How to Buy a Replacement Engine for a Ford Escort Cosworth

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How to Buy a Replacement Engine for a Ford Escort Cosworth

Ford produced the Escort Cosworth from 1992 until 1996. This sports derivative of the Ford Escort features a turbocharged 2-litre engine with an output of 162 kW; it is renowned for its performance and handling. Whether your Cosworth has a dead engine or one slowing down due to wear over time, it may be time to invest in a replacement.


Engine Types

The original Ford Escort Cosworth was equipped with a turbocharged 2-litre twin-cam and kicked out 227 bhp. In 1994, when the turbo was changed to a smaller Garrett T25 unit, the output dropped to 217 bhp. A better throttle response offset the decrease, which added to the car's desirability. It runs on petrol and features an in-line four configuration. Fuel delivery takes place via electronic fuel injection. The engine is constructed of a cast iron block and aluminium head.


Engine Parts

Engine replacement can cost a small fortune. As such, be sure to determine the exact cause of engine failure prior to shopping for a new car engine. In many cases, only several components may need replacing, rather than the entire Cosworth engine.


Engine Part


Cylinder Sleeves

Chambers where each piston is located

Spark Plug

Creates a spark, which in turn, begins the entire combustion process


Intake valves open to let in air and fuel; exhaust valves release the exhaust fumes


Metal cylinders that move up and down inside the cylinder sleeves; the movements allow for air and fuel to compress the gasses and push out exhaust flames

Piston Rings

Create a seal between the piston and cylinder to keep the air-gas mixture and exhaust fumes separate


Alters the pistons up and down motions into circular motions

Connecting Rod

Attaches the crankshaft to the piston


A reservoir that stores oil for lubrication


Most Ford Cosworth engines experience one of three problems: a bad fuel mix, a lack of compression, or a lack of a spark. In the event of a bad fuel mix, several different issues may be to blame, such as a lack of fuel, a clogged air intake, too much or too little fuel being delivered to the system, or an impurity in the fuel that prevents it from burning.



When looking for a complete engine for your Ford Escort Cosworth, have the vehicle's identifying information on hand. Knowing the car's VIN number, engine code, and date of production can greatly reduce the time spent searching for a new unit and ensure compatibility.

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