How to Buy a Rechargeable Torch on eBay

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How to Buy a Rechargeable Torch on eBay

A rechargeable torch has a battery pack that is recharged via a mains power source, as opposed to other types of torches that use disposable batteries. There are a number of rechargeable torch types, from small head lamps and pen lights to large, lantern models. Buyers should establish the purpose of the torch in order to choose the best type.

Buyers should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the types of bulb. The bulb has a significant impact on the performance, light quality, and lifespan of the torch. It also influences the longevity of the charge. For example, incandescent bulbs drain a huge amount of power, while LEDs use very little power, but still produce a very intense light source with a powerful, long reaching beam. Buying a rechargeable torch on eBay is very simple. Purchasing on eBay gives buyers the widest choice of torches at competitive prices.

Types of Rechargeable Torches

A rechargeable torch has a battery pack that can be recharged. Some models have a removable battery that is placed in a separate charger, while other models can be recharged with the battery still attached to the main torch unit. There are many different types of rechargeable torches available on eBay, so buyers need a basic understanding of the purpose that each torch is best suited to.

Head Lamp Rechargeable Torches

Head lamp rechargeable torches are attached to the forehead by an elasticated strap that runs around the circumference of the head, often with an additional strap running from the forehead, over the top of the head, to the back. Many head lamp torches can also be attached to a helmet or hat for extra safety, for example, when cycling.

Pen Light Rechargeable Torches

Pen light rechargeable torches are small, compact devices. They have a very thin shaft and a slightly wider head. They are useful for carrying in a bag because of their lightweight design and compact size. Pen light rechargeable torches are often carried by people who need a little bit of extra light, for example, to get a key in a lock.

Handheld Rechargeable Torches

Handheld rechargeable torches are often kept at home or in the back of the car in case of emergencies. They are also kept in tool boxes. They have a long, cylindrical shaft, with a wider, funnel shaped head.

Rechargeable Lantern Torches

Rechargeable lantern torches are large devices. Many of the common types have a short body and a large round head. They usually have a handle on the top of the body. Rechargeable lantern torches are favoured when a lot of light is required and operators needs to have their hands free, such as for vehicle breakdowns. Large lantern torches can be placed on the floor and still illuminate a large area.

Rechargeable Cycle Torches

Rechargeable cycle torches are compact torches with a powerful beam. They attach to the handlebars of a bicycle. These are very useful for illuminating the track in front of the cyclist for some considerable distance and they alert oncoming traffic to the presence of the cyclist well in advance.

Bulbs for Rechargeable Torches

Choosing an appropriate bulb for a rechargeable torch is an important step in the buying process. Different bulbs offer different advantages and disadvantages. Bulbs can be divided into three basic categories: incandescent, LED, and fluorescent.

Incandescent Bulbs for Rechargeable Torches

Incandescent bulbs are traditional torch bulbs, consisting of a glass outer with a metal base that contains a tungsten filament, which creates light when the circuit is completed. Incandescent bulbs with a vacuum inside are the least expensive rechargeable torch bulbs, but also produce the least light. Some have gases inside, such as krypton, to help to brighten the light generated by the filament. Most incandescent bulbs emit a yellowish light. Halogen and xenon bulbs emit a very bright light that has a white cast to it. Both halogen and xenon filled incandescent bulbs produce a much brighter light than other incandescent bulbs, and have a considerably longer lifespan.

All incandescent bulbs put a high drain on a battery, and so are not very energy efficient. Incandescent bulbs for general overhead lighting are being phased out gradually by governments across the globe because of their inefficient use of energy. Incandescent bulbs are prone to breakage if dropped.

LED Bulbs for Rechargeable Torches

LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are very energy efficient, putting little strain on the battery. LED rechargeable torches have a very long lifespan and are far superior to incandescent rechargeable torches. They also do not shatter on impact. However, they are more expensive than incandescent bulbs. Smaller, three millimetre bulbs emit less light than most incandescent bulbs, but large, high output and five millimetre LEDs produce a clear, very bright white light that rivals the best incandescent bulbs. For a high light output, larger rechargeable torches are equipped with multiple LEDs.

Fluorescent Bulbs for Rechargeable Torches

Fluorescent bulbs are of limited use in rechargeable torches. This is because the light emitted by a fluorescent bulb cannot be directed very well, so does not create a far reaching beam. Instead, the light emitted tends to pool is the immediate area. So, fluorescent bulbs are suited to rechargeable torches used to light a work area, such as when changing a tyre. They have a long life span and are very energy efficient.

Buying Rechargeable Torches on eBay

Buying rechargeable torches on eBay is very simple for even the most inexperienced online shopper. eBay has many useful tools and features to allow buyers to find the rechargeable torch that best meets their requirements. eBay offers a wide choice of products at competitive prices and shoppers can buy a torch from the comfort of home.

Searching for a Rechargeable Torch on eBay

To perform a successful search on eBay, buyers simply need to enter their key terms the search bar on the eBay home page. If buyers have a specific torch in mind, or a specific bulb type, including this information in the search reduces the number of results so that the buyer can browse only those that are most relevant. Buyers can also choose to limit their search by using the eBay filters. Filters include price range, location, and condition. Using filters further refines the search results, enabling buyers to identify quickly the rechargeable torch that they wish to purchase.

Selecting a Seller

Selecting a reputable seller is an important part of the eBay buying process. Before confirming a purchase, buyers should look at the feedback score of the seller. Sellers with a high percentage of positive feedback have the best reputation for providing quality products in a fast, efficient manner, and for providing the best customer service. Feedback is valuable information left by previous buyers. They leave their opinions on the performance of sellers and the quality of their products.

Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

Before committing to buy a rechargeable torch on eBay, buyers are advised to check the returns, refunds, and exchanges policy of the seller. Many sellers are happy to give a refund or an exchange. However, there may be certain stipulations that must be adhered to. These include the item being returned within a certain number of days after receipt, insisting that the buyer contact the seller before returning the item, or that the item must be returned in its original packaging.

Postage and Packaging Costs

Postage and packaging costs are an important factor when buying rechargeable torches. Buyers should check the costs before purchase and factor this into their budget. Larger torches are often heavy and bulky and so may result in a higher postage cost. Buyers may be able to find rechargeable torches on eBay within their local area. If the seller is agreeable, the buyer may be able to arrange to collect the torch once the transaction is complete, saving money on delivery.


Rechargeable torches have a battery pack that needs to be recharged via a mains power supply. They come in various shapes and sizes, from small head mounted models, to large lantern style rechargeable torches. Some, such as headlamps, cycle torches, or pen lights, are designed with specific applications in mind, and have limited use elsewhere as they do not emit a great deal of light when compared to larger, more versatile torches.

Buyers must also choose a bulb type. The type of bulbs used for rechargeable torches are incandescent, LEDs, and fluorescent. Incandescent bulbs are the least expensive, but the most prone to breakage. They also have the shortest lifespan. LEDs have a very long lifespan, are energy efficient, but are more expensive. Fluorescent bulbs are comparatively expensive and have limited use because they emit a soft pool of light rather than a bright beam. eBay makes buying a rechargeable torch a simple, straightforward, and enjoyable process, even for those new to online shopping. A range of tools and features are provided on the site to enable buyers to find the right type of rechargeable torch with ease.

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