How to Buy a Pushchair for Twins

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How to Buy a Pushchair for Twins

Giving birth to a baby is life's big blessing, and giving birth to two is twice as much of a blessing. Parents who have twins should expect to buy either a larger amount or two of every baby product, such as a bigger can of baby formula, larger baby shampoo bottle, two pairs of jumpsuits, and two pairs of toys. And to take the twins outside, do parents need to buy two sets of pushchairs? This is the point where parents can stop thinking in twos and revert to thinking bigger.

There is a pushchair that is especially designed to sit twins. Yes, it is relatively bigger, but it is more convenient to use because a parent does not need to wheel two separate pushchairs when taking the twins outside. Pushchairs are an essential purchase, especially to those who need to take their twins with them when doing errands. Parents of twins must know the different types of twin pushchairs, including the variety of features in order to make an informed purchase without any guesswork.

How Pushchairs Came to Be

It is possible that when thinking of the oldest baby transport devices, buyers think of the historic Cecil B. DeMille's movie in which the biblical baby Moses floated on the Nile River in a wicker basket until a pharaoh's daughter discovered him. But that is fictional and not an acceptable means of transport, just a desperate attempt that succeeded. The first type of pushchair, however, came to be in 1733, and these creations were also made of wicker. But the first pushchairs were rather too large and too heavy because of the brass joints and many ornaments. Therefore, from 1965 to the 70's, pushchairs evolved into simpler, lighter, and foldable models.

Twin Pushchairs

Manufacturers have long ago included twin pushchairs in their array of products. It is practical for parents of twins to own a twin pushchair because they can wheel the twins with just one baby transport and deal with the hassle of wheeling two separate pushchairs.

Types of Twin Pushchairs

In general, there are two types of twin pushchairs that are out on the market. Although both perform the same function or can have similar features, their difference lies in the positioning of the seats or chairs.

Adjacent Seats

This type of twin pushchair includes two equally-sized seats beside each other. Both seats have rain covers and aprons. The twin pushchair has one to three sets of wheels in front and two at the back. A twin pushchair should not be confused with a type of double buggy, a pushchair with one chair slightly bigger than the other to sit two children of different ages.

One Seat Behind the Other

This type of twin pushchair has the back seat elevated higher than the seat in front. With this seat positioning, mummies and daddies can easily reach in to settle either twin because of the amount of free space between the two seats. It can also be said that the positioning allows both babies to have a good view of what is ahead of them, literally. Similarly, the double buggy that has one seat behind the other has the front seat positioned higher than the back seat, with the front seat almost on top of the back seat.

Features to Look for in a Twin Pushchair

When buying a pushchair for twins, one must consider its features. There are features of a pushchair that are essential, while there are others simply for extra convenience.


Almost all twin pushchairs these days have hoods as a covering. Some hoods are in place permanently, while others are retractable. Hoods are an essential part of any pushchair because they shield the babies from extreme sunlight.

Rain Cover

Rain covers are made of clear plastic material that can be wrapped to fit. These covers can either come with the twin pushchair or are sold separately. There are rain covers with UV protection to shield babies from harmful UV rays, making the covers useful on both rainy and sunny days. Choose a crystal clear plastic rain cover that is easy to wrap over the pushchair.

Adjustable Handles, Backrest, and Leg Rest

A pushchair needs to have adjustable handles to make sure that the person moving the pushchair around can comfortably do so regardless of height. Taller persons need not crouch when wheeling a pushchair, thanks to adjustable handles. An adjustable backrest and adjustable leg rest are also very useful in accommodating the babies as they grow taller.

Lockable Swivel Wheels

As there are many types of surfaces, lockable swivel wheels come in handy when wheeling a twin pushchair on cobbles, gravel, grass, and other uneven surfaces to maintain going in a straight direction. The wheels can easily be unlocked using the foot to allow more versatility in controlling the direction of the pushchair.

Five-Point Harness

A five-point harness, which was first used in cars for safety in case of an accident, is also an integral part of a twin pushchair. A pushchair with an installed five-point harness allows a child to be placed securely on the seat. The harness ensures that a child would not sit close to the edge of the seat, bend forward, or stand on the seat, all of which are dangerous. A mother or father who wants security for his or her child should get a twin pushchair with a five-point harness.

Travel-System Compatibility (Car Seat)

A twin pushchair that is travel-system compatible comes with a car seat attached to the pushchair. The car seat can be detached from the pushchair and placed in the car. The detachable car seat is very convenient for families who drive with their children. Buying a twin pushchair that is travel-system compatible eliminates the need for buying a separate child car seat.

Importance of Features Overview

The table below distinguishes the level of importance of each feature of a twin pushchair discussed above. A feature can be an essential component of a twin pushchair or an added convenience.


Level of Importance



Rain Cover


Adjustable handles

Added convenience

Adjustable backrest

Added convenience

Adjustable leg rest

Added convenience

Five-point harness


Travel-system compatibility (car seat)

Added convenience

The table above is a useful reference when choosing the features for a twin pushchair. The essential components or features, noticeably, are those that ensure the safety and protection of babies.

Twin Pushchair Brands

With a fairly high demand for twin pushchairs, there are several brands that offer them online. One brand is BabyStyle . It is a brand with pushchairs in different sets or collections. The BabyStylePrestige Collection is characterised by black, white, or earth colours, and elegant repetitive prints in the hood. The BabyStyleOyster Collection, on the other hand, presents pushchairs that are dominantly grey, but with vibrant, monotone colours for the hood and the seat or chair itself for contrast.

Another popular brand is Chicco, and its Together Stroller collection is known for their sturdiness and convenient usability. Another brand that buyers can purchase online is Mamas and Papas twin pushchairs. The brand produces twin pushchairs, and pushchairs in general, in dual, muted colours. One example is its twin pushchair that has a combination of moss grey and muted yellow colours. There are many other brands that buyers can check out when surveying the web for a twin pushchair, and they include Britax, Cossatto, Graco, Jané, Hauck, Maclaran, Mothercare, Obaby, and Phil & Teds.

Buying a Pushchair for Twins on eBay

Aside from so many brands of twin pushchairs that are available on eBay, you can also search for preferred features easily and conveniently on the site. eBay lists a great number of twin pushchairs of different colour themes, design, and features. What is great about eBay is that you can work your way around the site easily via tools that filter your search to zero in on what you are looking for. You can choose a twin pushchair that is suitable from birth, three months, and six months.

There is also an option to buy a used twin pushchair for those who are budget-conscious. On eBay, many twin pushchairs are available locally, but you can expand the search to other European countries and even across the globe. Moreover, eBay gives a badge to top-rated sellers, and you have a better chance of a smooth transaction when dealing with these sellers. Always remember to carefully read the product description and the shipping details to ensure that you have full knowledge of what you are buying. Lastly, choose a seller with a return policy, so you do not have problems returning the twin pushchair in case it is decidedly not what is expected.


For parents who are blessed with twins, it is more convenient and economical to buy a twin pushchair instead of two separate pushchairs. A twin pushchair can come in two varieties: one with two seats placed beside each other and another with one seat behind the other. Furthermore, there are different brands of twin pushchairs that are available on the market, and it is important to check them out and compare them with each other in order to make a better buying decision.

Aside from the overall sturdiness and look of the twin pushchair, what also matters is the number of desirable features that a buyer wants to have. Many features can be considered when buying a twin pushchair; however, some features are essential, such as a five-point harness, hood, and rain cover, while others are for extra convenience, such as a car seat for travel-system compatibility. A twin pushchair makes life easier for fathers and mothers with twins, and buyers must make it a point to buy one that provides the maximum comfort and safety for the babies and maximum mobility for those who are wheeling them around.

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