How to Buy a Small Jewellery Box

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How to Buy a Small Jewellery Box

A strand of pearls or a pair of diamond drop earrings are very expensive jewellery purchases not meant to be taken lightly. They attract plenty of attention while being worn, but they also need to be cared for properly if they are to have any lasting value. Simply placing all the jewellery in a pile inside a jewellery box or into a drawer is not the best option. The pieces bash against one another, necklace chains get tangled, and diamonds can scratch the surface of anything they hit, including a very expensive 18ct gold chain.

Therefore, wise jewellery collectors always buy additional small jewellery boxes from eBay that allows them to store each precious piece of jewellery safely and securely. When buying small jewellery boxes, the customer need to purchase one based on the type of jewellery it holds as well as the material of the box itself.

Selecting a Jewellery Box

Individual jewellery boxes come in several different sizes and materials. Long ago, most pieces of jewellery purchased from the store came with a leather or velvet box for storage. While some companies continue this practise, many have found it obsolete. They choose to use plastic or cardboard boxes instead, but these materials have several drawbacks. Selecting the proper jewellery box involves picking the right material and the right size that protects the items within.

Keeping Jewellery Safe

Keeping a jewellery collection safe is more than guarding against theft. A customer can run out and buy a personal safe for storing all their jewellery if he or she wishes, but simply throwing the jewellery in a pile inside the safe does more harm than good. Jewellery is made out of many different materials, and some of them have highly specific storage requirements. For example, silver needs to be stored in an extremely dry location. Gold must be kept away from anything that can scratch its surface, including other jewellery pieces. Like pearls, soft gemstones must be separated from hard gemstones, which have the ability to cut into their surface. Keeping jewellery safe means protecting it from the elements within the box itself.

Individual Jewellery Boxes

Storing jewellery inside individual jewellery boxes is a smart and simple way to keep a collection organised. It also protects each piece of jewellery from damage due to conditions or other jewellery pieces. Customers can choose to keep storing their jewellery in the plastic or cardboard box they got from the store, or they can upgrade to a higher quality box that offers better protection. Either way, selecting individual jewellery boxes is one of the best ways to ensure a jewellery collection receives the care it deserves.

Jewellery Box Materials

It is common for most merchandise bought in the store or from an online retailer on eBay to come in either a small plastic or cardboard box. They are commonly used because they are very cheap to manufacture, but they are not the best options for storing jewellery in the long term. Cardboard, for example, provides little protection against water damage, especially if the box is sitting out on a dresser or table. Plastic also offers little support, and it looks inexpensive. Nobody wants to show off their diamond ring or gold necklace while it is stored inside a plastic box, or give their friend or family member a gift hidden inside an unstable cardboard box.


Wood is the traditional option for many large jewellery boxes that hold several pieces of jewellery, but it is also an attractive option for individual boxes. Wood is quite strong and protects against water damage, unlike thin cardboard. It also looks attractive from the outside, and many wooden boxes have plush interiors lined with either satin or velvet. Many are also cushioned on the inside to help support the jewellery pieces without placing undue stress on the chain links. The one drawback of wood is that it is not fireproof, but then again few jewellery boxes are.


Leather boxes were traditionally used to store men's jewellery such as watches or cufflinks. They are also used for both men and women's necklaces. It is a durable option, and like wood it also resists water damage although the leather itself can stain. However, its frame is not as strong as wood and it could get easily crushed if a heavy object were placed on top. Furthermore, leather cases must be cleaned with a leather treatment on occasion; otherwise their surface starts to crack as they age. Vintage leather boxes often exhibit cracked surfaces.


Velvet-lined jewellery boxes softly hold and protect jewellery against the outside world. They are also ideal for gift giving. A ring, for example, makes a bigger impact when it is given inside a velvet box than a plastic one. Most velvet boxes are also heavily lined with padding for protection. However, velvet does not prevent water damage. It does, however, cushion even the most sensitive pieces of jewellery.

Jewellery Box Types

Individual jewellery boxes are sold according to the jewellery they are meant to hold. A ring box, for example, is meant to protect a ring, not a bracelet or a pair of earrings. This is important to keep in mind when selecting a box since purchasing the wrong type can lead to conditional issues.

Necklace Boxes

The necklace box is meant for storing necklaces. They are typically rectangular so that the owner can stretch out the chain inside the box. If the chain is placed flat it can become snarled or knotted, creating kinks in the metal. For this reason, many necklace boxes usually have some sort of padding on the inside with a groove for the necklace chain.

Bracelet Boxes

A bracelet box looks very similar to square necklace boxes. They use the same kind of padding system with a groove for the bracelet chain, ensuring that it does not develop conditional issues. Bracelets are usually stored flat in a circular shape so that no undue stress is placed upon the chain.

Earring Boxes

Earring boxes are meant for storing a pair of earrings. The size of the box really depends on the earrings. Stud earrings, for example, only need a very small box, whereas chandelier earrings need more storage space. They should be padded on the inside with a groove or clip for holding down the piercing stud. Long earrings such as the drop and chandelier types should be stored in a box long enough to lay the earring completely flat. There should also be a raised groove between each earring so that the two pieces do not get tangled in one another.

Ring Boxes

Ring boxes are quite small and they are meant for storing rings. Most have a lot of padding on the bottom with a groove between the fabric where the ring can easily slide. The top of the box should be high enough so that it does not brush against the gemstone setting, and it should also be sturdy enough that it does not collapse if something heavy is placed on top.

How to Buy a Small Jewellery Box on eBay

eBay sells all types of small jewellery boxes. From authentic vintage pieces to thickly lined boxes made for an expensive watch or bracelet, you can find any type of small storage space you need for your jewellery on eBay. You have access to multiple listings on eBay from many different sellers for any type of jewellery box that you need. This allows you to pick and choose the best box based on its quality and price.

Finding Jewellery Boxes on eBay

To find a jewellery box on eBay, simply type in 'jewellery box' into the search engine box. This pulls up a plethora of results that includes all types of jewellery boxes. To start narrowing down your results, decide which box you need based on the piece of jewellery. If you need a box for a necklace, then search for 'necklace jewellery box'. Once the results are limited down to necklace boxes, you can start searching for the right material. If you want a leather box, then type 'leather necklace jewellery box' to get highly accurate results.


Storing jewellery in individual jewellery boxes is one of the best ways to keep all pieces of the overall collection safe. After all, it does no good to spend a small fortune on a necklace if its links are going to get tangled and snarled. By storing each piece of jewellery in its own box, the item can be protected from outside conditions.

When selecting a jewellery box on eBay, the buyer should focus on the materials and size. Some materials, such as wood or leather, are superior to the flimsy support offered by cardboard and plastic. Size is another key consideration because the jewellery needs to be stored inside a box that fits its dimensions. Even boxes meant for a certain item, such as earrings, can have trouble fitting very long earrings. By carefully weighing all of these options, buyers can pick a box that is right for them.

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