How to Buy a Pine Wardrobe on eBay

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How to Buy a Pine Wardrobe on eBay

Having a wardrobe is essential in the bedroom to keep one's clothes and other items organised, especially when there is no built-in storage space. Choosing what kind of wardrobe to buy is a daunting task, so it is important to do a little research to know all the possible options. Pine wood is easy to shape and stain, making it a popular choice for indoor furniture. Wardrobes come in several different configurations and sizes, so it is best to acknowledge what type of storage space one needs before moving on to a particular style. Once size is determined, the buyer can start looking at style options, since pine wardrobes range from very basic and simple to detailed and ornate. Depending on the style and manufacturer, wardrobes are sometimes costly, and because of this, it is a good idea to keep a budget in mind.

eBay makes shopping for a pine wardrobe easy, since one can easily browse hundreds of wardrobes without leaving the comfort of his or her home. By learning some of the most common wardrobe options and how to shop on eBay, one is assured of finding the best pine wardrobe for his or her needs.

All About Pines

Pines are trees in the genus Pinus, and there are over 100 species in existence. These evergreen conifers are native to the Northern Hemisphere and are cultivated in temperate and subtropical regions around the world. Pine trees are grown for timber and are also used as ornamental plants in parks and homes. Their most popular ornamental duty comes around Christmas when they are displayed in many homes. Pines have long life spans ranging from 100 to 1,000 years and sometimes even more. The oldest recorded pine is a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine named Methuselah in the White Mountains of California, which is estimated to be around 4,700 years old. Pine is a softwood, making it popular because of its malleability, which makes it easy to work with.

Uses for Pine

Softwoods grow faster than hardwoods, and they are more abundant because they are harvested at a younger age. Since softwoods are more readily available, they are a cost-effective alternative to hardwoods for woodwork like furniture and flooring. Certain species of pines are a valuable source of resin, which is used for turpentine. Pine cones and needles are used for crafts, and some pine nuts are used for cooking and baking. Pine needle tea is high in vitamins A and C and was long ago used for treatment of scurvy.

Types of Pine Wardrobes

Pine wardrobes range in size. Below is a chart listing the four basic sizes available. By choosing what size wardrobe one needs, the search for a pine wardrobe is then narrowed down, and the buyer is able to choose a style which best fits his or her preferences.

Pine Wardrobe Type



Single pine wardrobes have one door which opens for storage


Double pine wardrobes have two doors


Triple pine wardrobes have three doors


Quadruple pine wardrobes have four doors

Pine wardrobes usually have one to three doors, but there are some with four doors for maximum storage capacity. Flat pack wardrobes come in a kit which includes all the necessary components to assemble a wardrobe on one's own, and they are sometimes a cost-effective alternative to ready-made wardrobes. Pine wardrobe styles range from ornate antiques to simple modern designs. If a shopper is looking for an antique wardrobe on eBay, he or she should ask the seller provides plenty of photos to make sure there is no warping or water and termite damage, which oftentimes compromises the wardrobe's stability. One should also be aware that antique wardrobes mostly likely need to be refurbished at some point to help maintain the wood.

Other Options to Consider When Buying a Pine Wardrobe

Besides size capabilities, pine wardrobes also come with other storage options which help one determine which is best for his or her use. Some wardrobes feature drawers on the bottom of the hanging area. Although drawers come in handy, the bottom drawers sometimes take up the hanging space. Top cupboards are available in some pine wardrobes, but they are usually high and not optimal for everyday use without a foot stool. Shelving is offered in some pine wardrobes, but shelving sometimes detracts from the hanging area if hanging area is located below the shelving. As mentioned, drawers, shelving, and other design elements reduce the hanging space, so it is important to choose a pine wardrobe which will accommodate all storage needs.

Pine Wardrobe Finishes

Pine is a light-coloured wood which blends with other furniture materials without any additional staining. It is also desired because it easy to customise, so oftentimes it is sold unfinished allowing the buyer to decide what finish is best suited for his or her needs. Pine wood is easily stained and painted, but it is a good idea to familiarise oneself with some of the basic finishes when shopping for a pine wardrobe. Knowing the types of finishes available helps in finding the ideal finished wardrobe or an unfinished one which the buyer would like to customise.

Staining a Pine Wardrobe

Wood stain is composed of a colourant suspended in a solvent or 'vehicle', such as water, oil, or alcohol. Stain is also mixed with finishing agents such as polyurethane, lacquer, varnish, and shellac. Pigment stains are more translucent and allow the grain to show through, while dye stains colour wood if the grain is fine. It is good to know beforehand what kind of pine one plans on staining, since different species accept stains differently than others. But as a general rule of thumb, pine is very absorbent, making it is easy to over stain the wood, so using caution is advisable.

Painting a Pine Wardrobe

Painted wardrobes add a pop of colour to any room, but a buyer should keep in mind that pine is easily scratched and dented. A user may like the look of pine when it is worn, but if the buyer prefers crisp lines and smooth surfaces, it is wise to choose a hardwood pine wardrobe. A good way to see how pine wears is to look at a pieces of pine furniture at an antique store and then determine if the look fits one's taste. If painting the wardrobe oneself, it is essential to caulk all the joints and fill all the nail or screw holes. If there is any existing finish or stain on the pine wardrobe, the surface must be carefully sanded, and then it is recommended to use a primer before applying the final colour.

Purchasing a Pine Wardrobe on eBay

When purchasing a pine wardrobe, type keywords such as "pine wardrobe" in the search bar on the eBay homepage. After typing in the keywords, eBay then lists all the auctions associated with those terms. To narrow down the auction listing you can click on any of the relevant filters listed on the page. It is also possible to sort the results by price and postage from lowest to highest or vice versa. Since pine wardrobes are too large to mail, most sellers offer a pickup or delivery option. Some sellers on eBay provide delivery, but at a cost, so factor any of these additional charges to the overall cost. If you cannot find the pine wardrobe you are looking for, try eBay stores or save a search in "My eBay" to be notified when the desired pine wardrobe becomes available.

Getting to Know the Seller

A good policy when shopping on eBay is to get to know the seller to avoid any snags in the shopping experience. Sellers are rated on eBay by their feedback; the more positive feedback they receive the better their rating. It is in the best interest of the sellers to receive high ratings to keep generating sales, so you are always better off if selecting a seller with positive feedback as opposed to one with a lower rating. Top-rated sellers on eBay continually receive positive feedback and are recognised with that distinction.


Pine wardrobes are as simple and ornate as one desires, so choosing one over a more expensive hardwood wardrobe is a good way to meet storage needs in a pinch. With the added benefit of cost and easy customisation, pine wardrobes come in an array of different sizes, styles, and colours. Pine wardrobes also range in size from single-door wardrobes to large wardrobes with four doors and maximum storage space. Since there are several sizes available, the buyer should first know what room the wardrobe is going in and how much space it will occupy. A buyer should know the kind of storage space needed, for example, if one needs more hanging space, then it is best to skip a wardrobe with drawers, which limits said space. Once size and space requirements are taken into account, one can then choose a style and finish. eBay is a great source for purchasing a pine wardrobe since there are so many options.

Once the buyer is informed on pine wardrobe sizes, styles, and colours, he or she can pick the perfect wardrobe for the bedroom or any other room in need of storage space.

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