How to Buy a Platinum Diamond Ring

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How to Buy a Platinum Diamond Ring

A platinum diamond ring is a beautiful alternative to a silver or white gold diamond ring, and in fact, is more durable than either of the other options. Whether for personal wear, for an engagement or wedding ring, or for a gift, the platinum diamond ring is a lovely and timeless piece of jewellery that retains its beauty and sparkle for years to come. Buyers can choose to purchase platinum diamond rings from jewellery stores or on eBay.

While there are many considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a diamond ring, most buyers can easily purchase a ring that they like with a minimum of research and only a small amount of searching. In general, as long as the ring fits and the person wearing it is happy, the ring is probably a good purchase. When looking for a platinum diamond ring, buyers should check the size of the ring, the actual value of the diamond and the platinum, and the setting of the diamond, before heading to a local jewellery store or Bay and actually making a purchase.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is one of the rarest precious metals, and also one of the hardest. First recorded in 1557 as a silver metal that no known fire could liquefy, platinum did not come into use until sometime within the last few hundred years, due to the difficulty of working with the dense metal. Today, platinum is an excellent alternative for anyone who is allergic to alloys used to strengthen gold and silver because platinum is valuable, but does not contain nickel or other allergy-inducing alloys.

Importantly to some, platinum is actually valued more highly than gold, which can be somewhat of a status symbol for some people. To others, platinum is merely a very durable and very beautiful precious metal. The silvery colour flatters diamonds without tinting the stones, and when set properly, a platinum diamond ring can last for hundreds of years with very little care.

Understanding Diamond Grading

One of the most important criteria when purchasing a diamond ring is, of course, the diamond. Diamonds are graded according to 'the four C's' or colour, clarity, carat, and cut, all of which determine its value and beauty. Buyers should briefly familiarise themselves with these points before making a purchase.

Diamond Carat

The diamond carat is also known as its carat weight. This measurement indicates the weight of the diamond, used to indicate size and value. One carat is divided into 100 sub-divisions and then graded accordingly. For example, a diamond that is three quarters of a carat would be graded as 0.75 carats. A one-carat diamond is about 6.4 millimetres in diameter and can be very expensive. Most diamonds sold for rings are much smaller. Diamonds range upwards of seven carats, so buyers can choose whatever is in their budget.

Diamond Colour

Colour is another very important factor for grading diamonds. While popular culture shows diamonds to be pure white or clear, they can include a variety of rich colours including blue, red, and yellow. The clearer a diamond, the more valuable it is and most diamonds are rated for colour in a machine that sees colour not visible to the human eye.

Diamond Colour Grading


D, E, F


G, H, I, J

Near colourless

K, L, M, N

Slightly tinted

O, P, Q

Very light yellow

R, S, T

Light yellow

U, V, W


X, Y, Z

Fancy or coloured

Often diamonds are graded against stones that have already been given a specific standard, such as a flawless diamond and a richly-coloured one. Often, diamonds with very small internal colour inclusion near the surface are cut so as to remove the flaw, while others cannot be cut without ruining the stone. While many people do prefer white and flawless diamonds, others prefer coloured diamonds such as red, blue, or yellow stones.

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of the diamond greatly affects its value because it indicates how clear and sparkling the diamond is. If the diamond has any type of white or foggy flaws, it is categorised as having an inclusion, which is rated as an 'I' with letters added to indicate the amount of flaw present. Clarity is measured from flawless to heavily flawed, with flawed diamonds being generally cheaper than flawless ones.

Diamond Clarity


Flawless, Internally Flawless

No inclusion


Very, very small inclusion

VS1, VS2

Very small inclusion

SI 1, SI 2

Small inclusion

I1, I2, I3

Visible inclusion

Most jewellers cut out any flaws if possible before setting the stone. However, some lower grade diamonds are used to make more affordable diamond rings, which are an excellent option for anyone who wants to purchase a slightly cheaper ring and does not mind a small flaw. Generally, very foggy diamonds are not considered very valuable at all as they do not sparkle and are not beautiful.

Diamond Cut

The cut of the diamond affects its overall appearance and is important to consider when purchasing a platinum diamond ring. Diamond cuts range from smooth and polished to multi-faceted, and in a variety of shapes including diamond shaped, square, oval, octagonal, and many more. This is usually a personal preference, so buyers can check to see what styles they like before making a purchase.

Choosing the Diamond Setting

The setting is a very important part of a platinum diamond ring because it affects the appearance and stability of the diamond. Most rings list the type of setting, but buyers can often quickly learn to recognise the setting by the appearance. Prong settings were the most common in the past, but today, many other styles are taking precedence as either stronger, more beautiful, or more in style.

Prong Setting

The prong setting is often seen on many diamond rings, partially because of its versatility, and partially because it is relatively easy to set and reset as needed. Prong settings come in variations including the V prong, which closes around the diamond from two sides, the common prong, which is used to hold two stones side by side, and the standard prong, which is a simple wire clasp that folds up around the stone from all sides so that the diamond can be seen from the sides.

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting is also very popular for diamond rings because it is often very secure. This setting wraps around the stone to cover the sides, displaying only a flash of diamond from the top. Bezel settings are often used with smaller stones, and can be used to add height, dimension, and a flash of another colour to the stone. Bezels are most commonly used with diamonds that have small flaws towards the back or side of the stone.

Channel Setting

Channel settings are inset into the ring, and often include multiple diamonds. These are often very elegant and attractive, but not especially traditional in look. Similar to the bezel setting, channel settings cover the sides of the diamond, making them an excellent choice for setting diamonds that are slightly flawed. Channel settings can be used with or without a centre stone, with square or round diamonds, and with different colours of stones.

Pavé Setting

Pavé settings are similar to what many buyers might think they are based on the name. The process is often used to cover the entire surface of a ring with stones, whether all diamond or partially diamond. Diamonds are placed and set into holes drilled in the ring in order to create a beautiful mosaic of precious stones. Popular styles include all diamond, diamond and sapphire, and multiple colours and styles of diamonds.

Flush Setting

Flush settings are often very subtle and are commonly used in both men's and women's platinum diamond rings. Flush settings place a small diamond into a drilled hole to sit level with the platinum. The effect is understated, but can catch the light quite beautifully. Flush settings are one of the best methods of displaying very small stones or of adding a bit of glamour to an otherwise basic ring.

Cluster Setting

The cluster setting is a style that uses multiple small diamonds to create an extravagant look. Cluster rings often place the diamonds into a pattern around a larger or even different stone, such as a cluster of flower-shaped diamonds around a yellow or red stone to show a flower on the ring. Clusters can be quite beautiful in their own way and are preferred by many people who want a glamorous style of diamond ring.

Ballerina Setting

Ballerina settings derive their name from the tutu-like effect of the setting. A large centre stone is surrounded by a series of smaller stones, often in a circle. This setting is very large, very attention grabbing, but very beautiful for the woman who loves diamonds. Ballerina settings are often quite expensive because they require a rather large stone surrounded by a high number of diamonds.

Choosing the Platinum Diamond Ring Size

Knowing the right ring size is very important, and this also true when purchasing a platinum diamond ring on eBay. Buyers who are purchasing the ring as a gift should check the ring size by measuring a ring that the person already has. Buyers who do not know their ring size can use either a ring sizer or measure their fingers with a length of twine and compare it to ring measurement charts. Ring sizes vary internationally, but can be easily matched using a ring size conversion chart or comparing measurements to those listed in the item's description on eBay.

Buying a Platinum Diamond Ring on eBay

eBay is a good place to purchase fine jewellery, including platinum diamond rings. Choices comprise nearly every type of setting, every type of diamond including flawless to coloured, and every weight and carat. Depending on the buyer, platinum diamond rings can also be purchased vintage or used in order to save money or find a vintage style. With literally thousands of options available, you are likely to find the platinum diamond ring that you were looking for.

Try browsing through options that meet your search criteria before making a purchase, and if you have a budget, remember to compare prices. Platinum diamond rings are not cheap, but by shopping carefully and asking questions before you buy, you can purchase the best deal for the money. Finally, if you decide to purchase from an eBay seller who is located internationally rather than from a local eBay seller, take into account that you might have to pay customs on your ring, and you might have to wait slightly longer for the ring to be shipped to you.


A diamond platinum ring is a beautiful alternative to gold or silver diamond rings. Platinum is more durable than other precious metals, yet just as beautiful, and more valuable. For the person with an allergy to nickel present in alloys used in jewellery making, platinum represents possibly the only precious metal alternative to silver or gold. Platinum diamond rings can be purchased on eBay from many sellers located in the UK and internationally.

There are multiple factors that go into buying a platinum diamond ring but many of them are cosmetic. The appearance of the ring must be appealing to the wearer, but the ring should also be within the buyer's budget. Finding a good ring involves setting that budget, and then deciding what factors in a ring are appealing and what the ring is worn to. When shopping for a platinum diamond ring, buyers should know their ring size, decide the style of ring and the diamond setting, and select the clarity and cut of the diamond they like before making their purchase. Buyers shopping on eBay for a platinum diamond ring can choose from a wide selection of platinum rings and almost all diamond settings, including prong, bezel, pavé, and channel, so they are likely to find the right ring for their needs, preferences, and budget.

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