How to Buy a Radio Control Aeroplane on eBay

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How to Buy a Radio Control Aeroplane on eBay

Radio controlled (RC) aeroplanes are a favourite amongst RC vehicle users and general hobbyists. They offer variation to the traditional ground models but RC aeroplanes still run on a simple premise. RC aeroplanes are streamlined vehicles that can fly using a controller or transmitter.

There is an array of models in the RC aeroplane market, with brands tailoring units for both beginners and experienced flyers. eBay has RC aeroplanes suitable for all skill levels at affordable prices.

Types of RC Aeroplane

RC aeroplanes purchased from eBay come in a variety of base forms including the following:

  • Ready to Fly – These aeroplanes are suitable for flying right out of the box and require little to no assembly. No tools should be needed in order to get this type of RC aeroplane up and running.
  • Part-constructed – The middle ground between ready to fly planes and kit planes. Most models in this range usually require some form of assembly as mechanical parts come built but separated from the planes base.
  • Kit – The long-term project of the RC aeroplane world. Requires time and patience to complete properly. Kits require the user to construct all mechanical elements along with the wooden frame, fuselage and wings. The time frame for constructing a kit is weeks rather than days.

RC aeroplane brands offer options that cater for all skill levels and varying degrees of interest. As the demand for planes is large eBay’s trusted sellers present items from every brand name in the industry. Whether a buyer is new to RC aeroplanes or a seasoned flyer they’re sure to find a suitable model on eBay.

RC Aeroplane Classifications

Every RC aeroplane buyer is different so they’re a variety of plane classifications to select from. Before entering the market place and browsing through eBay’s options be sure to understand what is required from a plane. When aware of the types of RC aeroplanes available only then can the right choice be made. The classification of a plane will be one of the following two:

  • Trainer – Designed for both durability and stability whilst in flight. Their name is a correct summary as they are more often than not used for training beginners. Established RC vehicle hobbyists will also use this model to touch base before quickly moving onto something more advanced.
  • Acrobatic – An advanced RC aeroplane that is designed to perform acrobatics. More difficult to control than trainer models, especially in windy conditions. Not designed for immediate use by beginners.

Those looking to purchase their first RC aeroplane would be best served using a trainer. Only when sufficiently experienced in using RC aeroplanes should a user attempt to move up to an acrobatic model.

Models of RC Aeroplane

When shopping for an RC aeroplane it is important to take your experience into consideration. It should take preference over design and appearance, in large part because of the steep learning curve that RC aeroplane flying presents. There are six types of plane available for purchase, each of which offers something different to an RC aeroplane user:

  • Park Flyers – Named such due to their small stature and regular sightings in public parks. Common among novice buyers due to the ease of both control and transportation. Simple to set up and often fall under the ready to fly category.
  • Indoor Planes – Designed for use inside and are usually the smallest regular plane available. Their weight is approximately one pound and can’t be flown outside because of this. If flown outside, any type of wind will put the indoor plane at severe risk of damage.
  • Micro RC Planes – Considered disposable to experienced RC plane flyers. The lowest priced plane currently available and arguably the most popular. Can be flown is small areas both indoors and outdoors.
  • Electric Glider Planes – The type of plane that helps RC aeroplane pilots tackle the learning curve. Presents simple acrobatic opportunities too more experienced users. The most unique feature of a Glider Plane is its wingspan, coming in at almost five feet. Contains a simple motor for initial launch with its large wingspan aiding flight.
  • Large RC Plane – Runs on electric and weighs up to ten pounds. Built to thrive in windy conditions. Given their large size they require a flying area that is equally as big in proportion.
  • Fuel RC Plane – The largest, heaviest and most robust plane currently available. Powered by nitro gas and capable of higher speeds and longer flights than all other models. They suit the skill level of an experienced RC aeroplane pilot.

There are plenty of options for both beginner and experienced pilots alike currently on the market. Using this guide, eBay’s array of options and their trusted sellers advice you’ll be sure find the right model that matches your skill set and ambition.

Radio Control Aeroplane Costs

RC aeroplanes can command a high price depending on brand and build quality. Beginner planes are affordable to almost everyone and will cost no more than £30 at full retail price. That price can be found even lower when keeping a savvy eye on eBay's array of RC aeroplane auctions.

Once engrossed in the hobby it is natural to progress to a more advanced RC aeroplane, but this comes with a cost. Purchasing from the advanced range of planes can be expensive with prices starting in the mid-hundreds and heading into the thousands.

The higher end of the price scale features high power planes. Even advanced RC aeroplane flyers should feel comfortable using them before committing to a purchase.

What Tools are Required to Construct an RC Aeroplane

After purchasing an RC aeroplane you should pay attention to the model’s specific building requirements. Many come without the need for construction but for those which do tools will be required. The majority of RC aeroplane parts are universal so there is no need to over-invest in tools, sticking to the basics will more than suffice.

  • Hobby Knife/Modeling Knife
  • T-Pins
  • Razor Plane
  • Phillips-head Screwdriver
  • Pliers

There is nothing more frustrating than having a new RC aeroplane ready to build and not having the right tools to do the job. Investing in a tool kit or creating a set of singular tools is wise and eBay has specialised kits ready for purchase at affordable prices.

How Much Room is required to fly an RC Aeroplane

A common question from beginners is how much room is required to fly an RC aeroplane. Before you buy make sure that you have an area in mind and you are cleared to fly an RC aeroplane there.

It is advisable to check with local authorities before flying in a public area such as a park.

A lot of smaller planes on the market are hand launched so should you be able to save some space if it’s necessary.

Consider the surface itself when choosing an area to fly an RC aeroplane.

Crashes do happen and landings can go wrong, on grass such impacts will cause little to no damage, however on concrete they can be devastating.

Assess the situation as it arises when it comes to RC aeroplane flying. It’s beneficial to start with a low powered plane to gain a feel of an area and see how well the plane covers it. Doing so will help dictate whether more room is needed should you choose to invest in a plane with a larger engine.

How to Buy a Radio Control Aeroplane Using eBay

RC aeroplanes are becoming an increasingly popular product amongst both children and adults. It’s no wonder that eBay has created tailor made categories to help buyers find their next model. It will also help some find rare planes that can complete sets or collections.

Looking for an RC aeroplane on eBay starts in the toys and games section and from there click on radio controlled. It is in that sub-section that shoppers will find RC aeroplane auction listings.

If you have a certain model in mind use the search bar at the top of the page, to narrow results down further use advanced search.

When buying an RC aeroplane from eBay you will be required to submit a bid, make a best offer or complete an immediate purchase via buy it now. Completing the checkout with PayPal allows the buyer to take advantage of the buyer protection program. The program will provide cover should a problem arise with the transaction.


The RC model market has expanded far beyond the realm of hobbyists. RC aeroplanes now stand as a rival to RC cars in both the fun and intrigue department.

They provide an excellent alternative to already established types of RC vehicle and allow users to explore the air instead of the ground.

It can keep enthusiasts amused for hours on end.

If used appropriately RC aeroplanes can be long lasting and even have resale value in the future.

eBay provides models for all ages and skill ranges, meaning that buyers will be sure to find the latest model to add to their collection.

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