How to Buy a Pendant for a Necklace

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How to Buy a Pendant for a Necklace

People have been putting pendants on necklaces since necklaces were first made. The pendant started as a battle trophy, a status symbol, or just an adornment. Throughout the years, many different cultures have used pendants and necklaces to decorate or adorn their necks and chests. Both pendants and necklaces have been made from a variety of different substances. Some pendants are made from metals, while others can be made from bone, ivory, wood, shells, and much more.

Quite a bit of thought goes into purchasing a pendant for a necklace. Pendants come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The selection of emblems that pendants can depict is virtually limitless. In order to buy a pendant for a necklace, there are a few things that need to be considered. They are the size of the necklace, from what the pendant is made, and the metal from which the necklace is made.

Size of the Necklace

Necklaces come in different sizes, different widths, and different weights. Many of the differences found have to do with whether or not the necklace is for a man, woman, or child. Men often wear thicker, heavier necklaces, whereas women and children wear smaller, more delicate chains. When it comes to pendants, the size of the necklace becomes important for a few reasons.

A large necklace does not look balanced with a small pendant, while a small necklace does not look balanced with a large pendant. The thickness of the necklace also dictates which sort of pendant looks appropriate for the chain or necklace on which it lies. Again, a thicker necklace uses a thicker pendant. Each necklace or pendant needs to match without looking awkward. When choosing the size and shape of a pendant, it is very important to also consider the size and shape of the chain to which the pendant is attached.

The standard sizes of necklaces are the choker, the collar, the midlength, the neckline, and the long necklace. The choker is aptly named in that it wraps close to, or around, the neck. Collar necklaces sit just at the collar bone. The midlength necklace sits below the collar bones. The neckline necklace sits at the neckline, and the long necklace sits on the sternum.

Type of Necklace

Men's Necklace Lengths (cm)

Women's Necklace Lengths (cm)

Children's Necklace Lengths (cm)






48 to 51

43 to 46














These are the standard sizes of necklace lengths. Many men, women, and children's neck sizes differ slightly from these measurements. Children's necklaces should also contain a grow chain. The grow chain on children's necklaces may be resized as the child grows. The best way to purchase a necklace is to use a tailor's tape measure resting where the necklace should hang, and then add a few centimetres to the measurement.

Men, women, and children's necklaces are all available in the noble metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum. They also come in yellow, white, and rose gold and many other metals. When matching a necklace and a pendant, the colour of the chain is important.

How to Choose a Pendant

Anyone who has shopped for a pendant before knows that the pendant comes in just about every shape imaginable. Many people choose pendants based on the beloved hobbies of a person wearing the necklace. Other pendants come in different religious symbols. There is no end to the different pendants, if a pendant is being purchased for someone else, then when it is chosen, think of the person for whom the pendant is meant. If they are a person who likes simple jewellery, then a simple pendant may suffice. If they like complex jewellery, then find one that is more complex. Considering the personality of the person wearing it is always a good idea.

Pendants are made from many different materials as well. Some people have allergies to certain metals, so it is a good idea to make sure that a buyer knows from what the pendant is made. If a metal allergy is suspected, then it is best to choose a pendant not made of metal. There are bone, glass, plastic, wood, and many more materials from which to choose.

Pendants for Women

When choosing a pendant for a woman, make sure that the pendant suits the woman. A petite woman needs a smaller or softer pendant than a larger woman. The size and material of the chain also needs to be considered. A tiny pendant may get lost on a large chain, whereas a large pendant may pull a smaller chain down. The only exception to this is the choker. A choker can have a large or small pendant as long as it fits to the chain and lies flat on the neck.

Pendants meant for a woman tend to be a lot different than those that are worn by men. Women tend to change their necklaces to match their outfits, which makes it much easier to purchase a pendant for a woman. If she has a favourite hobby, animal, type of metal or glass, then these are safe for purchasing for a female friend, girlfriend, or wife. There is a much wider selection of pendants for women and children than there are for men.

Pendants for Men

There are pendants for men, which are usually bigger than those that are meant for women. Men's pendants also tend to be made of metal with a smaller stone. Most men's necklaces are flatter and less likely to be brightly coloured. The actual chains are usually bigger as well. Many men prefer a chain without a pendant. When they do choose a pendant, it represents something that they enjoy, such as their hobbies or their religion. If the chain is large, then they may not wear a pendant at all.

Matching the Pendant to the Chain

Another aspect of purchasing a pendant is matching it to the chain with which it is to be worn. Again, there are more choices in women's jewellery than there are in men's jewellery. The general rule for both men and women is that the pendant should match the colour of the chain. This means if the chain is gold, then the pendant should have gold findings. If the chain is silver, then the pendant should have silver findings.

The stone of the pendant can be any colour, but the findings or clasps on the stone should match the colour of the chain. Many times, chains come along with pendants. Usually, in this case, the pendant does not have to be chosen separately. Many jewellers do sell chains and pendants at the same time. Some jewellers are also able to recommend a pendant for a specific type and style of chain.

Buying a Pendant for a Necklace on eBay

When purchasing a pendant on eBay all you have to do is input the search terms for the pendant that you want into the search box on the eBay website, and then click search. This should bring a listing of all of the different types of pendants that match the search terms that you entered. This search may have to be narrowed by adding more search terms. If your original search terms are "gold pendant", you may want to add "gold cross pendant", or "gold golfing pendant", which can help to narrow down the search. If you need a wider search result, just drop one of the words.

Once you have selected the pendant that you want, click on the listing which brings up a detailed description of the item. On this page you can view pictures of the item, the description, the seller's information, and the seller's feedback and feedback rating. The feedback tells you what other buyers have experienced when purchasing from a particular seller. There is also a link to a page where you can ask the seller a question. The majority of the sellers on eBay are be happy to answer any question about a pendant that you may have.


When purchasing a pendant from a jeweller or from an online auction, like eBay, it is important to match the pendant to the necklace with which it is worn. Many people purchase pendants that suit the individual for whom it is being purchased. Since pendants come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and represent a variety of objects, sports, and other activities, it is not difficult to find one that is a fit for the chain and the person's tastes.

Remember that the findings on the pendant should match the chain. A gold chain does not look good with a silver pendant, and a silver chain does not look good with a gold pendant. This is the only hard and fast rule when it comes to buying a pendant for a necklace. Since pendants can be made from just about any material, it is also a good idea to find out if the person who is wearing it is allergic to any stones or metals.

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