How to Buy a Silver Bracelet with Gemstones

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How to Buy a Silver Bracelet with Gemstones

Silver bracelets with gemstones are an aesthetic piece of jewellery that come in a wide array of styles suitable for use by a many different people. Young children, specifically girls, often wear inexpensive silver bracelets with gemstones because they are shiny and attractive. Adult women often favour silver bracelets with gemstones as a classical accessory, or a well-coordinated addition to a stylish outfit. Men may also be interested in silver bracelets with gemstones not only as an accessory, but a status symbol as well. There are different types of silver and different types of gemstones, all of which relate to price and use of the product.

Prospective buyers should be aware of the many different options available to them. They should also be aware of the symbolic meaning of the many gemstones which could be religious, relate to marital status, professional status, and can even have medical significance. In addition to the different types of gemstones, silver bracelets come in many different styles and materials, such as sterling silver, and fine silver. Buyers should conduct an exhaustive review of all the available products to determine which type and style of silver bracelets, and which gemstones are best suited for them.

Types of Silver

There are two main types of silver; fine and sterling. Other types of silver include coin silver and junk silver, but these are almost never scene in jewellery applications. Sterling silver is the standard when it comes to making jewellery. Interestingly, sterling silver is often used to make quality silverware. It is strong enough that it doesn't bend or break, and is quite durable. Sterling silver is often coated with a thin layer of fine silver to provide a shinier finish. This final coat also adds anti-tarnish protection to the jewellery.

Fine Silver vs. Sterling Silver

Fine silver is rarely used to make the jewellery itself, but is more often used as a final coating. Fine silver is is extremely malleable, meaning it bends, breaks, and stretches quite easily. When used to make jewellery, fine silver is typically mixed with another metal, often copper. This provides additional strength and hardness, but does not discolour the silver. Buyers should favour sterling silver as it is stronger and more reliable, but certain individuals may desire a fine silver piece. Regardless of which type of silver a buyer chooses, it has much less of an impact on price than the gemstones a buyer desires.

Styles of Bracelet

Silver bracelets also come in a variety of different styles. Some have ethnic roots and are associated with different cultures. Egypt, Greece, India, and Bulgaria are all cultures that utilise bracelets to signify many things, such as the arrival of spring, or as a symbol of spiritual protection. Buyers interested in specific cultural bracelets should extensively research the meaning and significance of the different symbols and images. Cultural bracelets can reflect on anything from marital status to health condition.

Charm and Bangle Bracelets

There are also varying aesthetic styles of bracelets. Charm bracelets, sometimes known as beaded bracelets, are a type of bracelet whereby small charms or gemstones are added to the bracelet to signify important things in the wearer's life. A bangle is a type of rigid bracelet, typically set with stones. This is a common form for silver bracelets with gemstones. Bangles are often worn together as the sound they produce from "clinking" together, is considered by many to be quite pleasing. Link bracelets connect many different types of jewellery together. A good example is a silver bracelet with different gemstones interspersed throughout the band.

Practical Uses for Silver Bracelets With Gemstones

Many people assume that silver bracelets with gemstones are strictly for aesthetic purposes, however this is not always the case. Silver bracelets with gemstones can be used in a variety of medical and athletic applications. Chief among these uses is identification. Silver bracelets with gemstones can be an attractive way to inform medical professionals of any pre-existing conditions. Other medical uses of silver bracelets with gemstones are alternative health. Karma bracelets and ionised bracelets are said to give the wearer greater overall health as a result of different combinations of metals and gemstones. These combinations are claimed to improve circulation, mental clarity, emotional balance, etc.

Specialty Uses for Silver Bracelets

Another use of silver bracelets with gemstones that is often overlooked is sports. Like alternative health bracelets, some athletes use silver bracelets with gemstones to facilitate faster healing of injuries. Additionally, silver bracelets are often sold as magnetic bracelets which purport to provide the wearer with greater balance. Favoured by golfers and baseball players, many athletes believe the additional balance provided by the bracelet greatly improves performance and mental focus, allowing them to achieve greater physical results.


Many different gemstones exist, and while most buyers focus on the appearance of the gemstone, some buyers have different needs in mind. Often, gemstones can be birthstones, or a purpose beyond simply appearance. Like silver bracelets, gemstones are often claimed to have a variety of additional value by providing many external benefits to the wearer.


Diamonds are perhaps the best known gemstone. While diamonds are not often known for any external benefits such as health or balance, they are often seen as a status symbol. They may reflect marital status, wealth, or professional achievement for the wearer. Diamonds are one of the most, if not thee most, expensive gemstone, so budget conscious shoppers are deterred by their high price tag. Diamonds are extremely attractive to those buyers who desire high aesthetic value, as they are one of the shiniest and most recognisable of all the available gemstones.

Other Gemstones

There are countless other gemstones. Some examples include topaz, opal, amethyst, jade, emeralds, and sapphire. Each gemstone a buyer is interested in may have its own associated birth month, different properties, and most importantly a distinct colour and appearance. In addition, gemstones can vary significantly in terms of price. Some of the more popular ones are covered here, but buyers should be sure to conduct a detailed investigation of the gemstones they desire to ascertain all the relevant factual information.


Sapphires for example, are said to improve physical health, contribute to mental clarity and perception, and promote financial rewards. It is also the birthstone of September and is often a deep, rich blue colour.


Amethyst is an attractive purple stone traditionally worn by the Greeks to guard against drunkenness, and to instill a sober mind. It has also been said to cure insomnia and protect against certain types of negative emotions. It is still a popular item among Catholic Bishops indicated spiritual wisdom.


Emeralds are a vibrant green colour, and are believed to preserve love. Emeralds can be an excellent choice for individuals buying anniversary or engagement gifts. They are the birthstone for the month of May, and also are said to have emotional healing powers for those with a broken heart.

How to Buy a Silver Bracelet with Gemstones on eBay

As buyers quickly discover, there are many different silver bracelets with gemstone combinations and styles available, many of which have different uses, appearances, and meanings. With such a wide range of options, eBay is the ideal place to begin a search for a silver bracelet with gemstones because buyers can quickly and easily get a good sense of the market, and more narrowly define what they are seeking.

Keyword and Advanced Search Options

A simple keyword search is a great way for prospective buyers to begin searching. If a buyer knows what specific type of gemstone they desire, they can begin a search with silver bracelet and the gemstone of their choice. If a buyer is still in the preliminary stages of shopping, they can simply search for silver bracelet with gemstones, and eBay provide a bounty of options. Search results can be narrowed using the categories provided by eBay by using the advanced search function. This allows buyers to refine their results based on price, style of bracelet, type of silver, or by gemstone.


Silver bracelets with gemstones can be a great gift for men, women, and children alike. They have many different purposes including aesthetics, medical, and even improving sports performance. Silver bracelets with gemstones can reflect professional status, birth month and horoscope, marital status, or cultural affiliation. Buyers should carefully weigh the many different options available to ensure they make the decision that best suits their needs. This is particularly important when considering gemstones, as they range greatly in price, appearance, and qualities.

Silver bracelets with gemstones are an attractive addition to any wardrobe. Some models, such as charm bracelets, allow wearers to customise and personalise their bracelets by adding different gemstones and charms. Silver bracelets with gemstones can also be a valuable tool for athletes. Whether a buyer seeks to add to their wardrobe, improve their health through alternative medicine, or improve athletic performance, eBay can provide a wide range of options that meets the needs of every buyer.

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