How to Buy a Scooter on eBay

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How to Buy a Scooter on eBay

Saving money has become a greater concern for the majority of people, many of whom are considering buying a scooter not only for the enjoyment of riding one, but also as a frugal form of transportation. A scooter can save the consumer money in a number of ways. They are very fuel-efficient, require reasonably low maintenance, and are much less expensive to purchase when compared to a car.

eBay can be a great place to find a bargain on a scooter, whether new or used. When shopping for a scooter on eBay, start by browsing those available for sale right now in order to see what type of are typically listed for sale and the general price range. Before purchasing one, consider the scooter's engine size, its condition, and its location, all of which affect its overall cost. Finding a bargain on a scooter on eBay is easy to do, and saving money on the purchase equates to more savings overall.

Finding a Scooter to Buy on eBay

eBay sellers list many scooters, scooter parts, and accessories. There are a number ways to go about finding them on eBay. In order to view a broad list of the majority of them, simply enter the word "scooter" into the search engine on eBay's main page. From there, simply browse through the different ones listed to get an idea of what's available and the range of prices that scooters are selling for. In order to narrow the list to only the scooters that are of most interest, look for options and search filters. Selecting these can make shopping much easier.

Choosing a Scooter to Buy on eBay

It is a good idea for the consumer to have some understanding of the different types of scooters that are available before beginning the purchasing process. There is quite a bit to understand about owning a scooter. This includes the various rules and regulations, safety issues, and how the different sizes affect speed and manoeuvrability. It is wise to do some research before considering the purchase of a specific scooter. The type of riding that the consumer expects to do on it greatly affects which scooter is the right choice.

The Scooter's Engine Size, Speed, and the Law

Riding a scooter is a good way to save money on short trips around town. Those with small engines, below 50cc, can handle these errands with ease. These are small scooters with limited power and top speed at around 30 mph. They are very inexpensive to purchase, maintain, and fuel, making them a very economical choice for those who do not require more power. They are also governed by fewer regulations in most areas, which means that the licensing requirement of these scooters are much less than those of a car, larger scooter, or motorcycle.

For the consumer who would like to go at greater speeds and on faster roads, consider a scooter with a engine size greater than 125cc. These generally cost much more than the smaller scooters, but they are still very economical when it comes to fuel and maintenance requirements when compared to a car or motorcycle. However, most areas have greater licensing requirements for these scooters, and because these are larger, they may not fit in some of the narrower places that the smaller ones do, both for parking and while riding.

Also, larger scooters still have reasonably small wheels. This factor combined with more power from the larger engine can make them more difficult to handle for many riders. Some experts even recommend considering a small motorcycle instead of a higher-powered scooter because the larger wheels make handling the greater power from the engine more comfortable for some. These are things to keep in mind when deciding on a scooter, but again, it is very important to research in advance in order to choose the right scooter for the circumstance.

What to Look for When Buying a Scooter on eBay

It may be challenging to make this kind of purchase online, so ensuring that all of the important information is available can be key to a successful purchase. When browsing through the different listings for scooters on eBay, look at those that have complete description, with all of the necessary information clearly explained. Examine all pictures closely and look for indicators of the kind of condition the scooter is in.

If the scooter's listing page includes several really good pictures, it may be possible to get a reasonably complete look of key areas. Look closely at the tyres. Is there a sufficient amount of tread, or do they need to be replaced soon? If the tread is wearing thin, is cracked, or damaged has the seller mentioned this in the description? This is very important because a good bargain can be found on scooters that need some minor work, such as new tyres, so it may be wise to include such ones in the possibilities. However, if the seller is not forthright with information like that, even though it is clearly evident in the pictures, it may be a bad sign.

Other things can also be very evident through pictures, if the proper angled shots are available. The great thing about many eBay sellers is that they are very open to communication from buyers who have questions or who are curious if other pictures are available. Many are happy to discuss the condition of the scooter and may even be willing to take more pictures if requested. The following chart describes some common scooter issues that can be evident in pictures:


What to Look for

Tyre Wear

This can be evident in almost any image or angle, but a good close up shot from the front and back should clearly show how much tread is on the tyers

Worn Brakes

The same front and rear end pictures may reveal the amount of wear on the brakes, although it may be harder to see clearly

Broken or Scratched Lights or Glass

Examine the glass on the windshield and the lights in the front and rear pictures to notice any cracks or scratches or even broken or missing lights

Loose Chain

An image of the chain should show it to be rather taunt. A little sagging is acceptable but should not be excessive

Oil Leak

Hopefully, the seller has given the scooter a good wash before taking pictures of it. Even so, many people miss washing the engine, and signs of an oil leak may be visible in pictures that show the engine area

Bent Levers

Bent levers can lead to an accident and can be hard to discern in a picture. Look at them from as many angles as available

Structural Damage

Structural damage, or bent areas on the scooter's main components, is a bad sign and can make the scooter very difficult to handle and dangerous

General Condition

All of the pictures together indicate the general condition of the scooter, specifically from an aesthetic perspective. Look for chipped, oxidised, or scratched paint and tears in the upholstery

While nothing beats examining the scooter in person, carefully studying the available images and communicating with the seller about any issues makes the purchasing process much more enjoyable. Many of the conditions noted above are common issues that are to be expected through normal wear and tear on a scooter. They can mean that the price is lower than it would be for a scooter that is in better condition. However, they do require repairs to be made before the scooter should be ridden, so keep this in mind when considering the overall cost of purchasing the scooter.

Buying a Scooter on eBay

Many people enjoy the opportunity to locate an excellent bargain on a scooter by shopping on eBay. With a large number of scooters available for sale, it is easy to find several that can suit the needs of any consumer. A key factor to not overlook when buying online, however, is the need to transport the scooter after purchasing. By buying local, it is possible to avoid this extra cost and enjoy that extra bonus of inspecting and driving the scooter before purchasing.

However, if the purchase is not local, be sure to include the cost of shipping and to make those arrangements upon purchasing. Also, if this scooter is not local, consider having it inspected before purchasing it. If there is a friend or relative in the area, ask them if they would mind looking it over and arrange it with the seller ahead of time. If not, several quality companies offer this service for a reasonable fee.


A scooter is a great way to commute or simply get out and enjoy the outdoors and save money while doing so. They are economical and much less expensive to own and operate than a car. They are also much less damaging on the ecosystem, requiring less fuel and producing less emissions.

Purchasing a scooter on eBay is likely to equate to finding a good bargain, which means even more savings. When considering buying a scooter on eBay, first research the different scooter type and sizes. Some scooters just go the speed that many commuters require, while others may be difficult for the average consumer to handle. Before purchasing, be sure to examine all of the information closely, including any available pictures, and communicate openly with the seller. Doing so can help you determine the condition that the scooter is in and its relative value, which in turn can help you decide if this scooter purchase is right for you.

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