How to Buy a Saab on eBay

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How to Buy a Saab on eBay

The Saab Company has enjoyed a long tradition of being well known for making quality, reliable cars that are enjoyable to drive. It is common for a well maintained Saab to reach the 200,000 mile mark and still keep running well for many more. These timeless cars have many enthusiasts who enjoy their comfort, reliability, and luxury.

Unfortunately, with the company closing and some parts being difficult to locate, many are quickly becoming un-repairable and the prices of most Saabs have dropped markedly. They are still available for sale in used marketplaces, such as eBay, and enthusiasts with a passion for these vehicles and the knowhow to keep them going are enjoying the extreme price break.

Many people, however, are wondering if it is still worth it to purchase a Saab with the likelihood that it may incur damage or wear that cannot be repaired. The answer to that depends on the individual consumer and the value they place on these cars. Some consumers are thrilled with the chance to own a Saab for as long as they can keep it in good repair. And that may be for some time to come, considering that GM does produce parts for many of the most popular models. When purchasing a Saab on eBay, be sure to consider all factors when determining the cars value. Also, have an understanding of any issues the car may have and how to go about addressing them.

Finding a Saab to Buy on eBay

It is not hard to find a Saab for sale at an exceptionally reasonable price on eBay right now. Prices are low and the market is flooded with them. Many are in good repair and running. Some are in need of work or parts.

Simply typing in the word "Saab" into the search engine on eBay's main page returns a long list of possibilities. There are generally several options to choose between that can help narrow that list some. If there is a specific model or year of Saab that is of particular interest, type that into the search engine as well when conducting the search. Consider all of the possibilities, but be sure to examine all of the information available on the listing to determine the overall condition of the car and its relative value.

Determining the Saab's Value

It is easy to consult the typical sources for determining the market value of any car, including a Saab. Generally, the information will reflect the value of the vehicle when it is in prime condition, meaning that it is running and in as good as shape as a vehicle its age could be expected to be in. The information should also reflect the value of the vehicle if it is in declining condition. When consulting these sources for reference about the value of a Saab, the numbers are likely to be off, relative to whether the car needs parts or not, what those parts are, and how easy it is to find them. Unlike the majority of other modern vehicles, the unavailability of some Saab parts affects the value of a particular car, regardless of what the reference material may label its value as.

How the Saab's Condition Affects its Value

There are many good running Saabs available on eBay, and these can represent a great value for anyone in the market for a quality built car. Being known for their quality for many years, these cars have quite a fan base that even includes people who have never owned one. Suddenly, they are affordable, which makes owning one for the first time something that seems very feasible for some people who always wanted to but never thought they would. It is also a good time for anyone who fell in love with their first Saab to recapture the magic at a very affordable price.

Unfortunately, keeping these cars running is difficult now that the company has closed its doors. This situation is expected to become even more challenging as time progresses and the parts that are available and the mechanics who know how to keep these gems at their best begins to wane thin. This is an important factor to keep in mind when considering a Saab or when deciding between which one to purchase. It is important to know the condition of the vehicle and to know how to find someone capable of keeping it in good running condition and making any necessary repairs over the life of the vehicle.

Saab Parts and Service

Knowing whom to turn to for repairs is not the only important thing to keep in mind before purchasing a Saab. The company made many high-quality, unique components for their vehicles. This is typical of such a well-constructed car, but it means that consumers have generally only had one place to turn to for the replacement parts when something broke, which is bound to happen to even the most well-made car.

Without the company manufacturing parts anymore, unique parts that wear out or break on a relatively regular basis are becoming more sparse as enthusiasts scramble to buy them up and ensure that their Saab stays running well and looking great for as long as possible. When considering a Saab, a consumer may want to do one of two things. First of all, it would be wise to investigate the availability of parts for the particular year and model before purchasing. The second thing is to consider purchasing some of these unique but regularly required parts to have on hand in case of the need for repairs.

This is a particularly good idea for the Saab enthusiast with a specific car in mind that has a tendency to have a certain issue that requires a part for the repair. If it is widely known that the specific model regularly needs a certain part replaced, then there is no reason to wait for the issue to come up if the part is available for sale right now. By the time it is needed, it may be impossible to locate. Besides, some of these parts are already becoming so difficult to find that it is unwise to pass it up when it is available.

Deciding Which Saab to Purchase

When faced with a decision to make between one model/year Saab and another, now more than ever that process should include becoming educated about the specific issues each model is known for and the repair procedures for that issue. With some parts becoming less and less available, this information should be a very important part of the buying process. A consumer who is considering a certain model that is known for an issue should determine if the vehicle has ever had that part replaced or those repairs made to it. Regardless of the asking price, a Saab that has already had such work done to it, especially if the work was done recently with quality parts and labour, should be considered more valuable than one that has not. These cars come with the relative assurance that the issue should not have to be dealt with again anytime in the near future, and thus the value of the vehicle should be greater.

Keeping the Reason for the Purchase in Mind

Most cars depreciate fairly quickly, but the owner is still able to recoup some of the cost of owning the vehicle when it comes time to sell or trade. Without the ability to reliably get parts for a Saab, it is
becoming increasingly difficult to recoup any of the purchase price when it is time to sell. The consumer who is in the market for a Saab should keep in mind that, while the car may have once been considered very valuable, and while it may be valuable again down the road, the value of purchasing one today is more about the joy of owning it, not the resale value. The consumer who enters the purchasing process with this in mind is more likely to be pleased with the purchase than one who does not.

Buying a Saab on eBay

When the hunt is over and it is time to seriously consider the purchase of a certain Saab on eBay, be sure to really focus on the condition of the car and any issues it may have before going through with the purchase. Intently study all of the available information about the model and year of that particular Saab. Also, examine all of the information that the seller has made available about the car. If something is unclear, ask questions.

It is a good idea to go to see the car in person before purchasing it. If this is not feasible because the car is located in a different area, ask a trusted friend in the area to go check it out for you. If that option does not work out either, there are several companies any virtually all major cities that offer an onsite inspection service for a fee. This is a wise choice. The money spent on having the vehicle inspected before purchasing it is likely to equate to a fair amount of savings compared to purchasing a car sight-unseen and quickly having to pour heaps of money into it. Or worse, ending up with one that cannot be repaired because the parts are unavailable. An inspection service will be able to help the wise consumer avoid such a situation.


Saabs have been held in high regard for many years. These quality cars are known for providing comfort and durability, with many models that have a reputation for looking sharp and running well for years. Not many car manufacturers can boast that. Sadly, however, the company has shut its doors to production of both the cars themselves and the parts to repair them, many of which were unique to Saab manufacturers.

A large number of parts are still in production by GM, so there is somewhere to get some parts. In light of this, many Saab enthusiasts are still buying and selling these prized vehicles, despite their recent steep decline in monetary value due to the closing of the company. eBay is always a great place to turn for a bargain on anything, and no less so for one of the many Saabs that have recently been put up for sale. A Saab enthusiast who is in the market for one should find it easy to find a good deal. It is important to keep in mind, however, when purchasing a Saab today, the cars condition greatly affects its value.

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