How to Buy a Single Mattress for Your Kids

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How to Buy a Single Mattress for Your Kids

Parents often find it arduous to decide on the right type of single mattress for their children. With so many different products in the market, offering an array of features and several recommendations from friends and family, the task can get quite daunting. If children are old enough, then their preferences and comfort levels also (if not primarily) govern the choice of the single mattress. It is, however, important for parents to evaluate critical factors such as the size of the single mattress, the material used in the mattress, the exact purpose of use, space constraints and finally the pricing; apart from, of course, staying focused on the comfort and safety factors of the mattress.

Why Buy a Single Mattress for Kids?

Investing in the right single mattress for the kid is very much justifiable, given the facts that a single mattress is where most children land up once they have outgrown their cribs, and it is natural to opt for comfortable mattress to ensure that the child gets an undisturbed sleep, and good support during the growing years. The standard single is compact and small, easily movable and fits quite snugly in a typical child’s room, still allowing enough space for movement. The option is even more suitable for children sharing the same room, as they get to sleep on their own single mattresses. Furthermore, these mattresses are also suitable for use in trundle beds, bunk beds, apart from single beds.

Factors to Consider

Choosing the correct mattress is by no means easy, and with the wealth of options available, narrowing down the choice may seem tricky. The key factors to consider when choosing are:

Mattress Size

Mattress sizes and dimensions are bound to vary across the globe, with each country adopting specific standard names and measurements. In practice too, the models from different manufacturers may slightly differ in their exact dimensions, depending on the materials used in the product.


Standard Single

Extra Long Single

United Kingdom

36″ x 75″

42″ x 75″


35.4″ x 78.7″

42.1″ x 75″


39″ x 75″

39″ x 80″

There are five standard mattress sizes: Single, Full-size, King-size, Queen-size and California King-size; single mattresses themselves are available in three different variants.

Single or Standard Single Mattresses

39″ x 75″

Extra Large or Long Single Mattress

39″ x 80″

Extra-Extra Large Single Mattress

39″ x 84

Single or standard single mattresses are ideal for children who have just grown out of their cribs. Opting for an extra large single mattress may, however, prove to be a useful investment, as children may get to use the mattress as long as they do not outgrow them. XXL mattresses are for really tall youngsters, as these offer adequate support to the entire body. Opt for a mattress about six inches longer than the child’s present height. This ensures that the mattress is usable for a few years to come, allowing for a normal growth rate. The bed frame must be measured accurately and choose a mattress size that best fits the frame. Choosing a mattress with handles also helps to periodically turn the mattress around to ensure that all sides are exposed to equal weight and evenly ventilated, ridding it from dust mites and mildew that tend to thrive in the undisturbed parts of the mattress.

Mattress Material

Single mattresses are available in different types. Spring or coil cores filled with natural or synthetic fibre or foam, or those made entirely from latex, synthetic poly-urethane (PU) foams. Heat-sensitive memory foams offer a neat blend of comfort and hygiene as they do not harbour allergens. The foam responds to body heat, getting firm when the environment is cold and soft when temperatures rise, automatically supporting the body during the sleep. Latex extracted from rubber trees goes into the making of soft, aerated, and supportive latex mattresses and ensures that the child is well-rested. Spring or coil-based mattresses, though, tend to last longer are prone to dust and dampness, while latex or memory foam mattresses are dust and fire retardant. Synthetic foam is known to release harmful chemical emissions that may be suitable for children. Organic natural fabrics, such as cotton, organic wool, etc. are harmless. Based on the internal structure and the material used, mattress heights also tend to vary. Children need firm and comfortable beds to support them as they grow taller and begin to put on weight. A hard bed, however, does not guarantee good support.




9.5” or higher


10” or higher

Ultra Soft

16” or higher

The softer and comfortable the mattress is, the higher it gets, as it requires extra padding for additional comfort.

Mattresses and Box-Springs

It is important to note that mattresses and box-springs are matched together to offer a stable and supple structure. Although both mattresses and box-springs are available separately, it is not advisable to pair a mattress with a different box-spring, as the fit may not be that perfect. The structure of the bed also determines the kind of support needed to mount the mattress. While box springs are more suited to standard single -bed frames, bunker-bed frames may need a bunkie-board to hold the mattress.

Spring Density

While opting for a coil-based mattress, check for the standard coil count indicated. The greater the number of coils, the better would be the support. The length and type of coil, its layout on the board also influence the comfort levels, as the child tosses and turns on the mattress.

Durability of Single Mattresses

A well-designed and properly maintained spring-based single mattress is likely to last in good shape for at least 7-10 years, depending on the quality of the product. Latex mattresses and memory foam products though priced higher, have a life span of over 10 years, and may last even up to 20 years before requiring a replacement.

Where to Shop for a Single Mattress for Kids?

If children are old enough to have a preference of their own, it is best to involve them in the hunt for a suitable single mattress, after of course deciding on a budget with affordable variations. Local furniture shops are ideal to personally experience the look and feel of the mattress. Online shops, however, are fast and comfortable alternatives to browse products from several manufacturers. Comparing prices and consulting with the family before deciding on the suitable mattress is possible during online shopping. Shop-hopping can get difficult, especially with the kids. It is wise to get the best of both virtual and real worlds, and head for the destination that offers a favourable deal. Either way, the credibility of the seller does make a difference.

How to Buy a Single Mattress for Kids on eBay

First go to the eBay website. The brand or the model of the required single mattress should be keyed in, or simply type out “Single Mattress.” The All Categories option in the adjacent combo box selected, and the search button must be clicked to view a list of all products that match the request, irrespective of the category under which the mattress is featured. The search activity should be refined further using the filters listed on the left side of the page to find a mattress that meets both the needs and the budget. Those willing to explore the options leisurely can get to the All Categories tab by clicking on the categories menu option and then selecting the Home, Furniture & DIY link. From the Home & Garden tab, the Furniture & Living option should be explored, and the look for single mattresses featured under the Bedding, Children’s Home & Furniture, Beds & Mattresses sub-categories to browse through the entire collection on offer. Additional filters on the left side of the page allow further focus of the search on the purpose, condition, and brand of the product as well as the prices. After every search, an appropriate set of filters are displayed on the page to help shortlist the preferred single mattress. The next step is to load the shopping cart with the product and complete the process by paying the bill using a suitable mode of payment. PayPal payment service is eBay’s recommended payment mode. Despite opting for a branded product, shoppers should verify the seller rating on eBay to get an accurate picture of the present rating enjoyed by the seller.


Buying a single mattress for kids is not an easy task. It is important keep the child’s needs and comfort in mind, while also guarding against a deep hole in the pocket while embarking on the search for a suitable single mattress for kids. The decision should necessarily take into account the age of the child, usage of the mattress, average life of the mattress. It is advisable for youngsters or even parents to try out a particular product to get a feel of the actual product before choosing to either make the purchase online or at the nearby retailer or the manufacturer’s local outlet.

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