How to Buy a Platinum Wedding Ring

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How to Buy a Platinum Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is a promise of love that should last a lifetime. Since it is a piece of jewellery that is to be coveted more so than such other major purchases in life like a car or a house, buyers should never make an impulsive decision. After all, no one would buy the first house they went to visit, or the first car on the dealer's lot, without doing at least a little bit of research first. The same principle is very true of wedding rings. A platinum wedding ring is one of the most expensive upfront options, but in return it delivers lasting beauty, extreme durability, and should the worst happen, high resale values. Jewellery stores and online websites like eBay sell platinum wedding rings in a number of different styles. The key to choosing the right platinum wedding ring is selecting one that the buyer can afford that includes high quality platinum and an exceptional diamond.

Understanding Platinum

Platinum is an extremely precious metal. During times of economic stability, platinum is twice as valuable as gold, though during economic recessions and depressions this is not true since the price of gold becomes inflated. It was not always used for jewellery, which is why is difficult to find antique platinum wedding rings. Only in the 20th century, when platinum's rarity became associated with wealth and prestige, did it start being used on wedding rings.

Benefits of Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum rings often get compared to gold ring simply because they are both high-end options. Platinum offers a buyer several benefits over gold. It is stronger than gold, and most platinum wedding rings are made out of almost pure platinum. In fact, the high-quality watermark is 95 per cent pure platinum, which is typically marked on rings sold in the UK as 950 Plat. To get gold that is close to being as durable as platinum, buyers have to purchase a 14 carat gold ring that contains 58 per cent pure gold.

Platinum Colour

Platinum is a grey metal that has a brilliant lustre. Its colour is somewhat similar to silver and white gold, but neither one of these metals have the brilliance of platinum. White gold is coated with rhodium to make it seem almost as bright as platinum, but pure platinum rings do not need any other metals to give them their shine. As platinum ages, it develops a patina that makes its slightly blue sheen, a bit more noticeable. Some customers favour this colour, while others remove the patina by cleaning the ring.

Understanding Diamonds

Many customers can quickly appreciate the benefits of platinum, but understanding the realm of diamonds is far more complicated. Diamonds are incredibly brilliant gemstones that are near-indestructible and are incredibly valuable. Poor quality diamonds, those that are discoloured, lack brilliance, or have internal imperfections, are used for industrial purposes. The best ones are selected for the gemstone market and graded depending on their cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. Commonly called the 4 C's, these are essential concepts that anyone shopping for a wedding ring needs to understand. Remember, when buying diamonds, it is the sparkle of the stone that counts more than anything.

Diamond Cut

The cut of the diamond is not the shape of the diamond. For example, diamonds come in several different shapes, such as round, square (often called Princess), and oval, but all of these shapes could have the same Premium cut. A diamond's cut is measured based on how precisely the gem maker cut the diamond. Those with the best cuts reflect the most light, and are therefore far more brilliant than poor cuts. Diamond cuts are labelled as follows: Ideal, Premium, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. Buyers pay a lot more for an Ideal or Premium cut diamond. In return, they can get away with buying a smaller diamond that has a greater shine, as opposed to a larger diamond with a Fair or Poor cut.

Diamond Clarity

Clarity measures the internal and external composition of a diamond. Internal and external flaws in the mineral makeup of the diamond create areas that look like scratches or blurs inside the diamond, and this affects its overall brilliance. Each diamond is given a rating based on its clarity.






Very rare to see a flaw


Internally Flawless.

Flawless. Only very minor surface flaws. Also rare.


Very Very Slightly Included.

Flaws only seen under microscope by a trained gemologist


Very Slightly Included.

Flaws can be seen under microscope with some difficulty.


Slightly Included.

Flaws easily detected under a microscope



Flaws seen without using a microscope

Keep in mind that a flawless diamond is incredibly rare, and therefore extremely expensive. Since most minor flaws within a diamond are covered up once it is set into a platinum ring, buying a Flawless or Internally Flawless diamond, is more for sentimental than practical reasons. Anything down to the SI grade is considered acceptable, since the flaws can only be seen under a microscope. However, most experts caution against ever purchasing an I grade diamond, especially to serve as a wedding ring.

Diamond Colour

Diamonds are natural minerals that can take on all different shades of colours. While many coloured diamonds are used for industrial equipment, some jewellery makers such as LeVian have been quite successful with marketing their brown diamonds, such as 'chocolate' diamonds. In fact, the most valuable diamond in the world is the blue-coloured Hope Diamond. Be that as it may, for wedding rings colourless diamonds are still the preferred choice. Colourless diamonds reflect the most amount of light, adding extra sparkle to the ring. Each diamond is given a letter grade based on its colour.


D, E, F

G, H, I, J


N,O,P,Q, R,




Near Colourless

faint yellow

very light yellow

light yellow

In some cases, the lines are blurred between different colour classifications, especially higher on the chart. An F diamond may look exactly similar to a G diamond, unless the viewer is a trained gemologist.

Diamond Carat Weight

Buyers often go into purchasing a diamond ring believing that the carat size, the measurement of how the diamond is sized, is the most important aspect. In fact, carat weight is the odd one out, since all of the other ways to measure a diamond typically focus on how much light it can produce. While a larger diamond can clearly reflect more light, its size does not matter if the stone barely sparkles. Therefore, buyers need to approach carat sizes as only one factor amongst many regarding fully evaluating a diamond.

Evaluating Carat Weight in Wedding Rings

If there are three diamonds, and the cut, clarity, and colour are all equal, with the carat weight being the only difference, then the largest carat diamond is the most expensive. However, if there is a large carat diamond with a Poor cut, an SI clarity rating, and a very light yellow colour, it is going to be less expensive than a slightly smaller diamond with a Very Good cut, a VVS clarity rating, and a near colourless shade. A diamond that has an Ideal cut, an IF clarity rating, and a colourless shade is going to be more expensive than a poor grade diamond that is twice its size. Evaluate all of these factors to get a good quality diamond while still sticking to the overall budget.

Buying Platinum Wedding Rings on eBay

Platinum wedding rings are plentiful on eBay, and if a buyer knows where to look they can certainly get great deals. Some of these rings are brand new, while others are sold in used condition. The good news is that being used does not truly affect the quality of a platinum wedding ring. The bad news is that these rings can still be expensive, though cheaper than they would have normally been if purchased brand new.

Searching for Platinum Wedding Rings on eBay

Buying the right platinum wedding ring is easy when using the knowledge of eBay's search engine. Once you know how to search for listings on eBay, you can quickly find the products you want and the prices you can afford. Start out on the home page and type in 'platinum wedding rings'. This returns a wide listing of results, so it is best to start narrowing down the many options. Suppose you have done your research, and determined that you want a VVS1 diamond, you can simply type in 'VVS1 platinum wedding ring to get the right results'. You can also adjust your search results based on the carat, colour, and even the cut of the diamond itself.

Buying Used Platinum Wedding Rings

eBay is an amazing place to purchase used platinum wedding rings at discount prices. However, when buying used merchandise always make sure the ring matches the seller's description. For example, if a seller claims to have a platinum wedding ring with a FL diamond, then he or she would need to provide a certificate stating this is actually the diamond's rating. Rings in this quality are very rare and highly expensive, so any seller making this claim should be able to back it up with proof. This is true of all diamonds, not just the FL ones.


Wedding rings are not impulsive purchases. Instead, they are the result of a long process where the buyer has to determine what type of diamond or metal he or she can afford, typically based on a budget. Platinum has several benefits over traditional gold rings, but depending on the current cost of gold, platinum may or may not be within reach of some buyers. Purchasing a diamond is a decision that must be made after doing a proper amount of research. Every buyer needs to evaluate a diamond based on colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight, before deciding which factors matter the most. Only then is the buyer able to purchase the right diamond. eBay has a large collection of platinum wedding rings, in both new and used condition, allowing some buyers to purchase a ring they might not have otherwise been able to afford. A platinum wedding ring can be an expensive purchase, but the beauty of the ring lives on forever.

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