How to Buy a Saab Convertible on eBay

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How to Buy a Saab Convertible on eBay

Saabs are well known for their stylish design and solid performance. While they may not be the most powerful cars on the market, Saabs are definitely fun and easy to drive. Saab produces convertibles that compete with other big names in the auto industry, and buyers who purchase a Saab convertible know that these cars are a joy to own. Compared to other convertibles, they are often among the most affordable, yet provide enough power and features to satisfy the average driver.

Saab has been manufacturing convertibles for almost as long as they have been in the auto industry, and buyers can find numerous convertible models on the market. Besides travelling and looking for them at car dealers, one can also shop for a Saab convertible on eBay.. After all, eBay has a large selection of convertibles to choose from, which buyers can look at without leaving the comfort of their own home. In the following sections, buyers can learn how to shop for a Saab convertible on eBay.

About Saab Convertibles

Saab Automobile AB was first formed out of Saab AB, a Swedish aerospace and defence company. When Saab Automobile started out in 1945, it began producing small cars for the public. The first Saab open-top car ever built was the Saab Sonnet, produced in 1955. However, it was only a prototype, and was produced in very limited numbers. The first true convertible from Saab was the Saab 900 convertible, manufactured in 1986. After that, many Saab convertibles have entered the automobile market, and they have remained popular with customers.

Saab Convertible Model

Manufacturing Year

Saab 900 SE


Saab 900 2.0

Late 1990s

Saab 9-3 Aero V6

2003 to 2009

Saab 9-3 2.0t Convertible

2003 to 2012

Saab 9-3 1.9 TTiD Convertible

2003 to 2012

Saab 9-3 1.8t Convertible

2003 to 2012

Saab convertibles have been sold all over Europe, including in the United Kingdom. In fact, they were among the first cars to show that an open top convertible can be a practical vehicle to be used all-year-round. Buyers can find many variations of the Saab 9-3 convertible on eBay, and even some early Saab 900s. However, before deciding on a car, one must consider a few factors, such as price, condition, and features.

Buying the Right Saab Convertible on eBay

Before shopping for a car on eBay, buyers should know that almost all Saab convertibles sold on the site are used models, and it is very rare to find a brand new Saab convertible on eBay. However, that is not to say that the cars being sold online are not of good quality. Many are in top notch condition, and are often priced so as to be a great value to buyers. To find the right convertible, buyers must know what kind of convertible they want, how much they can spend on it. They must also have an idea of how much maintenance and repair costs may potentially be.

Choosing a Convertible Type

Saab produces 900s and 9-3 convertibles, and they are available in numerous style packages and come with different features. Some variation in the different kinds of Saab convertibles are the car size, engine, and available accessories. It is important for buyers to know what kind of car they want, so they can have a smoother shopping experience. When considering the size, buyers must decide whether they want a two-door or four-door car. For a family person or one who travels frequently with friends, a four-door convertible is a good choice, because it provides a comfortable ride for all passengers.

Buyers must also consider the engine size and performance of the convertible. Saab convertibles such as the 9-3 are available in an assortment of engine capacities, from 1.8 to 2.8 litres. Buyers can also find models with diesel engines,, if they want a fuel efficient convertible. Next, buyers should also consider whether they want a manual or automatic transmission car. It is common for newer cars to have better and more up-to-date accessories than older ones. Furthermore, newer cars also tend to be more reliable, and are less likely to break down than are older cars.

Finding a Saab Convertible on eBay

Shopping for a Saab convertible on eBay is a simple process, since buyers can search for the car they want by using eBay's convenient search feature. All they need to do is to lookup the car they want, and eBay filters the results accordingly. They can type any relevant keywords into the eBay search bar, and even specify the car model, year of registration, and colour. For instance, buyers who want a silver car can just look up "silver Saab convertible&".

When on the product listings page, buyers can browse through the list of all available convertibles and choose the one they like. However, they must remember to read the provided details first to avoid selecting a car they do not like. On this page, buyers can also use the provided topic filters to further customise their search.

Check the Condition of the Car

It is important to determine what kind of condition the car is in. When on eBay, buyers can do this by looking at the provided photos and making sure the vehicle has no visible damage. Although this is not a sure way of determining the condition and reliability of a car, it can help users to narrow down their choices. Also, buyers should take note of the registration date and accumulated mileage of a car. After all, newer cars are almost always in better condition than older ones. However, that should never be deciding factor in determining the condition of a car.

Compared to a convertible with low mileage, one with high mileage is also more likely to have faults. Before purchasing a Saab convertible on eBay, buyers should always personally examine the car up close. If they are inexperienced at this, then it is a good idea to bring along someone who is. Among the things to look at when examining the car are the body condition, engine, tyres, interior condition, and also the roof of the convertible. The roof must be easy to set up and fold down.

Find Out the Additional Costs for the Car

Buyers should know that after they purchase a car, they may have to spend more money to fix any minor or major damage. Since most Saab convertibles on eBay are used models, they may not last as long without giving problems as a brand new convertible. Therefore, buyers must always determine the exact condition of a convertible before buying it, and should also find out if it has any malfunctions. Any extra damages and faults on the car translate into extra repair costs, so it is important they be discovered at the outset. Also, buyers must be able to judge the price of the car, since a convertible with some faults should be priced less than one in perfect condition.

The eBay Buying Process

If you are looking for a Saab convertible on eBay, you need only type your keywords into the search bar on the eBay home page. Among the keywords you can use include "Saab convertible&", "Saab 2010 convertible&", and any other appropriate terms. Before choosing the convertible you want, it is important to first read the product description, which tells you the model of the car, its registration year, its mileage, and the location of the seller.

Of course, you should also take note of the price of the car before selecting it. After selecting a particular convertible, read all the provided information and make sure you are happy with its specifications. To learn more about the condition of the car, examine the provided photographs, or contact the seller directly. You should ask the seller if the car has had any major repairs, and if it is currently in working condition. If you are really interested in buying the convertible, you can make arrangements for a meeting so you can examine the car properly before you purchase it.


Saabs are generally very well rounded, safe, reliable cars, and Saab convertibles are all those and much more. Because Saab has experience producing cars as well as aircrafts, buyers can be certain that any Saab convertible they buy is well designed and fun to drive. Saab has produced many convertible models over the years, and buyers should research the available models to determine which one is most suitable for them.

Before shopping for a convertible on eBay, it is important for buyers to know what they need in a car, including the size, engine performance, and other features. They should also know how to examine the car for faults or problems, since most convertibles on eBay were previously owned. Besides checking the condition of the bodywork and engine, one must not forget to make sure that the convertible roof works perfectly. To look for a Saab convertible on eBay, users only need to look up the necessary keywords and select the car they want. Thus, eBay shoppers should have no trouble finding the perfect convertible.

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