How to Buy a Right-Hand Ring

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How to Buy a Right-Hand Ring

Right-hand rings are a fashion and a lifestyle statement, which is the opposite for many European couples. The left-hand ring is a fashion or lifestyle statement as well. This is where things get a bit confusing. The tradition of wearing wedding rings in Europe on the right hand comes from the Ancient Romans. The engagement ring was worn on the left ring finger, and then it was transferred to the right ring finger after marriage. In this case, both meant that a woman was betrothed or married to someone. As time progressed, the engagement ring and the wedding ring in Europe are sometimes still worn on the right hand. Right-hand rings can be found in jewellery shops and on eBay.

In more modern times, if not in Europe or from Europe, a right-hand ring signifies independence and many other possibilities. Needless to say, the right-handed ring requires further study and explanation. It is good to know the etiquette behind wearing a right-hand ring, what right-hand rings generally look like, and how to pick one out depending on its style.

The Etiquette of Wearing a Right-Hand Ring

There are many reasons why a person wears a right-handed ring. Most of the reasons why a person would wear a right-handed ring have to do with a statement about marriage. A statement about marriage does not mean a statement of marriage. At times, the right-handed ring signifies a commitment to another, while other times it means availability. Some of them can mean disinterest in marriage as well. Men and women also have different reasons for wearing a band on their right or left hands.

As a statement of marriage or intent to marry, a right-handed ring can be worn as an engagement ring. Then, the ring and wedding band may be transferred to the left hand. This is a representation of commitment and is often worn by women.

The right-handed wedding ring and wedding set is a European tradition that is followed by many couples today. There is a historic significance to this which spans generations. In countries, such as Italy and Greece, the right-hand wedding band does signify marriage.

The tradition of wearing a right-handed ring has evolved considerably since ancient times and can signify a few things. Many people have several different reasons for wearing a right-handed ring. If a person is looking for a potential mate, these are reasons that are good to know.


Some cultures wear their wedding rings on the right hand as a culturally significant sign of marriage. It symbolises the same as rings worn on the left hand as wedding rings worn on the opposite hand. These sets usually include both the wedding band and the engagement ring.


A right-hand diamond ring or wedding band, when worn by a female, can signify that they are independent. Since diamond rings are costly, they are showing the world that they do not need to be married in order to be content or prosperous. This is a common sight in the United States, United Kingdom, and other well-developed countries. As fewer women are marriage-minded, the popularity of the right-hand ring has increased.

Indication of Being Single

One of the indications that an independent woman is looking for marriage is the right-hand ring. Its statement is basically that they are independent, but approachable. It provides men with a clue that the woman is looking for, but not necessarily actively-seeking, marriage.


On the opposite side of the marriage-minded spectrum, some men and women switch their wedding band to the right hand. Since many men and women look for a ring on the left-hand, instead of the right, it can fool many into thinking that a person is not married. If this is the case, then close inspection of both the ring and the ring finger of the left hand is required. If one is suspicious of the person wearing the ring, a tan line on the left ring finger is a good indicator that a person has switched the wedding ring to the right hand for nefarious reasons.

Homosexual Commitment or Marriage

Long before homosexual marriage was accepted by many places, gay and lesbian couples would wear their wedding rings on the right hand. This is to help fight prejudice against someone who is not ready to declare their relationship to the world. It was also a way to hide the fact that they were committed to someone of the same sex. More and more homosexual couples are switching their rings to the left hand as more commitment ceremonies and marriages become legal.

Sentimental Value

Some people have rings that are passed down to them from other family members. These rings are often worn on the right hand to signify their love for a family member even if they are unmarried. The person wearing it is not necessarily single, however, the ring is worn in the memory and representation of the purpose of the ring. Since wedding rings are passed down through generations, wearing the ring holds only sentimental significance to the wearer.


Many people transfer their wedding ring, engagement ring, or in the case of many men, wedding band to their other hand for work. Many jobs require the use of a person's hands in places where rings can snag, become trapped, or cause serious injury to the person wearing it. Mechanics, mariners, fishermen, policemen, firemen, and other professions switch their rings from their dominant hand to prevent injury or destruction of the ring and the finger on which it is worn. This also holds particularly true for the electrical engineer. Many engineers wear a nonconductive metal on their right hand to keep from being harmed. Many do not wear any jewellery at all because of this danger. It does not mean that they are not committed, but it is safer.




Certain cultures wear rings on the right hand


Signifies financial independence for women

May signify desire not to marry


May keep attention off of wedding ring

May be the wedding ring switched to fool others

May signify the desire to have an affair

Indication of availability

Right-hand rings can indicate availability

May also indicate the desire to get married

May indicate engagement

Homosexual commitment or marriage

May indicate the couple is part of a same-sex relationship

May indicate that the relationship is to remain a secret

Sentimental value

Heirloom rings

May want to honour the person, but not appear married

May have significance to the individual


Ring on the dominant hand may become rapidly damaged

Ring may snag on something causing damage to the ring and person

Ring may be hazardous to the wearer

This list of reasons is not exhaustive. There are many reasons why a person would want to wear a right-hand ring. Sometimes it just comes down to personal preference. In these cases, it is good to casually ask a person about a right-hand ring.

Style and Selection

The style and selection of a ring can also be important. So how does a person select the style of a right-hand ring? Many times, it depends on the purpose of the ring. One of the most common reasons to wear a right-hand ring is for a woman to signify their independence. In this case, a diamond band or channel band may be chosen. These are flat bands inset with diamonds and other gemstones. Although it does happen, it is rare to wear the traditional solitaire wedding ring. Many women prefer the flat band to anything that stands out or is too ostentatious.

The right-hand ring for many people is a personal choice, and no one can say which to select. There are diamond rings, rings that are inset with diamonds and other precious stones, or combinations of both. These rings are usually similar to cocktail rings, although they usually have some form of diamond included, and they can be just about any style that the person wishes to wear.

How to Buy a Right-Hand Ring on eBay

A popular place to find and purchase the perfect right-hand ring is the auction site eBay. Here, a person can browse through the different right-hand rings from the comfort of their own home. All you have to do is go to the eBay website, and then type in search terms relating to what you want, then hit search. If the results are too wide, then you can narrow them by adding more search terms. Instead of "right-hand ring", you can use the keywords "diamond right-hand ring". Almost any combination is acceptable.

Once you have found the ring that you desire, you can click on the listing and get a more detailed description and view of the ring. Once you have read the description, if you have any questions you can also use the "ask the seller" feature. Most sellers are happy to answer questions. While reading the description, make sure the ring can be sized to fit or is sized correctly already. Many rings that are made from certain metals cannot be sized, so it is important to know from what the ring is made.


There are many reasons why a person would want to buy a right-hand ring. Some of the reasons are due to marriage, while others are personal preference. Regardless of the reason, selecting the ring is very important. In the case of jobs where a ring may become a problem, then one needs to be chosen to minimise the risk. In cases where women and men want to show independence, the stones and style of the ring become very important. Many people buy flashy bands for this purpose, but it is rare to see a solitaire ring that symbolises independence; ordinarily solitaire rings symbolise engagement or commitment.

In the case of wedding rings, wearing them either right- or left-handed is a cultural or individual choice. In many European countries, the right-handed wedding set is widely accepted. A good thing to remember is that these rings are available at both jewellery shops and online, at eBay. They do not have to be specifically made for the right-hand either, since many rings fit both hands.

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