How to Buy a Putter on eBay

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How to Buy a Putter on eBay

The short-distance golf shot on the green is one of the most delicate but frustrating for golfers all across the UK. It has been the difference so many times between winning and losing, not only for amateurs but for professional players as well. The player should be concentrating on their shot and not be distracted by whether they are using the correct putter; this guide will explain further the characteristics of a putter and also how to go about acquiring one from eBay. Although there are specialized golf stores and a selection of online outlets that stock golf clubs, eBay provides a fantastic place to browse plenty of brand new and also second-hand putters that could be available at a more affordable price.

What a Golf Putter is used for?

A putter is specifically used for short-distance shots at a very slow or moderate speed with the intention of placing the ball into the hole. Its main purpose is to provide accuracy and is thus designed for the player to have as much control over the shot as possible. The club-head is very low and very flat which allows for the precise nature of putting shots.

There are some technical aspects for players to consider, but this may depend on the level or seriousness they wish to play the game. For example, because the ball may have sunk a fraction into the ground when stationary on the green, some putters have a small slant of around 5%. This allows the player to lift the ball slightly and will reduce any unwanted bouncing. Grass on modern-day greens are becoming shorter and faster however so the need for this is being reduced.

Putters are the only club that allows a bent shaft. This gives the player more control and more stability for their shot without having to necessarily position themselves right behind it.

Types of Golf Putter

There are three main types of putter that a golfer can choose between when coming to make a selection, all of which can be found on eBay at affordable prices. Below is a table that illustrates the options however more research maybe needed into their characteristics when coming to make a purchase.

Type of Golf Putter




The most traditional type of putters is the blade. Because it is older, the head size is smaller than modern-day putters. It suits a straight putting stroke. An example of a blade type putter is the S-Blade Limited Edition Classic by Spherical Blade.



The mallet is much heavier and larger than the blade putter which makes it easier to strike fully. The mass of the club-head is distributed evenly as to give a more consistent stroke. It suits players who may jerk there swing slightly when coming to play a shot. An example of a mallet putter is the Odyssey White Ice 330.


Peripheral Weighted

This is the putter commonly used by professional players. It suits those with an in-out stroke and helps with miss-hits. It is known as the heel-toe putter; it balances the weight of the club at the toe. An example of one is the TaylorMade Ghost TM 110.

In addition, new ‘Futuristic’ putters are a stand-out contemporary design. They don’t look like the traditional golf club and are purely designed to facilitate a players’ shot on the green. They increase the moment of inertia which means they have a higher resistance to twisting when the stroke is made.

Different Faces of Putters

Different putters can come with different faces too, that is the area which the golf ball is struck. There are a few options available

Metal faced putters

Metal faced putters can be made from a variety types of metal, from the more traditional steel to the lighter titanium. As they provide a degree of feedback to the player after a stroke, they are valuable for the amateur looking to improve their game.

Milled putters

These are putters created from metal which are trimmed into more complex shapes. They are generally the most expensive of all the putter types due to the intrinsic, labour intense manner of their construction.

Insert putters

The main feature of insert putters is that they have a different material incorporated into the face than what the rest of the putter is made out of. What material is used for this striking area can differ between manufacturers but they all claim to offer a softer and more efficient approach.

What to Consider When Buying Golf Putters

When buying golf putters from eBay there are a few things to consider apart from the design of the club. Perhaps the most crucial and obvious is the length, as different players will need different sized putters to play with.

  • Length. The most common size of putters issued from all the leading brands such as Ping, Odyssey, TaylorMade and Nike range between 33" to 37", although specially made clubs can be made to suit particular needs.
  • Belly Putters and Long/Chest Putters. Again choosing to go for one of these types of putter is the preference of the player. If wanting more precise wrist control then the belly putter are a good option. Chest putters actually rest on the players’ torso area with the intention of supplying a true motion, eliminating wrist dependence.
  • Weight. Lighter models are best suited for faster greens and vice versa for heavier putters. Consider what sort of greens will be played on and buy accordingly. There is nothing wrong with buying different types of putter to suit changing conditions.
  • Balance Point. There are two types of balance point to consider when making a purchase; they are face balanced and toe weighted. Face balanced suit players whose stroke has too much rotation as it provides more consistency. Toe weighted putters are better for players who have an upright stance and rotational technique.

(To determine which is which, take the putter and lay it on a flat surface so the head can rotate freely. If the head can be horizontal to the ground, it is face balanced. If not, it is toe weighted.)

Buying a Golf Putter

The most important aspect to consider when buying a golf putter then the most important aspect to consider is how it feels for you and whether it helps your game. Read through the guide above and think of what type of putter is needed before making a purchase.

Because of the subjective nature of golf clubs and putters alike then trying out different clubs is perhaps necessary to get a balanced view. To do this then eBay is perhaps the best way obtain different putters at very affordable prices.

Due to the popularity of golf in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the second hand market is thriving and clubs can be bought simply in order to try them out before making a final purchase. Brand new clubs are also available on eBay and may be available at a better deal than in the high-street with the added bonus of them being delivered to the front door.

Aspects to consider when choosing how much to spend on golf putters are:

-  How often the clubs will be used? Consider if it’s wise to spend a lot on an item that won’t see the light of day that often.

-  What standard will they be used for? A player just playing for fun with friends socially and infrequently might not want to consider looking at putters at the top of the range.

-  Are some of the newer features of putters worth the expense? For example, chest or milled putters may not be necessary for the recreational player.

Advice for earching and Buying on eBay

There are thousands of listings on eBay for golf putters if simply typing in “golf putters” into the search bar towards the top. The results can all be narrowed down by using the preference bar on the left hand side.  Here, it is possible to choose between:

-  The gender of the player

-  Adult or child putters

-  The condition of the club

-  Which company it is made by

-  Left or right-handed suitability

-  The price

-  Before you place a bid oneBay, make sure you are aware of exactly what you need to buy. Do some research on the seller – check their feedback and familiarise yourself with how you’re protected by eBay and PayPal.

-  Check the details in the listings and factor postage and packing into the price you are prepared to pay. If the item you’re buying is valuable, ensure the seller gets appropriate insurance.


During a round of golf the putter is used the most often; the speed of the grass and the slope of the green are battled with every time a player comes to complete a hole. This means the purchase of the club needs to be the right one. Individual requirements will need certain putters so be sure to try different models until one is found that feels right.

Consider all the different faces, lengths and widths and make a choice. Scout around online or even in stores until the desired putter is found and then check on eBay to find it at the best price available.

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