How to Buy a Tempur Cloud Pillow

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How to Buy a Tempur Cloud Pillow

If you regularly experience neck, shoulder, and back pain, choosing a proper pillow to sleep on is essential. With such a variety of options, materials, and prices available to consumers, it can be difficult to know what to purchase. Consumers looking for a top-quality pillow can invest wisely in a Tempur Cloud Pillow with a few helpful tips.


Evaluate Sleeping Position

Knowing what position you usually sleep in at night can assist greatly in choosing the right pillow. People who sleep on their side tend to need a thicker pillow to fill the distance between the side of the head and the bed. The Tempur Cloud Pillow provides consumers with this comfortable thickness, utilising memory foam to support the head well without losing its shape over time. People who sleep on their backs tend to require a thinner pillow, while stomach sleepers require the thinnest pillows. Both of these types of sleepers can enjoy the flexibility that this memory foam Tempur pillow provides in the Tempur Cloud Pillow, while the lack of a contoured shape gives consumers the flexibility to adjust the pillow as needed.


Test the Pillow

Consumers can and should evaluate the firmness and resiliency of pillows before purchasing. The harder consumers need to press into the pillow, the firmer the pillow, and the quicker the pillow returns to its original shape, the more resilient it is, which typically indicates a longer lifespan. Quality memory foam often tests well in these areas, providing adequate support and quickly returning to its original shape, making the Tempur Cloud Pillow ideal.


Increase the Lifespan

To avoid needing to replace a pillow too soon, consumers should take care of their memory foam Tempur Cloud Pillow. Never wash a memory foam pillow in the washer as it can cause the foam to deteriorate. Instead, hand-washing the pillow with a mild detergent cleans the pillow effectively while keeping the foam intact. To dry, lay the pillow on a flat surface and allow it to air dry to prevent the foam from crumbling in the heat of the dryer. When buying a Tempur Cloud Pillow, consumers should also purchase a pillow protector to keep out moisture and dust mites, and a comfortable pillowcase to go over the protector. This can also prevent the pillow from becoming stained or discoloured from spills or sweat from regular use over time. As some reports indicate, memory foam may retain heat, which makes an adequate cover and pillowcase essential.

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