How to Buy a New Region 2 DVD Recorder

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How to Buy a New Region 2 DVD Recorder

There are many things to think about when purchasing a new region 2 DVD recorder. A region 2 recorder is meant to be used in Japan, Europe, Greenland, South Africa, and the Middle East. These recorders only record or copy from televisions and DVDs set up for these areas. Each region has its own DVD code, with the exception of region 0, which is a universal recorder. Purchasing a new DVD recorder is not nearly as expensive as it used to be. These DVD recorders are rapidly replacing CD burners as a media device due to their advantages over CDs.

Many inexpensive DVD recorders and players can be found in both electronics shops and on online auctions, such as eBay. There are several reasons why a person would want to purchase a DVD recorder, and it is important to be informed of all of the facts when purchasing one. A consumer has to make sure that the DVD recorder works in their region, has all of the features that they desire, and is the right type for their needs.

Region 2 and DVD Recorders

In order to make sure that the DVD recorder can record television programmes, films, DVDs, and other media, the recorder has to be set for the correct region. Due to disputes among manufacturers and importers, the DVD recording market is split into different regions. Each region represents a different portion of the world.


Area or Countries

Region 1

United States of America


Region 2




Middle East

South Africa

Region 3

South Korea

Hong Kong


Some of South East Asia

Region 4


New Zealand

Latin America


Region 5

Eastern Europe




Region 6


Region 7

Non-specific specialised use

Region 8

Cruise ships


Other modes of public transportation

Region 0



All regions

In order to have a region 2 recorder, a person must be in one of the region 2 zones and purchase discs that are meant for region 2. The only other way is to have a DVD recorder that is set to region 0, which is considered universal, unless it is PAL or NTSC specific. Purchasing a DVD recorder that is meant for another region cannot play or record on region 2 discs; this is why purchasing a recorder that is specific to region 2 is important.

Features of a Region 2 DVD Recorder

When searching for the perfect region 2 DVD recorder, consumers must know the features that they want. Many different recorders come with specialised features, which make playing, recording, and editing easier.

Recording Features

Many of the region 2 DVD recorders come with several standard recording features. These features all deal with the recording of television broadcasts or the transfer of home videos to DVD. Due to copyright protection, the standard DVD recorder cannot copy a theatrically-released DVD, much like a VCR cannot copy a theatrically-released video tape.

Depending on the inputs that a DVD recorder contains, it is possible to record video from a camera, mobile phone, home videos, and make copies of a VCR homemade tape provided that there is a video cassette recorder connected to it, or it is a dual VCR and DVD recorder. These recorders can also copy information from computers or the Internet provided that they have wireless or Internet capability.

Some DVD recorders can also act as a DVR. They can record films or television programmes temporarily to a hard drive, and in certain circumstances, transfer them to DVD. Some premium channels have a block on how many times a person can record a premium television broadcast. This means that it only records to a hard drive on a DVR or DVD recorder, but it does not burn to a disc, which is another form of copyright protection.

Region 2 DVD Recorder Playback Features

Many of the region 2 DVD recorders have playback features that are similar to a standard DVD player, which include: fast forward, rewind, skip forward, skip back, and scene selection. These features allow a user to find a specific portion of a DVD that they wish to view or start a film where they paused or stopped it previously. Most DVD recorders also have the ability of slow playback both in fast forward and rewind. They can also freeze frame and zoom in on certain scenes.

Other DVD Recorder Features

Some of the other features that a DVD recorder may contain are an onboard tuner, negating the need for a satellite dish or cable tuner. Streaming video is also a feature that many recorders have, which means video, films, or radio can be streamed directly from the Internet to a DVD recorder. In some instances, this can be recorded directly to disc, while in others, it can only be recorded onto a hard drive for a single viewing experience.

Professional DVD recorders also have a dial to move forward frame by frame; this is so an animator, sound technician, or editor can move through a DVD recorded scene in a step-by-step sequence to highlight an exact frame. Many recording studios and other professionals use this feature to cut and splice parts of a film or video together, or to add sound to an existing video.

Sometimes DVD recorders can also be connected to computers through the use of HDMI or USB cables, so animation created on a computer can be recorded onto a DVD. This is becoming a more common feature among DVD recorders of all types and regions. Many computers also have a DVD burner or recorder instead of just a player or CD burner, since a DVD can hold more data than a standard CD.

Types of New Region 2 DVD Recorders

There are a variety of different types of DVD recorders available for purchase in the region 2 category. The standard DVD recorder is a stand-alone box, much like the VCR. It connects into a satellite receiver or a cable box and works just like a VCR. There are also VCR and DVD recorder combinations that can play both DVDs and VHS tapes, or record DVDs and VHS tapes. Many of these recorders can record homemade VHS tapes to the more permanent DVD format. There are DVD recorders built into most modern laptops and desktop computers.

The DVD recorder is more popular amongst computer enthusiasts because a DVD stores more information than a CD. Even the first DVD recorders held around 17 times more data than a CD-ROM, making the DVD more desirable for backing up computers and for creating software. A programme that may take two to four CD-ROM discs, only requires one DVD disc; this does not include the various types of professional DVD recorders used in film, animation, and sound studios.

Buying a New Region 2 DVD Recorder on eBay

When purchasing a DVD recorder on eBay all that you need to do is type the search term "DVD recorder" into the search box, and then click on search. Once this is done, a selection of DVD recorders that are available are populated for you. Browse through the list and look for a DVD recorder that has all of the features that you want. When you have found the one you want, you can click on the listing and it displays a description of that particular DVD recorder for sale.

Read the description carefully and make sure that the recorder listed has all of the features that you need. If something is not listed, then feel free to ask the seller a question about the product, particularly if the region is not listed in the description. Also, on the listing page are the seller's shipping and return policies for the DVD recorder that is being sold. Also, be sure to review the feedback portion of the listing. If a seller has good feedback, then chances are that they are a trustworthy seller. eBay even has a designation for its top sellers, who are sellers that have a high feedback rating and comply with all of eBay's policies.


The DVD recorder is gaining popularity amongst various film enthusiasts and video professionals. It is a way to store a large amount of video, data, or both on one disc, rather than having to use multiple discs. It is important to pay attention to the region that for which a DVD recorder is set. A region 2 DVD recorder only plays and records region 2 DVDs. This is said to help preserve the work’s copyright and to make sure that DVD releases and theatre releases of films do not overlap. In order to find a suitable DVD recorder, a consumer has to consider the region in which they live, the features that they desire, such as freeze frame, slow play, and resume, and the type of recorder that best suits their needs. Many of the region 2 DVD recorders can be purchased at electronics shops and at auction websites, such as eBay.

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