How to Buy a Single-Breasted Suit on eBay

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How to Buy a Single-Breasted Suit on eBay

Single-breasted suits can be seen everywhere, from the high-street to the corridors of power. These days, they are recognised as the working uniform of some of the most influential men in society. Some wear a suit out of desire, others out of necessity. Many men wear them to work, while others only wear them to marriages, funerals and other special occasions. While some may prefer the double-breasted suit, for most men this particular style of suit comes across as a needless extravagance. Although, not every man is able to carry off a double-breasted suit well, almost every man can look his best in a single-breasted suit. The only question is where can one buy a high quality single-breasted suit, especially for those purchasers looking for a well-made suit on a budget. One excellent option is to buy through eBay, where buyers can find single-breasted suits to fit any need, taste, or budget.

History of the Single-Breasted Suit

No one knows exactly who invented the modern business suit, or lounge suit as it is sometimes called. What is known, however, is that it rose to prominence in Britain in the nineteenth century, and became a veritable uniform by the middle of the twentieth century. The lounge suit owes its existence to the development of full-length trousers, which can be dated to somewhere in the beginning of the nineteenth century and the suit jacket, which developed later. Some think the jacket derives from a shortened morning coat, but others, judging by the venting, suspect that its antecedents may lay in sporting garb rather than the morning coat. The point of venting is so that a jacket can be worn comfortably on horseback, which was much more important for nineteenth century sportsmen than it was for someone simply wearing a morning coat. Regardless of whether it can trace its descent from formal wear or a riding coat, the lounge suit and suit jacket has come to dominate formal menswear. That is not a bad showing for a 150-year old garment in a world where fashion changes with every season.

What Makes a Single-Breasted Suit

Some hold that what makes a single breasted suit is the second row of buttons, but it is actually the cut. The difference between a single and double-breasted suit is that the two sides of the jacket only overlap enough in the front for a single row of buttons down the centre, as opposed to the two rows of buttons seen on a double-breasted suit. So, while the buttons may be the most visible distinguishing mark of a double-breasted suit, it is the cut that makes the presence of the second row of buttons possible, just as it is the cut which makes a single-breasted suit what it is.

While it is possible to approximate the appearance of a single-breasted suit with a sportcoat and a pair of trousers, the end result is at best an approximation, and not a true suit. What makes a suit is that it is a single garment, not simply a pair of trousers and a jacket to match, but a suit. That means that the coat and trousers are cut from the same cloth, literally, to create unity of both style and material. This is why anyone buying a suit should always look at both the trousers and the coat, and not consider them in isolation.

What to Look for in a Single-Breasted Suit

When determining what to look for in a single-breasted suit, it is important to consider both the wearer and the situation in which the suit will be worn. Not only will the wearer's body shape be a factor in choosing the right size, or rather measurements, but the conditions will also affect what weight of suit might be appropriate.

Weight of Fabric and Single-Breasted Suits

The question of fabric weight is crucial for men who will be frequently wearing their suit outdoors. While a heavy wool suit may be appropriate for winter wear, someone who intends to wear their suit primarily in summer will be better off with a lighter weight suit, whether of wool or some other material such as linen.

Style and Features of the Single-Breasted Suit

While some may believe that the single-breasted suit is sufficiently defined by the presence of only a single row of buttons, there are other features which should be considered when choosing which suit to buy on eBay. The following table shows just some of the features that should be considered when choosing a single-breasted suit.



Two Button Coat

Creates the impression of height by lengthening the line of the lapel

Three Button Coat

Requires above average height to pull off successfully due to the shorter line of the lapel, but produces a more elegant line on a man with the height to wear it

Unvented Coat

Fits most closely to the body, provides the cleanest and tightest line

Single Vent Coat

Originally designed for riding, looks very good on a horse, but can place the wearer's rear on full display if he happens to put his hands in his pockets

Double Vent Coat

Popular on Savile Row, this venting scheme allows the wearer to preserve his modesty with hands in his pockets, and also provides easy access to the rear trouser pockets for those men who keep their pocketbooks there

As the coat is the most visible part of the suit, it is where the majority of the styling cues can be found, which is why the styling of the coat is so important in choosing the right suit for any given eBay buyer.

Designer Single-Breasted Suits

One thing that prospective purchasers may consider, if their budget allows for it, is the purchase of a designer single-breasted suit. The benefit of designer suits lies not only in the style, but in the fact that as they can command a higher price, they are often also better manufactured, creating a longer-lasting garment than might otherwise be the case. For those with the budget, and eBay can often be an excellent way to stretch a person's budget, a designer suit may be an excellent option. All it takes is a little research to find the right designer, and any buyer can dress themselves in a designer suit.

The Fit of a Single-Breasted Suit

One very important factor when choosing the right single-breasted suit is that it should fit the purchaser well. A well-fitting suit is not only stylish, it is also comfortable; and the best way to guarantee comfort is through the buyer's measurements. This is why anyone looking to buy a suit on eBay should make sure they know their exact measurements before they start looking. That way, even if the suit needs to be let out, or taken in, the amount of alteration will be minimised, and with it the effect on the cut of the suit. Someone who looks uncomfortable in a suit is probably wearing one that does not fit.

How to Buy a Single-Breasted Suit on eBay

The process of buying a single-breasted suit on eBay begins with finding the suit you want to buy, and the best place to start is with the search box that you can find on every eBay page. Just enter the terms you want, and watch the results come up. In a matter of moments you will see a list of suits appear on your screen. If your original terms were too broad, which is common, you can use the filters on the sidebar to narrow your results to just the suits that meet your needs. You can filter by anything from size, to price range, and even designer. If you combine the filters with eBay's sort functionality it becomes incredibly easy to find just the suit you need.

Once you know what suit, or suits, you want, the next step is finding the right seller, and the best way to do that is by checking out the seller's profile page. Not only can you see the seller's feedback and location, you can also see if they have any particular shipping policies. For example, some sellers offer special deals, such as a dress shirt with every suit, or allow you to combine shipping. All this information will help you find your best match amongst eBay's many reputable sellers. With that done, the suit you want can be on its way to your door with just a handful of mouse-clicks.


Buying a single-breasted suit on eBay is an excellent way not only to find a superb suit within any budget, but it also opens the purchaser to the huge variety of suits that are available on the site. Men have been wearing suits for more than a century, and that tradition has produced a suit for every man and every occasion. All the buyers have to do is determine what features they need in a suit, be that a two-button coat to provide the impression of height or the elegance that comes with a three-button suit coat. They can then select the weight, style, colour, and if they desire, even the designer. With that done, it only takes a moment to search the site and find the best suit for any purpose or occasion. eBay is an excellent place for anyone looking to find the exact single-breasted suit they need.

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