How to Buy a Solitaire Diamond Ring on eBay

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How to Buy a Solitaire Diamond Ring on eBay

Diamond engagement rings go back as far as the late 1400s, and they became the symbol of ruling elite power. The meaning of diamond rings began to change, as men offered the rings as a sign of everlasting love. Through the years, most engagement rings have contained multiple diamonds. "The more the merrier" engagement ring axiom loses its lustre in the late 1990s, as jewellers created engagement rings that held one large diamond in the middle of a setting. While contemporary solitaire diamond rings continue to promote everlasting love, they have also become the ultimate statement of unbridled elegance.

Men have many options when it comes to finding the right solitaire diamond ring, but the best option is online at the leading auction site, eBay. Some solitaire diamond ring sellers on eBay offer nearly mint condition rings that have been passed down as family heirlooms. These sellers no longer have use for the rings or they simply need the cash. Before shopping on eBay for solitaire diamond rings, men should first learn what defines a solitaire ring, know the metals and setting available to construct the ring, and most important, understand the four Cs that constitute the diamond.

What Is a Solitaire Ring?

Solitaire rings sold on eBay feature one gemstone that jewellers adroitly set within four to six prongs attached to a band constructed with a precious metal. While many people associate solitaire rings with diamonds, there are other gemstone choices that include sapphire, ruby, emerald, and tanzanite. Jewellers can cut the gemstones to be round, oval, heart, pear, princess, or cushion-shaped. Solitaire rings have become the most popular type of engagement ring.

Components of a Solitaire Diamond Ring

Men who shop for solitaire diamond rings on eBay have to decide on three components. The diamond represents the most difficult decision, but the setting used to secure the diamond and the metal chosen for the band construction also play significant roles in determining the composition of a solitaire diamond ring.


Solitaire diamond ring settings can vary from simple, elegant designs to more intricate designs that enhance the beauty of a ring. However, the primary function of most ring settings is to secure the gemstones that jewellers set on the ring. In the case of one diamond, the setting becomes even more important since a solitaire diamond is typically worth more than an individual diamond set in a group of diamonds.


The precious metal utilised to construct the band should provide durability, as well as highlight the diamond's best features. While sterling silver is the most popular metal utilised to construct solitaire diamond rings, men have other metal options that provide more benefits. Men typically pay less attention to the metal used for solitaire diamond rings than the attention they pay to the setting and diamond.


Men must consider the cut, colour, clarity, and carat of the diamond chosen for a solitaire ring purchased on eBay. Selecting a solitaire diamond ring often comes down to a balance between budget and personal taste. Men who understand the four Cs of diamond buying have a better chance of choosing a diamond that meets their solitaire diamond ring buying criteria.

Types of Solitaire Diamond Ring Metals

The metals utilised to construct the solitaire diamond rings sold on eBay influence roughly 10 per cent of the ring's cost. However, ring band metals are important because they determine the ring's strength, durability, comfort level, and hypoallergenic properties.


Platinum is a rare, naturally white metal that garners praise for its strength and purity. The density of this metal provides incomparable durability and diamond setting protection. Platinum is also naturally hypoallergenic, meaning there is not a risk of skin irritation. While all metals scratch, platinum loses very little metal. Platinum's rising popularity, combined with its low supply, makes it one of the costliest precious metals used to construct solitaire diamond ring bands.

Yellow Gold

Since it is typically only about 75 per cent pure, yellow gold gets much of its strength from other metal alloys. The addition of other metal alloys influences the band's hue. Yellow gold turns into white gold when rhodium covers the surface. Yellow gold is widely available, and hence, less expensive than other precious metals.


This lustrous silver-white metal is the primary alloy integrated into yellow gold. As a standalone metal, it provides solitaire diamond ring bands with anti-tarnish properties that make the metal a good choice for women living in more humid climates. It also does not cause skin irritation, and because of its low density, palladium feels light on the finger.


Titanium has recently gained acceptance as a viable metal choice for engagement ring bands because of its rugged durability. Its corrosion resistance and hypoallergenic properties makes it a perfect choice for women who have sensitive skin. This metal is as strong as steel, but it feels as light on the finger as aluminium. Titanium can possess either a cool grey or solid black appearance.

The Different Types of Settings

Ring settings play a prominent role in projecting the set gemstones in the most favourable light. However, properly securing the only diamond on a ring is more important than appearance. Men should be aware that many jewellers refer to the setting as the mounting. The following chart lists the types of setting and a brief description of each solitaire diamond ring setting found on eBay.

Setting Type



The most common type of solitaire ring setting found on eBay

Three to six claws hold the diamond in place

Setting that projects most light exposure from every angle


Compression-spring pressure holds diamond in place

Permits an abundance of light to enter stone, thus making it popular for solitaire diamond rings

Difficult to resize


A metal rim with edges that fully or partially surround the gemstone

Offers best protection against nicks or scratches


Vertical metal bars secure diamond

Leaves top and bottom of diamond exposed

Most jewellers recommend the prong setting, especially six prongs to ensure the diamond's protection. However, men who prefer to showcase the diamond should consider other types of settings. Remember that choosing the setting for one diamond requires different criteria than choosing the setting for multiple gemstones.

Diamonds: Analysing the Four Cs

The diamond featured in a solitaire diamond ring represents on average nearly 90 per cent of the ring's value. Therefore, men who shop for that special solitaire diamond ring on eBay must become familiar with the four Cs of diamonds: cut, colour, clarity, and carat.


The quality of a diamond cut indicates how well the diamond reflects light, with the goal to cut the diamond to reflect light in multiple colours. Expert diamond cutters take into consideration proportion, shape, and particularly symmetry, as asymmetrical cuts diminish a diamond's ability to reflect light in multiple directions. Men should only consider eBay sellers who present cut grades in their solitaire diamond ring descriptions. Cut grades include ideal, excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor.


eBay buyers can find solitaire diamonds offered in numerous colours and colour combinations. They should first search for eBay sellers who offer colourless diamonds, since less colour translates into higher diamond quality. Personal taste plays a role in determining the type of colour chosen, as some women prefer pink or yellow diamonds. However, colourless diamonds allow the most light through a diamond, which jewellers refer to as the diamond's "fire". Men should search for solitaire rings that contain diamonds that are "fire" rated D, E, or F.


The amount of pressure exerted on a diamond during production determines its clarity. High pressure can cause what jewellers refer to as inclusions, which can be fissures, cracks, scratches, or tiny air bubbles. The fewer the inclusions, the higher quality the diamond. Men should search for solitaire rings on eBay containing diamond clarity ratings of either Flawless (FL) or Internally Flawless (IF).


Carat denotes the diamond weight, which may be the most important factor when choosing a single diamond for a ring. Most solitaire diamond engagement rings set a single diamond that weighs either 14 or 18 carats. Men should remember that one carat equals 0.2 g. Most eBay solitaire diamond ring sellers provide carat information in their product descriptions.

How to Buy a Solitaire Diamond Ring on eBay

Buying the right solitaire diamond ring on eBay involves finding a seller that matches your diamond cut, colour, clarity, and carat criteria. You can find the right seller by first typing keywords into eBay's search engine, and then reviewing the credentials of eBay's Top-Rated Sellers.

eBay's Search Engine

eBay offers buyers a powerful search engine that helps them find the right solitaire diamond seller. Type specific keyword into the search engine to reduce the number of search result pages. For instance, type "platinum solitaire diamond ring" or "yellow gold solitaire diamond ring" to find the seller who matches your shopping criteria. Once you find the right seller, navigate to the seller's product page to review accepted payment methods, delivery terms, and return policy. Carefully scrutinise the seller's return policy to ensure that you have enough time for to give the solitaire diamond ring a test run.

Top-Rated Sellers

eBay's Top-Rated Sellers have established reputations for selling high-quality products and providing accurate description of their product features. eBay places an electronic ribbon icon by each qualified top-rated seller's product photograph. You can also review customer feedback that appears on seller product pages. Look for sellers who have earned positive feedback over the past year and who have received rave reviews for selling fine jewellery. Once you build a relationship with an eBay seller, check if that seller runs an eBay Store where you can buy products directly, instead of having to go through the auction process.


For centuries, diamond rings have represented the virtue of sharing everlasting love. A tradition once practised by kings and queens eventually became a regular part of the courtship process. Diamond rings have always comprised multiple diamonds set on a stunning ring band. However, jewellers began to set one impressive-looking diamond ring in a setting, and hence, the solitaire diamond ring was born. Solitaire diamond rings have become the most popular type of diamond engagement ring because the single diamond chosen must maximise the four Cs, which are a diamond's cut, colour, clarity, and carat.

Single natural diamonds must be large enough to stand out in a setting, and thus, most solitaire diamond rings hold 14 or 18 carat diamonds. Solitaire diamonds must also illuminate myriad brilliant light colours that the cut and colour of diamonds determine. Once men choose a diamond, they can then decide on the type of setting and precious metal used to construct the ring. The prong setting, which involves three to six claws, does the best job of projecting the most light from the most angles. More and more men are turning to platinum for solitaire diamond ring bands, since platinum offers both durability and a stylish appearance. Once all of the factors involved in deciding on a solitaire diamond ring have been solved, the last consideration is how much cash is in the chequebook to purchase the ring.

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