How to Buy a Replacement Charger for Your Phone Battery

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How to Buy a Replacement Charger for Your Phone Battery

People use phones for a variety of different purposes, all of which run down the battery. This might be anything from regular phone calls, which use up little battery power, to online video streaming, which will drain the battery a lot faster. For those who use their mobile phones regularly, for both personal and professional use, chargers are important. These come in a variety of different forms, from fixed wall chargers to portable travel chargers, with each being particularly useful for certain situations both in and out of the home.

Types of Replacement Chargers

Replacement chargers can be broken down into two major types: those that need a fixed source of electricity, such as a power socket, and those that don't. Within these general categories, there are various chargers to choose from.

Mains Chargers

Mains chargers are those that need to be plugged into the mains in order to work. These are the most common types of chargers, and are the types that are traditionally provided with new mobile phones. These chargers will come with a plug connected to a short cable. The plug will be inserted into the mains power socket, and the cable will be connected to the phone via a special connection port. Different phones and chargers have different connections, making it impossible to use different phone brands with incompatible chargers. For example, a Nokia charger will only work with certain Nokia phones, and will not fit correctly into a Saumsung phone. Some varieties of mains phone chargers will have a USB port as well. This will be connected to the plug, which can then be detached to enable the phone to be charged off a laptop or desktop computer. An example of this would be iPhone chargers, will can either be used with the mains via a plug, or can be detached to draw power straight from a computer.


Docking stations are another type of mains charger. Once again, these are connected to the mains, but the phone will be connected to a larger docking unit. These docks can come with single ports or multiple ports, and can also come with additional features, like speakers. Charger pads are similar, but don't require the phone to be attached directly to the charging unit. Instead, the phone is simply positioned on the charger mat which then charges up the battery without a direct connection.

Car Chargers

For those who need to charge their phones while they travel, car chargers are ideal. These chargers are generally plugged into the cigarette lighter to generate power. Again, they will be specific to the brand of phone that needs to be charged.

Portable Chargers

Portable chargers come in several forms, such as battery powered chargers, solar powered chargers, and hand crank chargers. Battery powered chargers are small units that are charged using either regular or rechargeable batteries. The charger is simply plugged into the phone to charge it up, making it hugely useful when travelling, or as an emergency charger when no other sources are available. Solar chargers have small photovoltaic cells that draw energy from the sun to power the battery in the phone. The efficiency of the charger will depend upon the size of the solar cells and the amount of direct sunlight they are exposed to. Hand crank chargers are charged manually, making them useable anywhere, at any time, and without any source of power.

Universal Chargers

Most types of chargers can be bought with a variety of connections to facilitate their use with a host of different types of phone. This is the case with both mains chargers, car chargers, and portable chargers. These are excellent for both home and office use, and when travelling with a range of people who each have different phones. All it takes is for a quick change of connection, and the charger will be adapted to charge almost any phone, be it a Samsung, Sony, Nokia, or Motorola.


When a charger goes missing or breaks, getting a replacement is crucial. Likewise, getting replacement chargers as back-up is also sensible, especially when choosing a variety that can be used for different purposes, such as in the office, in the car, or on the move. Each of these types of chargers can be bought on eBay, many at highly affordable prices. Just makes sure that they are always compatible with the phone, high quality, and in good condition.

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