How to Buy a Portable Gas Stove on eBay

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How to Buy a Portable Gas Stove on eBay

If one is looking to purchase a means of cooking food whilst camping or if one is looking for a reliable way to barbeque food on a smaller scale, then a portable gas stove is the best option available on the market.

Portable gas stoves come in a variety of different sizes, ranging from those that can be used to boil foods, to those that can cook a number of different meats at the same time.

This extensive variety of portable gas stoves is represented on auction sites such as eBay that allow for potential buyers to pick and choose as to which product is most suitable for their personal requirements. The site also allows for buyers to pay prices that may be lower than those of recommended retail prices.

The following guide aims to simplify and take these prospective buyers through the portable gas stove buying process on eBay.

Types of Portable Gas Stove

There are a number of different types of portable gas stove that are available to purchase from the likes of eBay. These different types have different means of working, as well as various amounts of heat that can be created. Therefore, before one settles for a purchase on eBay, it is best to know which type of portable gas stove is most appropriate for its intended use and personal needs.

Below is table outlining the three main types of portable gas stove available on eBay:

Single Burner

Single burner portable gas stoves will only have one gas ring to cook with. The position of the burner varies between the preferred format of using gas to create the heat required. Some single burner portable gas stoves will have their gas ring sitting above a gas canister on a raised platform. The gas canister is then turned on and the gas flows through a pipe (which may be internal or external) and is lit by the user. One of the issues with this type of stove is that they tend not to be heat adjustable as the flow of gas is steady. However, they are compact, which makes them very portable. There is also another type of single burner portable gas stove. This works in a different way and more like a typical gas hob that may be found in a kitchen. These do not use the larger canisters that the other stoves do and tend to use gas cartridges to provide the power and heat. Due to the fact that the ring sits on a flatter surface, these are also very compact and light. Single burner portable gas stoves do not tend to create massive amounts of heat but are perfectly adequate for cooking small amounts of food.

Double Burner

Double burner portable gas stoves work in the same way as the second single burner mentioned above, just with two gas rings as opposed to a singular one. They are appreciated for the fact that they can cook on two gas rings simultaneously. This means that either two meals can be cooked alongside each other, or a more extensive meal for one can be cooked. Essentially, double burner portable gas stoves are valued for their versatility. One of the disadvantages to owning a double burner portable gas stove is that they are wider than single burners and therefore are more difficult to carry and transport. However, if one accounts for this before a camping trip, then it should not be a problem as they are still very light.


Portable gas stove grills use the same features as the single burner and double burners that use gas cartridges, except for the fact that they have a grill rack placed over the top of the gas ring. Whilst some portable gas stoves come with a permanently fitted grill rack, they can also be purchased separately. Portable gas stoves that use grill racks are widely used for their ability to cook meats extremely well for barbeques.

Gas Formats

There are two major formats in which the gas can be used to cook on a portable gas stove. These formats both have different benefits and one should know which is preferable before making a purchase.

Both formats are readily available on eBay and are listed below:

-   Gas Cartridge: Gas cartridges are the safest out of the two options available. They tend to be used on double burner and grill-style portable gas stoves. They are also very simple to control, as they allow for the heat to be adjusted a lot better than gas canisters. Gas cartridges can also be re-sealed, meaning that no gas is wasted. Furthermore, they do not require maintenance and are able to last a long time, meaning that replacements do not have to be frequently purchased.

-   Gas Canister: Gas canisters need a certain level of care when being used due to the amount of gas that is stored in them. However, they do tend to burn at a hotter heat than gas cartridges, as more gas is released at any one time. On the other hand, gas canisters are harder to adjust than cartridges, meaning that despite a steady flow of gas, one needs to keep a watchful eye whilst cooking. Canisters are also a lot bigger than cartridges so storage space needs to be taken into consideration before purchasing.

Gas Type

Different portable gas stoves use different types of gas as a means of cooking food and boiling water. These different gases have different properties and allow for different heating techniques and speeds. Knowing which gas is most apt for one’s cooking needs is an important decision to make when buying a portable gas stove:


Butane is popularly used due to the fact that it burns at a higher temperature than the other gas types available for portable gas stoves. This allows for a quicker cooking or boiling time. On the other hand, Butane is not very well suited to use in colder conditions, limiting it somewhat to certain types of camping trips or environmental conditions. Butane canisters will usually be blue.


Whilst propane does not burn at a hotter temperature than butane at face value, most propane canisters will release more propane to compensate this. This means that technically, despite butanes original hotter burning temperature, propane is able to perform just as well. An advantage that propane has over butane is that it will burn at any temperature and so can be used in any conditions to cook or boil. Propane canisters will normally be red.

Portable Gas Stove Additional Features

There are several additional features that can enhance the performance of a portable gas stove. Whilst some of these features come as standard and pre-fitted on these stoves, some can be individually purchased.

Here are the additional features available:

-   Windscreen: A windscreen can already be part of the portable gas stove or can be individually acquired if it is found to be necessary. The function of the windscreen is to enhance the efficiency and overall performance of the stove by protecting the flame from wind, to stop it from going out.

-   Legs: Legs are used as a means of lifting the stove away from the ground. This is done to prevent damage from occurring to the ground below the stove. They are also used to raise the stove to allow it to be used at a more reasonable height.

-   Foldable: There are also portable gas stoves that can be folded after use to allow for easier storage and more efficient carrying.

-   Heat Adjuster: Most single and double burner portable gas stoves that use gas cartridges will come with a heat adjuster to allow for cooking at different temperatures. This feature is useful for those who wish to cook a variety of foods that may necessitate a different heat.


Therefore, one should buy a portable gas stove based on camping conditions, preferred cooking techniques and based on the type of food that is to be cooked.

It is worth noting that often when buying a portable gas stove from eBay that the gas canister or cartridge will not be included, however these can be purchased separately on the site at reasonable prices.

It may also be worth doing a bit of research online to find out recommended brands and tips on using portable gas stoves, if only to make sure that one gets the best out of their portable gas stove cooking experience.

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