatch may function, regardless of whether or not it is new or used. At the same time, learning about the seller by reading feedback can help make the buying process more secure and efficient.


A wristwatch can be a great way to determine the time, without having to dig deeply into a pocket or briefcase for a phone or device. At the same time, a wristwatch can be a powerful status symbol or a way to complement a man's wardrobe. Wristwatches come in two main forms; analogue and digital. Analogue watches are considered more formal, and can be worn with almost anything, including a tuxedo if necessary. Digital watches, on the other hand, are far more casual, which is why sports watches are almost always digital.

Each type of watch also needs a power source, ranging from a battery to a purely mechanical, spring-powered device. When looking for the right wristwatch, it is always important to evaluate the different watch bands that they use as well as the watch cases they use, as these are extremely important in terms of how a watch looks. Once every style and function consideration has been made, finding the right watch is an easy task.

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