How to Buy a Replacement Tyre for Your Volkswagen

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How to Buy a Replacement Tyre for Your Volkswagen

Volkswagens require periodic maintenance to keep them in peak operating condition. Among the parts that are most subject to wear and tear are the tyres. While the quality of products has improved considerably from the days of cross ply tyres, even the latest versions need to be replaced sooner or later. Worn tyres are not only an inconvenience when they fail while driving, they can be extremely dangerous. It has been estimated that up to 9 percent of all car accidents could have been prevented simply by replacing worn tyres.

There are many different types, designs, sizes, and price ranges for Volkswagen tyres. The improvement in quality has greatly enhanced the market for used tyres and retreads, which is now nearly as strong as it is for new products. Before purchasing, learn as much as possible about the options available and try to match the tyre to the age and condition of the car. Then, go to eBay to find replacement tyres for your Volkswagen at the best possible price.

Factors to Consider When Buying Replacement Tyres for Your Volkswagen

There are many factors to consider when buying Volkswagen tyres. The first is to identify the tyres that are on the other side of the car because it is illegal to put different kinds of tyres on the same axle. Different tyres handle and grip differently, leading to skidding and accidents when braking firmly or in hazardous driving conditions. By the same measure, having tyres of different ages on the same axle can cause similar problems, even if the tyres are otherwise identical.

When buying tyres for a used car, check the owner's handbook to ensure that the previous owner used the proper tyres. If not, it may also be necessary to change the entire set. Confirm the types of tyres by comparing the markings on the sidewall. Note that recently enacted tyre labelling regulations in the UK add fuel efficiency, wet grip, and noise performance to the markings.

Translate the Volkswagen Tyre Markings

Each tyre is stamped with a series of numbers and letters in the following format: 205/45 R16 83 V. The table below lists the markings and gives a description and range for each of them in order of occurrence.




1 to 3 digit number

Width of the tyre in millimetres

155 mm to 255 mm for most Volkswagens

/ 2 digit number

Sidewall profile as a percentage of the width

10 to 85

Letter R


Indicates that it is radial

2 digit number

Wheel rim diameter in inches

12 to 20

2 digit number

Load rating

72 to 94

Capital letter

Speed rating

H to Z

It is important that these markings comply with the specification in the owner's manual, otherwise they may not fit the wheel, or could be unsafe at high speeds or with excessive weight. Nearly all tyres are of radial construction. The alternative is cross ply, a far less reliable type.

Measure the Tread of the Volkswagen Tyres

A good rule of thumb is that there should be a minimum of 1.6 millimetres of tread across at least three quarters of the tyre range. If the tread depth is lower than that number, then it is time to consider replacing the tyres. Inexpensive tread depth gauges are handy to keep in the car's tool kit. Newer tyres have built-in indicators set at a 1.6 millimetre depth.

Maintain New Volkswagen Tyres

A new set of Volkswagen tyres is an investment, especially for drivers that intend to keep their car for a long time. Therefore, owners should take a few minutes of time periodically to check that the tyres are in peak condition. Proper inflation is essential. There is no need to check the tyre pressure every time the car is refuelled, but it is best to at least inspect them visually at these times.

Problems with Tyres

If one tyre is noticeably less inflated than the others, there is a problem. One possibility is that there is a puncture from a nail or other foreign object that is resulting in a slow leak. Another possibility is that the tyre inflation port is not functioning correctly. Either of these demands immediate attention.

Rotation Intervals

The information that comes with new tyres always includes rotation intervals, which means exchanging the front and back tyres periodically. This should be done every time the car is in the garage for maintenance to maximise the tyre life. Maintain the same size and type of tyre on each axle. If the front and rear tyres are different types, rotate only from side to side, not front to back. Bear in mind that the better quality tyres should be on the back of the car to reduce skidding and sliding in wet or icy conditions regardless of whether or not the car has front-wheel drive.

Types of Volkswagen Tyres

There are three primary tyre designs made for Volkswagen in the UK. They are summer, winter, and a hybrid known as all season.

Volkswagen Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are the most common and are offered with varying quality and mileage ratings. They are recommended for those driving primarily in cities, since snow and mud are not frequent or prolonged occurrences. Buyers should understand that the rubber on these tyres stiffens considerably when temperatures drop below 7 degrees.

Volkswagen Winter Tyres

Buyers that drive in snowy conditions frequently should consider buying a set of winter tyres. Many owners put them on the car in early winter and return to a summer tyre in the spring. Winter tyres make a significant difference in the handling of the car on snow and ice due to different tyre composition and tread designs.

Volkswagen All Season Tyres

All season tyres are a good solution for those that do a lot of winter driving and occasionally venture into snowy conditions. These tyres are often marked M+S to denote their superior handling in mud and snow. They are a bit more expensive than summer tyres, but tend to do better for a higher mileage.

New, Used, or Retread Volkswagen Tyres

It makes little sense to purchase a new set of top of the range tyres for a car that is nearing the end of its useful life. By the same token, it makes little sense to purchase an inexpensive set of tyres for a car in reasonably good condition. Always try to buy tyres that are equivalent in quality and lifespan to the car, to get the best possible value. One obvious exception is for a car that is soon to be sold. Used car buyers invariably look at the tyres and assess their condition as one of the primary factors in determining the quality of the car. Under those circumstances, it often makes good sense to replace the tyres with products that have a good tread life remaining, but are not the most expensive option. When buying used tyres online, check the size information and look at the photos that should show the remaining tread clearly and the overall general condition.


While retreads may give the impression of inferior performance and treads separating from the tyre at high speeds, recent innovations have improved the product considerably. Newer retreads carry speed and load ratings similar to standard tyres. Their lower cost makes them an ideal winter tyre option. All newly manufactured tyres are designed to be retreaded as a way to reduce landfill waste and preserve the environment.

Buying Replacement Tyres for Your Volkswagen on eBay

After establishing which replacement tyres you need for your Volkswagen, go to the eBay home page to find the right products. Each page provides a useful search tool to find the precise tyres that you need. If you need tyres for a Volkswagen Golf, for example, just enter that phrase into the search bar. On the results page, you can add further information regarding the Volkswagen model, tyre size, and price to see only the specific tyres that you want. Read eBay's search tips to find other searching suggestions.

eBay Delivery Options

eBay provides a number of choices for postage depending on how quickly you need your replacement tyres delivered. Many of the sellers have a range of delivery mechanisms, from overnight to a few days or longer. As there are so many sellers scattered throughout the UK, you may find it easy and less expensive to collect the tyres yourself. You can contact the seller directly and work out a mutually agreeable option. Just click on the "Ask a question" link within the listing.


Volkswagen tyres have undergone radical upgrades in the recent past. It is not unusual to find tyres that exceed 150,000 kilometres. As a used car is not always going to last that distance, try to match the tyres to the car both in relation to performance and longevity. Consider the type of driving most likely to be encountered and the number of kilometres driven each year. The best way to prolong the life of a set of tyres is to keep them inflated and rotated properly.

eBay is an excellent source for replacement Volkswagen tyres. It offers a wide selection at the best prices. Many buyers start and end their search at eBay as they can locate, buy, and take delivery of their tyres with ease. eBay allows you to contact the seller directly for more photos or for answers to any questions about the product. Take a few minutes to read some of the seller's reviews to get a feel for the experiences of other buyers.

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