How to Buy a Silver Necklace with Diamonds on eBay

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How to Buy a Silver Necklace with Diamonds on eBay

Silver necklaces with diamonds are a popular women's accessory designed to enhance the wearer's neckline and collar bone. They are available in various lengths, styles, and widths. Silver necklaces are an affordable alternative to gold. Some silver necklaces feature a solitary diamond or multiple diamonds, which give the jewellery an elegant look. Diamonds vary in their cut, clarity, carat, and colour, known as the Four Cs. Silver is available in various grades, which help to determine the quality and price of the necklace. Silver is one of the most pliable of metals, so it is used widely for making many types of necklace. When purchasing a silver necklace with diamonds on eBay, buyers should learn to differentiate between the various grades of silver, consider the Four Cs when it comes to evaluating a diamond's quality, and familiarise themselves with eBay's buying process and the different features that the online marketplace has to offer.

Grades of Silver

Before purchasing a silver necklace on eBay, buyers should familiarise themselves with the different grades of silver available and know how to distinguish between them. Pure silver is too malleable by itself to be used for most types of jewellery. Therefore, it is often combined with a small percentage of other types of metal in order to make it able to withstand daily wear. The common grades of silver are given in the table below.

Grades of Silver


Sterling silver

Most common and sought after type of silver

Hallmarked as "Silver 925"

Composed of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals

Britannia silver

Hallmarked "Silver 958"

Composed of 95.85 percent silver and 4.15 percent copper

Contains a significant amount of silver compared to other types

Silver plating

Metal with a thin layer of pure silver on its outer covering

Often difficult to differentiate from sterling silver

Relatively inexpensive

Silver plate is considered to be low quality

Plating tends to wear off easily

German or Alpaca silver

Not made of real silver

Looks similar to authentic silver

Often greyish

When buying silver necklaces, it is important to know what percentage of silver is present in the jewellery. A greater amount of silver indicates a higher quality of necklace.

Quality of Diamonds

The quality of diamonds is determined by the Four Cs: cut, clarity, carat, and colour. When searching for a silver necklace with diamonds on eBay, buyers can look for options for each category of the Four Cs.

Search by Diamond Cut

A diamond's cut directly affects its brilliance, light reflective aspect, and overall appearance. The cut, more than any other quality, is responsible for determining the uniqueness of a diamond according to how much light enters and exits it. High quality diamonds direct light out of the top of the stone. The crown of the diamond is one third of its height measured from the widest part. The remaining two thirds below the widest part are called the pavilion. Diamonds that do not have these proportions are thought not to be as brilliant.

A well cut diamond also has clean, sharp, and symmetrical facets. Popular cuts and their unique qualities are given in the table below and can be included in the search terms when the buyer is looking for a silver necklace with diamonds on eBay.

Diamond Cut



Gives the cutter flexibility in balancing cut, colour, and clarity


Favourite for engagement rings

Traditionally square or rectangular with pointed corners


Pavilion's cuts have rectangular facets, creating an unusual optical aspect


Square emerald cut


Football shaped

Gives the diamond a much larger appearance


Same brilliance as a round diamond

Has length to width ratio between 1.33 and 1.66


Rectangular with bevelled corners


Brilliant cut with length to width ratio between 1.45 and 1.75

Heart shaped

Popular as a symbol of love


Square with rounded corners and larger facets


Has 25 facets on the crown and 19 on the pavilion

Often triangular or wedge shaped

The quality of a diamond's cut has a significant impact on its value. Even if a diamond is graded well in other areas, a poor cut can result in a dull, muted effect. The length and width of the cut determine the actual physical size of the diamond as well as how large the diamond will appear when viewed from above. Cuts at lower depths have larger lengths and widths. Shapes such as oval and marquise have elongated lengths, resulting in the illusion of a larger size.

Search by Diamond Clarity

When grading a diamond, the size, number, and location of internal inclusions and external blemishes has a direct impact on its clarity and value. Inclusions are considered to be a diamond's natural birthmarks and they make every diamond unique. Flawless diamonds have no inclusions and are extremely rare and very expensive. However, there are many diamonds that have inclusions undetectable by the naked eye. These diamonds have a clarity rating of I1 or higher. Including the clarity when searching for a silver necklace with diamonds on eBay helps the buyer to narrow down their selection.

Search by Number of Carats

The carat is the standard unit of measurement used for the weight of diamonds. When selecting a diamond, both carat size and quality should be considered. The carat weight of a diamond directly affects pricing, with diamonds weighing one carat costing more than diamonds of equal quality weighing slightly less.

Search by Diamond Colour

The colour of a diamond directly affects its appearance and should be considered when purchasing a silver necklace with diamonds on eBay. A colourless diamond is thought to be most valuable as the presence of a noticeable colour may reduce the diamond's ability to reflect light. The diamond colour scale begins at D, for colourless, and ends at Z, for light yellow. When a diamond is viewed face up, the colour may be difficult to discern. Therefore, diamonds are typically evaluated facedown against a pure white surface, under a controlled light.

When selecting a colour grade, buyers should consider personal taste. Buyers who prefer colourless diamonds should select a stone in the D to F range. Nearly colourless diamonds with ratings between G and J are less expensive and their colour is typically undetectable by the naked eye. When set in silver, diamonds that are nearly colourless can appear whiter than when set in gold.

Buying a Silver Necklace with Diamonds on eBay

A silver necklace with diamonds can be found in various ways on the eBay website. From the eBay homepage, buyers can use the search bar to find a silver necklace with diamonds. This method is likely to render a large number of listings. Alternatively, buyers with a more specific idea about the type of silver necklace with diamonds that they would like to purchase should include additional search terms. This helps to narrow down their results. Once on the search results page, buyers may filter their listings further by category, such as item condition or price.

For those who are unfamiliar with the various types of silver necklaces with diamonds available, eBay offers an easy to navigate category search option. By following the provided links using the features of the necklace, buyers are lead to their ideal item. This is often the preferred way of searching as it allows buyers to see the options that they may have otherwise missed.

Shopping with Confidence

Before purchasing a silver necklace with diamonds on eBay, buyers should always examine the listing images for signs of wear or damage. Photographs can provide helpful information to the buyer and let them know exactly what they are purchasing. If additional images or information is desired, buyers should contact the seller through eBay's "Ask a question" feature. Reliable sellers are happy to provide further details to promote a positive transaction.


There is a wide selection of silver necklaces with diamonds available on eBay. Buyers can learn easily how to navigate the site to become familiar with the various features that eBay has to offer. With the right tools, buyers can often find silver necklaces with diamonds for less than their retail price. Buyers should consider the various grades of silver as well as the quality of diamonds as both largely determine the price of the necklace. Sterling silver is usually the most expensive and durable grade of silver. However, buyers looking for a more affordable alternative should consider silver plated necklaces. These are often difficult to distinguish from sterling silver.

Buyers should also consider the diamond cut and clarity. Each cut gives the necklace a unique feel, while clarity depends on the number of inclusions present in the stone. The colour of the diamond greatly affects its price. Colourless diamonds are the most valuable. However, some people are happy with the colour that lesser quality diamonds have to offer. Although diamonds high in carat count are often more expensive, the quality of the other three categories must be considered. With so many listings to choose from, eBay can help any buyer to find the perfect silver necklace with diamonds.

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