How to Buy a New Exhaust Pipe

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How to Buy a New Exhaust Pipe

Vehicle engines generate power by pulling fuel and oxygen into the cylinders. When the fuel and oxygen mix, they are ignited by the spark plugs, creating a controlled explosion in the chamber. The energy from the explosion gives the vehicle the power to move. However, as with any kind of explosion, waste is created. That waste, or exhaust, is then filtered out as quickly as possible through the exhaust system. Failure to get rid of the gases fast enough would cause the engine to stall and die. Because of this, all of the components of the exhaust system are very important.

When shopping for a new exhaust pipe, buyers have a few options to choose between, including single or dual exhaust, construction material, pipe bends, and diameter. In addition, they should be aware of the parts of the exhaust system and their functions, and may be able to pick up a better deal by buying the parts separately instead of buying a kit.

Why Buy a New Exhaust Pipe

There are many reasons to upgrade an exhaust pipe system, or just to replace the pipe. On older vehicles, these have a tendency to get rust holes in them, making it necessary to find a replacement. Upgrades on the other hand, allow the exhaust to flow more efficiently, therefore giving the vehicle more power. Factory pipes are smaller in diameter with tighter bends, which prohibits the gas from flowing through as easily. Here are some of the biggest benefits of upgrading the exhaust system.

  • Higher Horse Power: The exhaust system's job is to eliminate the gas. With less restrictions and resistance, comes more power
  • Lower Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Levels: Because there is less resistance on the engine, the EGT levels lower and increase the amount of airflow to the engine
  • Improved Sound: Performance exhaust systems come with mufflers that make the engine sound as powerful as it is
  • Increased Torque: Less resistance and more airflow also means the engine can produce more torque
  • Better Look: Unlike stock exhaust systems, performance parts are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing

Things to Consider About Exhaust Pipes

Whether looking to purchase a whole new system, or just replace a few pipes, some of the same search criteria applies. For example, the material that the pipe is made with as well as its diameter and number of bends makes a difference in performance and efficiency.

Exhaust pipes are all made from steel. What varies is the grade of steel that is used. The chart below describes each grade and its benefits.

Exhaust Pipe Material


Aluminised Steel

Thick steel that is dipped into an aluminium alloy. The alloy provides protection against rust without being too costly

409-L Stainless Steel

The stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, is durable, and is still cost-effective

304 Stainless Steel

This metal is the highest quality available. The steel is mixed with nickel and chromium to be even more durable and rust-free

Depending on the climate, people may not need to invest more to get the top-of-the-line metals. In drier conditions, metal is far less likely to rust or corrode.

Exhaust Pipe Bends

Since engines need to expel gases, the exhaust system needs to be set up in a way that the gases can get out as fast as possible. If there are a lot of bends in the pipe, the removal process is slower and the engine is bogged down. Nearly all vehicles have after market pipes that can readily be installed in a vehicle. Look for ones that are designed to increase performance by eliminating some of the bends, or making them less sharp. If this is not an option, regular straight tubing can be bought and then bent into place by a professional.

Exhaust Pipe Diameter

It is naturally harder for air to flow through a narrow exhaust pipe than it is a wider one. Although it may seem like a simple solution to just get a wider pipe, it is important that shoppers do ample research to make sure that it can be installed on their particular model. Sometimes extra parts have to be purchased to make the transition, or a professional has to install it.

Exhaust Systems

As mentioned earlier, another way to get a replacement exhaust pipe is to upgrade the entire system. The benefits listed above help the car to perform better and operate more efficiently.

Types of Exhaust Systems

Two types of exhaust systems exist for buyers to choose between. Single and dual systems vary in cost, performance, and efficiency. However, keep in mind that the kits vary based between each other. For example, several dual exhaust systems can be different as far as the quality of metal used, the diameter of the pipe, and quality of the other components. Purchasing a system simply means that buyers are getting a set with all the parts that they need.

Single Exhaust System

Single exhaust systems use one pipe to expel the gas, just like a regular vehicle would. The sets offer reduced costs due to the fact that there is less pipe to purchase. However they still improve the performance and they operate on a higher level of fuel economy. Single pipes are also easier to install than dual pipes.

Dual Exhaust System

The dual exhaust systems use two mufflers as well as two tail pipes. The extra pipe allows more gas to flow through. Naturally, the cost increases exponentially because extra parts are being used. The upgrade not only increases performance more than the single system but it also increases fuel economy above and beyond the other systems. Installing these is more complicated and may require a professional.

Parts of the Exhaust Systems

The list below can help shoppers better understand what parts exhaust kits come with. However, buyers are not limited to just buying sets. Another option is to shop for the parts individually and possibly get everything for a lower price.

Exhaust System Tail Pipe Tip

Exhaust systems also come with a tip that goes on the end of the tail pipe. Unlike the pipe, these are made to look nice because they are what's visible to the people driving behind. However, the tip is not only there to look good. It also angle the gas further away from the car to prevent it from getting inside.

Exhaust System Manifolds

The manifolds are the ends of the pipe that connects to the cylinders and receive the gas from the engine. The ends connect to each cylinder and then filter the gas through the tubes and into one or two pipes that directs the gas out of the car.

Exhaust System Catalytic Converters

Unfortunately, the waste left over from the internal combustion contains a lot of toxic gases. These pollutants are not permitted to be leaked out into the air. In order to clean up the exhaust, it travels through the catalytic converter which is built with ceramic filters inside to trap the pollutants. The ceramic reacts with the chemicals and converts them into harmless gases.

Exhaust System Mufflers

The muffler has the sole responsibility of toning down the noise of the engine. Without it, the sounds of the explosions and other working components are disruptively loud. Mufflers can also be bought that tone the sound to make it sound more aggressive, yet pleasing.

Find Exhaust Pipes on eBay

eBay has an entire auto section that shoppers can turn to for all their vehicle parts. Online, you have access to everything you need in all varieties, whereas in a shop, you are limited to whatever items they carry. eBay also has thousands of sellers that are competing against each other for business. Since pipe and exhaust systems can be really expensive, any amount saved is helpful.

To shop for an exhaust pipe on eBay use the search bar that they offer on each page of the website. Type the name of the product, such as "exhaust pipe&", and then click search. After you do that, you'll be taken to the product listings page. Enter in your price range to filter out the expensive items and then organise the products based on lowest price first. Doing this can save you time and help you find what you want to order faster.

Since piping can be a large item to ship, double check what each seller charges for postage. Also see if the seller happens to be located near you. If this is the case, you can arrange to pick up the pipe and save money not having to ship it.


Whether just replacing a rusty exhaust pipe, or trying to make a vehicle run more efficiently, and with more power, new exhaust components easily deliver what buyers are looking for. Upgraded systems emit waste faster, allowing the engine to perform at its best. It is said that replacing pieces of the exhaust system is the most cost effective way to increase a vehicle's performance substantially. Other ways, such as installing a turbocharger, are highly expensive. Turbos also make the vehicle less efficient by using up more fuel.

Replacement exhaust parts also keep the noise at a more reasonable level, filter the gases better to protect the environment, and look better. With a new exhaust system, shoppers win all the way around by getting the better performance as well as the efficiency at a more affordable price. In addition to this, shopping online can help people save even more money or just find the one part that a buyer needs without wasting money on petrol driving to local garages that might not have the required part in stock.

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