How to Buy a Metal Cabin Bed on eBay

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How to Buy a Metal Cabin Bed on eBay

Every parent will agree that a child’s bedroom is an odd environment to furnish. For all the creativity that goes on there, it is notorious for mess and disorganization. It can take parents a lot of time and effort to get the room back in functioning shape. However, there is one essential that adds extra storage and can help restore order to a child’s bedroom. Simply put, the cabin bed is the answer to many parents’ prayers.

A metal cabin bed places the actual sleeping element at height, leaving the area underneath available for storage. The storage options that are most common are drawers, desks, wardrobes and shelves. Entering the world of online bed shopping can be daunting; this guide is here to make it a no fuss process. eBay has become an excellent resource for home furnishings and you’ll be sure to find a metal cabin bed of interest on there.

What is a Cabin Bed?

Storage options in a child’s bedroom can be limited and they usually take up a fair amount of space. Investing in a metal cabin bed helps solve storage problems whilst preserving space. It adds an extra dimension to a sleeping area while doing away with common box springs. This makes squeaks and creaks non-existent and improves the overall sound of a bed. The features of a cabin bed make it an economical purchase that is multi-functional in design.

Types of Cabin Bed

Cabin beds vary in form and shape; this means that there is a variety of types to choose from. Shoppers who are serious about buying a cabin bed should research the following models. Bear in mind that depending on what features you require some units may not be suitable.

Asian Cabin Bed

The common form of cabin bed that is found in the far east. It features elements of Asian culture and is considered an exotic option. Takes influence from the tatami bed and brings a sense of calm to a room’s décor.

Modern Cabin Bed

Europe’s biggest seller largely due to its simple and clean design. It uses straight edges and minimalism to great effect. Also known to be one of the more affordable cabin bed designs.

Storage Cabin Bed

When storage takes preference over everything else consider buying an aptly titled storage cabin bed. These units are built to store all items of interest to children including toys, clothes, technology and more.

Traditional Cabin Bed

Considered classic as it uses elements of traditional American design. In terms of features it tries to utilise a little bit of everything and is great for those looking for something general.

Cabin Bed Materials

In the world of cabin beds it’s safe to say that the metal variation is the no-fuss option. Shoppers aren’t baffled by different choices and can’t be pushed every which way by shop assistants. There is one singular type of metal that is used to construct non-wooden cabin beds, and that material is tube metal (sometimes referred to as steel tubing).

The reason many people opt for a bed of this type is because it’s cost effective. Tube metal cabin beds are inexpensive to produce, so they are an affordable price when they reach sale. The metal itself is robust enough to survive most forms of wear and tear, but is susceptible to scratching and dents.

Cabin Bed Mattresses

No bed is complete without a mattress. It isn’t just adults who can gain from using one that has the correct amount of support. Cabin beds have odd dimensions compared to other models, so there isn’t as broad a range of options. However the following four are the ones that can be found easily.

Open Coil

Open Coil Mattresses are great for those on a budget and provides a surprising amount of support. However its price dictates that it doesn’t provide a great deal of longevity.

Continuous Spring

The Continuous Spring Mattress is an excellent all-rounder as it features springs that are spread from head to toe. When utilized correctly the cabin bed can provide an extra element of support to whoever uses it.


Zone mattresses place focus on the midriff area. They aim to support the spine better than any other style available.

Pocket Sprung

Created using individual springs that are joined together by interlocking fabric. Considered a hardwearing mattress.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattresses are without doubt the most expensive mattresses available but well worth the added expense. It will mold to the shape of whoever uses it and provides tailored comfort. The ultimate form of mattress and considered the height of luxury.

Cabin Bed Regulations

When used incorrectly cabin beds can be a dangerous product and all responsibility for such danger falls on the owner. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before building and follow what they say to a tee. The instructions (when followed correctly) will insure that your cabin bed adheres to the UK safety regulations.

All units have to meet these regulations otherwise they are not considered suitable for use.

There should be no gaps in the bed that are more than 75mm or less than 60mm. The access gap to the top bunk must be a minimum of 300mm wide.

The bed must have guardrails on all sides.

The mattress must be 100mm or more below the top guardrail.

Cabin beds are not suitable for children under six years of age.

Cabin Bed Safety

Always bear safety in mind when constructing and using a metal cabin bed. They elevate whoever is using it to approximately 6ft off the ground, which makes a nasty drop should someone fall off. Explain to children the importance of remaining safe while on a cabin bed and lay out ground rules for use.

  • Don’t jump off the bed.
  • Don’t lean over the side of the bed.
  • Don’t rock the bed.
  • Don’t overload the bed.
  • Always use the ladder.

The above rules seem basic but they could be the difference between a child having fun and suffering injury. Always make cabin bed safety a top priority.

Metal Bed Care

Metal beds can absorb a lot of punishment and are robust enough to withstand anything a child can throw at it. But even though it remains strong in structure, cosmetically it can show signs of wear. It pays to keep a bed in good condition in order to maintain its use in the long term. The following are a few hints and tips that will keep a metal cabin bed looking in tip-top condition.

Don’t let the bed gather dust and regularly wipe it down.

Use a damp cloth and give it a good once over before drying with a towel.

Specialised metal polish will help bring a shine back to the bed frame. Avoid chemical based polish as it can cause corrosion; always stick to something natural if possible.

If the bed has suffered dents or scratches, find an appropriate paint and give it a touch up.


All beds are large and bulky, even when in flat pack form. It makes them completely unsuitable for standard forms of delivery. In most instances they are sent via a courier pallet service and such service isn’t cheap. Always discuss delivery options with the seller in order to ensure that it is something you can afford.

Completing a Transaction

When shoppers find a metal cabin bed of interest they will need to do one of the following.

  • Place a Bid
  • Make a Best Offer
  • Buy It Now
  • Once an auction has concluded, the winning bidder will need to complete the checkout process.
  • Doing this via PayPal will mean that the buyer protection program covers the transaction.


There is no way around it, children’s bedroom furniture is a necessity and it’s a tough field to navigate through. This guide describes all the benefits of acquiring a metal cabin bed and buyers can’t really go wrong with owning one. They provide comfort and storage in one unit, something that standard beds just can’t do.

This guide details all types of metal cabin beds available and should help buyers come to an informed decision. eBay is here to make bed shopping a simple process. Just log on to eBay and start exploring all that they have to offer.

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