How to Buy a Motorbike Cover

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How to Buy a Motorbike Cover

Motorbikes are a fun way to get from one point to another. They give the rider a good view of the scenery around them and allow them to feel a new sense of freedom that they would otherwise not feel when using other modes of travel. In order to keep a motorbike in great working order and continue having fun with it, the motorbike must be properly cared for and maintained from the heat, cold, wind, and rain.

Keeping a motorbike in a garage or other enclosed area helps to keep the motorbike safe from these elements, but not everyone has a safe area to keep their bikes in. For these people, motorbike covers are an ideal solution. Motorbike covers come in a variety of styles and are made from a variety of materials as well. They can be located where motorbikes are sold and online at eBay. Knowing how to choose a motorbike cover that offers the right type of protection from outdoor and indoor elements helps to keep the bike from becoming damaged from them when the right one is chosen.

Motorbike Protection

There are many things that a motorbike should be protected from in order to keep it in peak condition. Being stored outdoors or in another open area can leave the motorbike at risk for various reasons. One of the obvious reasons to buy a motorbike cover is to protect it from the weather. However, there are other dangers that lurk for an uncovered motorbike, such as flying debris and rust. Being able to distinguish between the different types of motorbike covers purposes helps the bikeâ??s owner know how to properly choose the right one for the surroundings and elements that the bike is subjected to.

Weather Conditions

A person can never accurately predict what the weather is to be like for any certain day, not even the weather forecasters. The weather can change in an instant bringing with it high winds, rain, snow and other elements that are very hard on any type of vehicle that is left unprotected. These harsh elements are very hard on motorbikes and can permanently damage the exterior.


Windy conditions can also cause debris to settle into areas of the motorbike where it has no business being and in doing so is able to ruin the engine and other components that are necessary to operate the motorbike. Even warm sunny days have their hazards. When the hot sun beats down on a motorbike that is left uncovered, the seats can crack and the paint job becomes faded as well.

Rain and Moisture

For people who have to keep their motorbikes in an unprotected area, full coverage of the bike is extremely important for these reasons. In cases like these, a new motorbike cover needs to be one that is able to provide adequate protection for the motorbike as well as stay in great shape itself. Rain is never a good thing for a motorbike to experience because the moisture is very damaging to circuitry and other vital components of the bike.

To protect the motorbike from rain and other moisture, try buying a cover that at least has a waterproof liner built in. Be careful when picking out a motorbike cover for this purpose as ones that are labelled "water resistant" are not able to necessarily provide the same protection as ones that are labelled as "waterproof". Although this type of cover is good to use for protecting the motorbike from light rain showers or other moisture in the air, they are not meant to protect a motorbike from torrential rains.

Air Circulation

Even if the weather outside is great, there still can be moisture in the air at various times of the day. Moisture has a way of accumulating under objects, even coverings. When moisture gets trapped in an area that allows it to stay in one place for too long, rust build-up can eventually occur. Rust is extremely damaging to the metal components of a motorbike. In order to protect a motorbike from becoming rusted, make sure to look for a cover that not only protects the bike from its surroundings, but one that allows the moisture to evaporate as well.


The intense rays from the sun are very damaging to a motorbike. Not only does it fade the paint job over time, it also weathers other motorbike fabrics or materials like ones used for handlebars and seat covers. Even if the temperature does not feel very hot, it does not take much heat to eventually wear down and crack things like paint and leather. Extreme heat can also cause wet lubricants, such as oils and sealants, to lose their moisture content and end up cracking or even breaking seals, thereby leaving the motorbike inoperable.

Other Motorbike Coverage Needs

Of course one of the main purposes of having a motorbike is riding it. There is no telling what might be encountered while doing so, which makes it very important to carry a source of protection for the motorbike while away from home. Often, this might call for buying a separate cover. But even while at home and garaged, a motorbike still needs some sort of protection. The information and the table further below offer helpful solutions to solve these problems like protecting it from dust and other harmful airborne contaminants.

Travel Needs

One of the small drawbacks of owning a motorbike cover that offers extreme protection is that it can often be very heavy. Although the protection that these covers provide is wonderful, they are not ideal for packing along with a rider on their journey because of their weight. Motorbikes still need to be protected from outside elements though.

One way to get around this dilemma is to buy a separate replacement motorbike cover to take while travelling that is lightweight but still affords the right amount of protection where it is needed. Half covers are ideal for this purpose and are able to protect the motorbike in areas that need it the most and also allow heat to escape so the motorbike can cool down after a long journey.

Enclosed Motorbikes

Just because a motorbike is stored in a garage or other enclosed area while not in use does not mean that the motorbike does not need some sort of coverage. Garages are protected; however, there is still a way for dirt, dust, and other contaminants from the air to land on the motorbikeâ??s surface if not protected. This does not mean that it is necessarily appropriate to throw a tarp over the bike as tarps can still have rough areas that are able to scratch a paint job. Being able to use a light cover in this type of situation helps extend the life of both the interior and exterior parts of motorbikes.

Cover Specifications

There are a lot of different hazards that a motorbike is faced with every day while not in use. The surroundings that the motorbike is kept in while not in use is a key factor that should be considered when choosing a motorbike cover to protect it. Not all motorbike covers are the same, so it is important to take stock of the elements that surround a motorbike that could create potential hazards for the bike before choosing a cover. The table below lists common types of hazards as well as what types of covers are ideally suited to handle each hazard.

Type of Hazard

Cover Specifications

Rain, Snow, or Extremely Wet Conditions

Waterproof material or liner; contains PVC in the material to ensure adequate protection

Trapped Moisture

Rust inhibitors are ideal for this hazard

Heat and UV Rays

Block harmful rays and heat by adding UV protection to material

Exposure While Travelling

Lightweight half covers that protect most important parts while allowing bike to cool; easy to pack

There are several types of covers that offer protection from multiple elements since there are many types of hazards that can befall a motorbike at the same time. One thing that can be planned for though is helping to keep a motorbike adequately covered in order to extend the life of the motorbike and the enjoyment of its owners.

How to Buy Motorbike Covers on eBay

It is easy to find a motorbike cover that you need on eBay since there is such a wide variety of covers and sellers. One of the first things to do in order to find your motorbike cover is to determine what keywords are important for the item you are looking for. Next, type those keywords into the search query box that is located at the top of the eBay home page and click on the search icon. It is important to keep in mind that the more specific your keywords are, the more relevant the search results are. If you want a broad range of items, try typing in "motorbike covers" and click on the search icon.

Once you locate a cover that is of interest to you, click on that item and find the full listing information that is located on that web page. This section gives you the information on the item, such as condition, accepted methods of payment by the seller, and also the shipping information. You can also contact the seller with any additional questions by clicking on that seller's name and using their contact information to have additional details given to you.


Motorbikes are not only a fun way to travel, they can also be very expensive to purchase and maintain. That is why finding the right motorbike cover is so important. To find a motorbike cover that is suitable for the conditions that your bike is subjected to, make sure first of all you consider all of the hazards that your bike may encounter where it is stored while not in use.

Try to get a cover that has as many properties as possible to account for possible damage the bike is subjected to. Once all of these factors have been taken into account, it is important to know what features are included in covers to protect the motorbike. Some covers offer certain features, such as UV protection, air circulation, rust protection, and protection for other harmful airborne contaminants. Knowing how to distinguish between these characteristics and finding the appropriate one on eBay affords both protection for the motorbike and peace of mind for the bike's owner.

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