How to Buy a Mercedes on eBay

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How to Buy a Mercedes on eBay

Mercedes-Benz is a German-based luxury automobile manufacturer. The cars are often named among the top vehicles in the world, and Mercedes-Benz has set the standard for luxury vehicles. It should come as no surprise that Mercedes-Benz is one of the the top three luxury car companies in the world. Millions of people buy new and used Mercedes cars every year, and in 2012 alone, the company sold more than 1.4 million cars, surpassing all of its previous sales records. The search for a used Mercedes can be difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, shoppers find that a large selection of Mercedes cars and sport utility vehicles is available on eBay. People who are looking for all types of Mercedes cars can find great deals on all of their favourite models. Shopping for a Mercedes online is a bit different from purchasing a vehicle from a lot. Shoppers need to know how to effectively search for the car they need, as well as know what to look for when shopping for a Mercedes.

Search for a Mercedes

The first step in buying a Mercedes on eBay is performing a search. A shopper who is looking for a particular model should use eBay's Advanced Search feature. Doing so allows a shopper to perform a specific search by deciding which keywords to include and exclude from the search. This means that listings that appear on the results page are more likely to match to what the shopper is searching for. Those shoppers who do not know exactly what they want to buy should perform a basic keyword search. Using a generic search query allows the shopper to browse a larger selection of Mercedes vehicles. From there, shoppers can begin narrowing down the listings based on different options and preferences as listed below.

Narrow Down Listings

To make items easier to find on eBay, the listings are placed in various categories. Each category has several subcategories. This is true for vehicles on eBay, too. Shoppers have the ability to filter and sort the listings such that only those relevant listings appear on the results page. While not everyone knows exactly what they want, every shopper does have a general idea of what he or she is looking for. Narrowing down the listings by preferences such as car type and model, mileage, year, and transmission makes it easier to locate exactly what the shopper is looking for.

Car Type and Model

Mercedes offers a full range of passenger vehicles, as well as light commercial and heavy commercial equipment. With so many vehicles to choose from, shoppers are sure to find Mercedes vehicles that meet their needs. Mercedes has manufactured hundreds of different models since the company's inception in the 1920s. The most recent models of passenger vehicles are listed in the table below. These are the Mercedes models that shoppers are most likely to find when browsing listings on eBay.

Car Type

Mercedes Models


A-Class hatchback, C-Class, CL-Class luxury, E-Class, S-Class, SL-Class


C-Class coupe, CLA-Class, CLS-Class, E-Class SLS AMG


C-Class, E-Class

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

G-Class, GL-Class, GLK-Class, M-Class

Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

B-Class, R-Class, Viano


SL-Class, SLK-Class, SLS AMG

Some models have different versions, which is why they are listed in two different classes. For example, the Mercedes E-Class is made in a standard, coupe, and estate vehicle. Shoppers who are fond of this model of car can find one in any of these three classes. Others are only manufactured to fit in one class, such as the SL-Class and SLK-Class, which are always sports cars and roadsters.

Model Year

When narrowing down the selection on eBay, shoppers can choose the year or years of the vehicles that they wish to purchase. Some shoppers only want vehicles that were made in the last two or three years, while others are looking for Mercedes vehicles that are 10 years old and older. Some shoppers are looking for Mercedes manufactured in particular years. Choosing the year allows shoppers to refine the search results to only show the listings that match the model year that they wish to purchase.


When shopping for a Mercedes, or any vehicle for that matter, it is important for shoppers to specify the type of transmission that they require. The two types of transmissions available for Mercedes cars are manual and automatic transmissions. With a manual transmission, drivers must change the gears themselves by pressing the clutch and using the gear shift to change the gear up or down. With an automatic transmission, the car automatically changes the gears for the driver when moving in a forward direction. Driving a car with a manual transmission can be tricky, so a shopper should avoid purchasing this type of car if he or she does not have much experience with manual  transmissions.


Shopping for a used Mercedes is a good way to find a luxury car at an affordable price. A pre-owned car is a car that has been driven before. The mileage of the car gives the shopper a good indication of how much the car has been driven. Luxury vehicles often have to go in for regular maintenance at different mileage milestones. A Mercedes car with high mileage often require more maintenance than a vehicle with a lower mileage. Thus, eBay allows shoppers to specify the desired mileage range of the vehicles they intend to purchase.


Another option, which is not as important to some shoppers, is the colour of the Mercedes. When compared to other types of cars, the colours for Mercedes vehicles are rather conservative. The most popular colours are black, silver, blue, and white. Many owners customise their cars and paint them various colours. Shoppers should be aware that it can often be very expensive to touch up a bespoke paint job on a Mercedes.

Choosing a Mercedes to Purchase

Shoppers who have narrowed down the listings from the initial search are ready to make the final selection. Many options need to be considered when choosing a Mercedes to purchase. Because buying a vehicle is a large purchase, shoppers must take the time to consider their options carefully. In addition to the factors mentioned above, eBay shoppers should review the item descriptions, compare prices, note the condition of the vehicle, and consider the seller before making a final decision.

Item Descriptions

The item description is where the seller has the opportunity to write about the car and tell potential buyers all about the car. It is here that the seller lists any damage the car has incurred as well as any problems that the car may have had or is still having. Additionally, many sellers attach one or more photographs to the listing so that buyers can get an idea of what what the car looks like. A shopper who notices something in the photograph that is not mentioned in the description can contact the seller with questions and concerns.


Shoppers should take the time to research how much the Mercedes they are considering is worth. The price should be in line with the value of the vehicle in its current condition. Cars that are priced well below their values likely have some serious problems under bonnet and these issues may end up costing the new owner quite a bit of money down the line. Additionally, some sellers list the highest value for their cars in hopes of receiving a higher price for the sale. Shoppers can narrow the prices to show only those in their price range. Specifying a low and a high end for prices helps to narrow results to only those listings for cars that fit within a buyer's budget.


All items sold on eBay are from private sellers located around the UK. Shoppers have the ability to choose which sellers they want to purchase cars from. Since some people are uneasy about buying cars from people they have never met, the eBay feedback system is in place to give shoppers a bit of assurance. The feedback rating system shows how many transactions the seller has completed on eBay. A percentage is displayed to show how many of those transactions received positive reviews. Sellers who receive consistently high ratings are identified as top-rated sellers. Shoppers can narrow options for Mercedes vehicles to show only those listings posted by top-rated sellers.

Pickup Options

Shopping online for a Mercedes does not mean that shoppers have to pay to have the car shipped to their homes. Instead, a shopper can narrow the options to show only those that are for sale within a certain radius from the shopper's location. To do this, the shopper simply enters his or her postcode, then sorts the results to show the Mercedes that are for sale nearest to where the shopper is located. This way shoppers only have to travel a short distance to pick up the car in person.


As one of the top-selling luxury vehicles in the world, it is no wonder that many shoppers in the market for new cars tend to lean more towards Mercedes vehicles. With so many models to choose from, a shopper can find a Mercedes that meets the needs of his or her lifestyle. Shoppers can find standard cars, coupes, sport utility vehicles, and luxury cars under the Mercedes name. When shopping for a great deal on Mercedes cars, eBay cannot be surpassed in terms of selection and prices. This large online marketplace allows buyers to look for Mercedes cars for sale from all of the world. Additionally, eBay makes it easy to sort, refine, and compare listings. Because eBay is online, a shopper does not have to waste his or her time travelling from seller to seller or wandering around car lots when shopping for the right car. With so many options to choose and with how easy it is to search the eBay site, shoppers can save time and money by shopping for Mercedes vehicles on eBay.

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