How to Buy a New Battery for a Chrysler Grand Voyager

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How to Buy a New Battery for a Chrysler Grand Voyager

The battery is at the heart of the electrical system for a Chrysler Grand Voyager and every vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine. A healthy battery is essential to the vehicle starting properly and running as it should. Buying a replacement battery can be a confusing process with all of the options that are available on the market. Getting a battery with the proper power specs and terminal configuration is important, or the battery may not perform as designed. Removing an old battery and installing a new one must be done properly, or the installer risks personal harm; damage to the vehicle can also occur if the installation is not performed correctly.

Batteries can be purchased from auto parts stores, car dealerships, battery vendors, and department stores that have an automotive section. Used batteries are sometimes sold at salvage yards, although the majority of used batteries are sold to recyclers. Both new and used batteries are available from sellers on eBay, which offers a large selection of brands and battery models.

Understanding Battery Construction in a Chrysler Grand Voyager

Automotive batteries are constructed with an external case made from a heavy duty plastic compound. Inside the battery, lead plates are submerged in an electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid and water. The acid content is generally about 30 to 40 percent of the total liquid inside the battery. This electrolyte solution allows a chemical process to take place that releases electrons from the lead which are captured by conductors to provide electricity. As the battery is recharged, the electrons are attracted back to the lead storage plates. In terms of construction, the big differences between types of batteries involve the size of the case, the type of terminal connection, and the position of the terminals.

Battery Size

The external size of the battery is determined by the design of the vehicle it is intended for. Batteries vary in height and width, depending on the space available for the battery under the bonnet in the engine compartment. Vehicle manufacturers have on occasion stored the battery under the rear seat of the vehicle when space under the bonnet was at a premium. On the Chrysler Grand Voyager, the battery is located under the bonnet in the front of the engine compartment on the passenger side of the vehicle. The Grand Voyager battery measures 278 mm long by 175 mm wide by 190 mm tall; some battery brands may vary slightly.

Battery Terminal Connection

Automotive batteries have terminals that battery cables attach to, and these terminals are located either on the top of the battery or the front side of the battery. Top post terminals attach to a clamp type end on the battery cable. Side post terminals use a bolt type battery terminal end that threads into the battery terminal. Some batteries come with both types of terminals to expand the fit possibilities of the battery. The Chrysler Grand Voyager uses a top post battery with terminal clamps on the end of the battery cable. The position of the positive and negative terminals can also vary depending on the battery type. On the Chrysler Grand Voyager, when the battery terminals are positioned with the terminals closest to the installer, the positive terminal is on the left and the negative terminal is on the right.

Battery Electrical Storage Capacity

Automotive batteries are generally 12 volt systems, however the amperage capacity of batteries can vary. One important statistic is the Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA), which is the amount of amps the battery can deliver at minus 18 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds at a minimum of 7.2 volts. The recommended CCA for the Chrysler Grand Voyager battery is at least 600 CCA. A higher CCA is perfectly acceptable in a replacement battery; however higher CCA batteries usually come with higher price tags. Batteries often come with amperes per hour ratings (Ah), which is an indication of how many amps the battery can produce for the period of one hour. The Ah spec can be an indication of how long the battery can run some components before going flat.

The following chart provides a quick reference to the battery specifications for Chrysler Grand Voyager vehicles. The information applies to both petrol and diesel models from 1997 forward.



Battery Size

Length 278 mm, width 175 mm, height 190 mm

Battery Terminals

Standard top mount post terminals

Positive Terminal Post

Left front of the battery


12 volt system

Cold Cranking Amps

600 CCA minimum

A battery that exceeds specifications cannot harm the vehicle and may provide a little extra power during extreme cold temperature starts. Battery sizes should generally adhere closely to the original battery installed in the vehicle due to space limitations.

Battery Removal and Reinstallation in a Chrysler Grand Voyager

Replacing a car battery is usually one of the easier repair tasks that can be performed on an automobile. There are some important tips that installers should be aware of if they are inexperienced with the process. The following suggestions can help novice installers complete the process properly and safely. When purchasing a replacement battery, the buyer needs to pay a core charge the old battery is not brought along for recycling. The installer should always wear protective eyewear when removing or installing an automobile battery.

Disconnect the Negative Terminal First

Negative battery terminals are colour coded black or marked with the dash or hyphen symbol. The negative terminal should always disconnected first. Once disconnected, do not allow the cable end to rest against a metal part of the car, or an unintended ground could be produced as if the cable were still connected. Batteries give off explosive gases that can be ignited with a spark. Battery explosions occur occasionally and can be very dangerous. Disconnecting the negative terminal first allows the installer to loosen the positive cable connection without the fear of producing an electrical spark.

Remove the Battery Hold Down

The battery hold down keeps the battery from moving around while the vehicle is being driven. Different designs of hold downs require either a wrench or socket to loosen. On the Chrysler Grand Voyager, the battery hold down clamps to the side of the battery and can be removed with a socket, extension, and a ratchet.

Remove the Battery

Pull the battery from its position on the battery tray by lifting straight up. A battery carrier tool can assist in the removal of a battery and makes carrying the battery much easier. If carrying the battery by hand, wear gloves; older batteries often leak acid that can irritate or burn skin. Hold the battery away from clothing, as the acid can discolour or eat through clothing.

Install the New Battery and Attach the Hold Down

Make sure the battery is installed with the terminal in the correct position. Generally, there is little slack in battery cable lengths, so misplacement of the battery prevents reconnecting the battery cables. Reinstall the battery hold down to secure the battery in place.

Reinstall the Positive Battery Cable First

Just the opposite of taking the battery out; be sure to reinstall the positive cable first. As long as the negative cable end is not resting against metal, the positive cable can be attached and tightened without fear of a spark. When attaching the negative cable, a slight spark can occur when first contacting the terminal; do not allow the cable end to repeatedly bump the terminal and produce multiple sparks. Secure the clamp connector quickly around the terminal post and hold in place while tightening the clamp nut.

Buying a New Battery for a Chrysler Grand Voyager on eBay

An easy way to purchase a battery for a Chrysler Grand Voyager is to look the part up in the eBay Motors section of eBay, using the website's search tool. Select 'Chrysler' from the drop down menu for the vehicle make and 'Grand Voyager' from the drop down model menu; enter a general search term such as "battery" in the keyword search bar. When the search is activated, a list of all applicable batteries is displayed.

Some of the selections shown may be multiple fitment batteries with side post terminals as well as top post terminals; this does not affect the performance of the battery. Make sure the CCA meets or exceeds the 600 CCA level and that the battery measurements are close to original specifications. Local salvage yards and many parts store pay for battery cores even if the replacement battery was not purchased at their facility.

When purchasing critical and expensive parts such as batteries, buyers are well advised to verify the quality of the sellers they want to deal with. This ensures smooth transactions on eBay.


Batteries should be checked as least annually, and if the vehicle is operated in a climate where the temperatures regularly exceeds 32 degrees Fahrenheit or dips below 0 degrees Celsius for long periods, the battery should be checked every six months. The normal life of a battery varies, but is generally between three to six years. Some users experience symptoms such as a slow cranking engine, fluctuations of the vehicle’s voltmeter, or a flat battery before a battery actually fails. If problems related to vehicle starting or charging develop, the battery should be checked as soon as possible to avoid breakdown.

A buyer can select the correct battery for a Chrysler Grand Voyager by matching the recommended specifications for the vehicle. Vehicle owners who choose to replace batteries themselves can avoid complications by following basic tips to make sure the job is done correctly. Buying a battery from a seller on eBay is easy and convenient; the replacement part can be shipped directly to the buyer’s doorstep.

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