How to Buy a Silver Bracelet with Pearls

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How to Buy a Silver Bracelet with Pearls

Pearls speak of old world charm and elegance, and quality silver is simple and beautiful with a bright, metallic shine. Pearls have been used in jewellery for hundreds of years, and they have lost none of their popularity or appeal in modern times. There are different grades of pearls and the price varies across the grades. The most expensive pearls are flawless, perfectly round, and have a thick layer of nacre: these are very rare. No two pearls are identical and there are considerable colour differences. Silver is a precious metal that has been used for thousands of years. It is quite soft, so is mixed with a small percentage of harder metals to make it more durable. Silver bracelets with pearls can come in a variety of styles. Common choices include a single pearl set as a charm, dangling from a delicate silver bracelet, or multiple pearls strung onto a silver bracelet with spacer beads.

Buyers who wish to purchase a silver bracelet with pearls should learn about the features of pearls so that they are able to recognise imitations. They should also understand the features of silver. Silver bracelets with pearls can be purchased from high street jewellers or online at eBay.

Features of Pearls

There is no universal grading system for pearls: some jewellers use their own grading system. However, the AAA system is commonly used, with AAA pearls being of the highest quality. When deciding on the quality of a pearl, there are several features that an expert looks at.

Nacre Thickness

The nacre of a pearl is the material that the pearl oyster, or mollusk, uses to create the pearl. The thicker and denser the nacre the better: higher nacre content equates to a more durable pearl. Lower nacre content results in a weak, dull pearl, not suited for use in jewellery. The bead nucleus can be seen through these low nacre pearls when held to the light, and they are mostly discarded. Freshwater pearls are commonly almost 100% nacre. The nacre is measured using precise, specialist equipment.

Shape of Pearls

Pearls are natural objects, so their shape can vary somewhat. Perfectly spherical pearls are exceedingly rare and, are therefore the most expensive. It is estimated that only one to five percent of all harvested pearls used for jewellery are completely spherical. Pearls are most commonly judged with the naked eye and the irregular shapes are very obvious. Common pearl shapes include drop pears, shaped like a tear drop; off round; and baroque shaped, which are totally irregular with no easily identifiable shape.

Surface of Pearls

It is very rare to find a flawless pearl, and genuine flawless pearls are incredibly expensive. Almost all pearls have imperfections on the surface and the fewer imperfections present, the higher the quality of the pearl. Imperfections can be observed by using a magnifying glass. To hide the most blemished portion of the pearl, jewellers drill this part when creating a hole to attach the pearl to a silver bracelet.

Size of Pearls

The size of a pearl is measured in millimetres and refers to the diameter. Irregular pearls are measured at the narrowest and widest point, and the average is given as the diameter of the pearl. Pearl size is one factor in valuation.

Lustre of Pearls

The lustre of pearls refers to the way that they reflect light. A pearl with a high lustre has a mirror-like surface and reflects images and light clearly. Those of low lustre appear dull and offer very little reflection or sheen. The lustre of pearls is closely related to the quality and the thickness of the layers of nacre.

Colour of Pearls

The colour of pearls depends on the species of mollusk that produced them and the environment in which they were grown. Pearls are never uniform in colour: there are always slight variations in tone or hue. Jewellers always strive to select pearls that are very similar in colour for a single silver bracelet to make this natural differentiation as inconspicuous as possible.

Grading Pearls

The table shows the most commonly used method of grading pearls. It gives buyers an indication of what to look for when purchasing silver bracelets with pearls.

Pearl Grade

Pearl Quality

Harvest Rate (percentage)


Clean surface

No blemishes

Excellent reflection

Highest quality


0.5 - 1


Slight blemishes that are difficult to see

Very good reflection

1 - 5


Very small blemishes that can be seen

Good reflection, but may be blurred

Most commonly used pearls

10 - 20


Noticeable blemishes

No reflection

Low quality

20 - 50

The table provides buyers with information that they can use to choose pearls of the desired quality, according to their budget. Some jewellers use their own grading system, but this is by far the most common.

Recognising Imitation Pearls

Imitation pearls can be recognised easily. They are often made from acrylic or plastic and are noticeably lighter. One easy way to identify whether pearls are genuine or imitation is to rub the pearl across a tooth. Genuine pearls feel rough and gritty or have a sandy texture. Imitation pearls feel very smooth. Rubbing two pearls together is another option. As a buyer rubs the pearls, the genuine pearls should feel sandy. A smooth rubbing action indicates an imitation pearl. Genuine pearls have imperfections on their surface, apart from the few very rare flawless pearls, while most imitation pearls have no telltale blemishes. Genuine pearls are sensitive to the temperature of the body, whereas imitation pearls are not. Genuine pearls should initially feel cold, and then slowly warm up while in contact with the body. Imitation pearls constantly remain at room temperature.

Features of Silver

Silver is a versatile precious metal. To be sold as genuine silver, the bracelet has to have a high rate of purity. A silver bracelet should carry a hallmark, indicating its age and quality. The hallmark is usually found hidden on the inside edge of a piece of jewellery, and may be so small that it requires a magnifying glass to read it. Silver bracelets with pearls come in various styles. They can have different types of links, from delicate, fine chains to larger, square links.

Types of Silver Bracelets with Pearls

Silver bracelets with pearls are stylish and elegant. There is no limit to the design possibilities. Buyers can choose from a single pearl set in any kind of silver bracelet or a series of pearls interspersed by silver knotwork. Other choices include a series of pearls strung on high quality silver links, with a silver heart shaped charm dangling delicately from the bracelet, and a string of pearls separated by attractive intricately worked silver spacer beads. There are many different options available, so there is a silver bracelet with pearls in a design to suit everyone.

How to Buy a Silver Bracelet with Pearls on eBay

If you are buying a silver Bracelet with Pearls as a gift for someone special of just treating yourself, eBay has a wide selection in an array of beautiful styles. Buyers can search for silver bracelets with pearls from the eBay homepage by entering a phrase such as "silver bracelet with pearls". They are then able to choose from the filters that eBay offers to narrow down the search results. These filters include the condition of the bracelet and the price range that the buyer wishes to pay. Buyers should ensure that they read the description carefully and look at the photograph to see the condition of the bracelet. If the buyer has any questions about the bracelet they can ask the seller for further information by using the "Ask a question" link.

Seller Feedback

Feedback on eBay allows the buyer to see what other customers thought about the seller and the service that they offered. Feedback can be positive, negative, or neutral. Sellers with a high percentage of positive feedback offer a fast and straightforward service, and good products. Sellers who achieve a consistently high percentage of positive feedback are known as Top-rated sellers.


Silver bracelets with pearls are exquisitely feminine and have an understated grace. They can combine the timelessness of pearls with contemporary design of a silver bracelet. Pearls are available in different grades, ranging from rare, flawless pearls to the more common, irregular pearls that contain some flaws, so a silver bracelet with pearls can be found to suit any budget. Buyers need to know how to spot imitation pearls. Imitation pearls are typically made of acrylic or plastic. They are lighter than genuine pearls and have a smoother texture.

Silver has a delicate appearance, and is combined with a small quantity of harder metals to make it more robust. Silver bracelets with pearls can contain intricately worked silver spacer beads with many pearls of a similar size and appearance, or can have just a single pearl in the form of a hanging charm. Silver bracelets with pearls can be found on eBay in all styles, designs, and sizes to suit a range of budgets.

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