How to Buy a Motor Home on eBay

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How to Buy a Motor Home on eBay

Taking a motor home on a camping trip makes a trip into the great outdoor more comfortable and at times more luxurious. Rather than having to sleep on the ground in a tent, campers can sleep in a comfortable bed protected from the elements in a motor home. This coachbuilt camper has a cab, a chassis, and camper all rolled into a single vehicle, which is different from a caravan that must be towed. They vary in size to accommodate the needs of both small and large groups of campers. Shopping for a motor home can be a difficult task since there are so many options to choose from. Additionally, finding one that fits within the shopper's budget can also be hard to do. When shopping on eBay, buyers are connected with sellers from all across the UK, making it easier to find a motor home that suits their needs and fits within their budgets. With search features that make the listings easy to sort and compare, shoppers can save time and find great deals on motor homes when shopping on eBay.

Search for Motor Homes

The first step in finding a motor home on eBay is for shoppers to perform a keyword search. Shoppers who know what type of motor home they wish to purchase can use more detailed keywords to return a refined set of search results. Those who wish to browse a larger range of options can perform a more generic search for 'motor home' or 'motor home' to view all the related listings available. The advanced search feature allows shoppers to choose which keywords to include and exclude from their search. This way the the search is focused and the results are targeted. The advanced search is a good option for the shopper who has a specific type of motor home in mind.

Choose a Type of Motor Home

When searching for a motor home on eBay, shoppers should have an idea as to which type of motor home they want. Motor homes are available in many sizes, types, and styles. Having an idea of what type of motor home is required makes searching for one on eBay much easier. The most common types of motor home are described in the table below.




Uses the cab and chassis from a major van manufacturer attached to a motor home body; many have a space over the cab for storage or sleeping; available in conventional and low-profile models

Camper Van

Small motor home made from a converted passenger van; comfortably sleeps two people; small enough to be driven on a regular basis when needed


Also known as a bongo; small camper van that has a top that extends for extra room when parked; allows people to stand up inside the van; also known as a pop-top


Large imported motor homes; often the size of a bus; equipped with several amenities and luxury accommodations; usually sleep six or more people


Large motor home with no separate cab; the cab, chassis, and body are all connected and manufactured by the same company; largest A-class motor homes have a third wheel on each side and are known as tag axles

As seen in the table above, there are many different types of motor homes. What differentiates these motor homes from other campers is the fact that all of them are coachbuilt. The engine and cab are a permanent part of the vehicle. Other campers can be pulled behind a truck or other vehicle. All of the motor homes mentioned above do not detach from the camper. Those who are looking for something more fuel efficient should consider a campervan or high-top, while those who need something that sleeps a larger number of people or has all of the luxuries of home should choose one of the larger options.

Refine Motor Home Listings

Once the initial search has been performed and the type of motor home has been chosen, shoppers need to refine the listings even further. This helps weed out the listings that do not match what the shopper is looking for, thus reducing the number of listings that need to be sorted through. eBay provides a number of options for shoppers to choose from to help them in their search.


A number of different manufacturers make motor homes with Volkswagen, Fiat, and Swift being among the most common. Shoppers who have a preference for a certain manufacturer are able to narrow down the results accordingly. Some manufacturers have better reputations than others in terms of the quality of the motor homes that they produce. Shoppers should take the time to read reviews for each manufacturer before making a decision.

Sleeping Capacity

As seen in the table in the above section, motor homes can sleep as few as two people or more than six people. Different campers have different needs, and purchasing a motor home that does not accommodate the number of people camping does not meet those needs. Additionally, campers who are camping alone or with two people can save money by not purchasing one of the larger motor homes.


Campers who are purchasing a motor home are typically looking for something that offers a more comfortable experience than tent camping. This means that they likely wish to have some basic amenities or luxury features in the motor home. People looking for a motor home on eBay can specify which features they need. Some of the most common features that people wish to have are sinks, ovens, central heating, and CD players. Specifying these features when refining the results saves a shopper time because then he or she does not have to read through listings that do not have the amenities that the shopper requires.

Comparing Motor Homes

Once the results have been refined, it is time to start comparing the listings. By comparing listings, the shopper can see what each motor home has to offer in more detail. Shoppers read the description and then compare the condition, price, and seller before making a final purchasing decision.

Motor Home Description

The title or heading in a listing for a motor home only has enough space to provide a basic description of the motor home. In the heading, the seller usually specifies the year, type, and engine size of the motor home. Shoppers must open the listing to read the full description and see all that the motor home has to offer. Inside the listing, the seller has enough space to provide details regarding appearance, condition, and any issues that the motor home may have. Additionally, the listing often includes an image or several images that allow shoppers to see the interior and exterior of the motor home in more detail. Shoppers should always take the time to carefully review the description and images before making any decisions.


Most motor homes for sale on eBay are in used condition. This means that the shopper needs to take extra care when making a decision as to which one to purchase. Shoppers need to evaluate the mileage on the engine as well as any damage to the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. Motor homes with high mileage typically need more repairs than those with lower mileage. Shoppers should also consider which repairs and replacement parts are needed to make the motor home fully operational as these repairs can quickly drive up the cost of the investment.


Before settling for a price on a motor home, shoppers should evaluate the retail price and value of the motor home in its current condition. Motor homes in new and like new condition typically cost more than those in less than perfect condition. Shoppers should also take into account how much the motor home costs to operate and repair. Smaller motor homes are often less expensive when it comes to fuel and replacement parts. All of these factors contribute to the overall cost of the vehicle. A shopper who spends too much on the motor home initially may not have enough money left to use it.


Buying a motor home is a large investment, and a buyer wants to purchase it from someone that they can trust. Since this is hard to do when shopping online, eBay includes a feedback rating system to make it easier for shoppers to choose reliable sellers to do business with. A buyer can quickly glance at the seller's feedback to see how many transactions the seller has completed, as well as what percentage of those transactions received positive reviews. Sellers that have received consistently high reviews are named eBay Top-rated Sellers. Shoppers can refine their search results to show only motor homes offered for sale by these sellers.


A motor home provides a comfortable way to spend a camping holiday. Offering many of the luxuries of home and protection from the weather and other elements, many people enjoy taking their motor homes on trips instead of using tents. Several types of motor homes exist, from small motor homes that sleep two people to large motor homes that sleep six or more people. Many include amenities such as washrooms, kitchens, and separate sleeping quarters. Finding a motor home that meets the campers' needs as well as fits within the shopper's budget can be difficult. Shopping on eBay for a motor home helps to simplify this process. With several features for searching and refining results, shoppers can easily find what they are looking for on eBay. Additionally, the listings are easy to compare. With so many options to choose from and an inventory that is always changing, shoppers are sure to find great deals on motor homes by shopping on eBay.

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