How to Buy a Titleist Golf Bag

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How to Buy a Titleist Golf Bag

Buying a golf bag that is both comfortable and meets the needs of the individual golfer is almost as important as the clubs themselves.

eBay is home to thousands of different bags of all shapes, styles and types to meet the most avid of golfer's needs.

Titleist is just one of the brands catered for and the following buying guide will help interested parties through the extensive process of choosing a bag and then completing the whole transaction safely and securely.

Why a Titleist Golf Bag?

Anyone that has even a passing interest in golf recognises the Titleist brand as one with a stellar reputation.

The trademark signature logo has been synonymous with the sport since its humble beginnings in the early part of the 20th Century.

Many of the professional game's best players have relied upon the brand for an entire career and the bags, like the rest of the company's equipment, are known for their durability and reliability.

The following sections of the guide give the reader the essential choices to make when it comes to buying a golf bag.

Types of Golf Bag

Choosing the right type of golf bag largely depends on the type of experience the player has when on the course.

There are bags for those that choose to make use of a golf buggy when on the course, ones with stands attached and the more traditional strap bag.

The table below gives details on each type of bag and what characterises each one:

Type of Bag


Carry Bag

· Designed to be carried on the shoulder.

· Most come with a double shoulder strap to mimic that of a regular backpack.

· Some older bags will have one shoulder strap.

· Bags are lightweight and easy to carry around the course.

· Storage space is sacrificed to make sure the bag is easier to carry.

· Small pockets and space for essentials only.

· Can fit on some smaller trolleys but not designed to.

· Affordable for all golfers.

· Recommended for players taking up the hobby for the first time.

Stand Bag

· Design features a stand that can be deployed when not carried on the shoulder.

· Stand is automatic and will pop out when the base of the bag is put on the floor.

· When the bag is picked up again the stand will return to a stowed away position so that it's simple to carry.

· Little storage space and are designed to carry the essentials only.

· A more affordable type of bag.

· Newcomers to the game are urged to start off with one of these before moving onto a more advanced bag.

Tour Bag

· Same style of bag that is used on the PGA or European Tour by professional golfers.

· Designed to hold a maximum of 14 clubs, as per tour regulations.

· Are large because of the amount of extra storage there is for any other items a golfer needs during a round.

· Extra space makes up for the fact that on tour, carts are rarely used and there is nowhere else to store anything but the bag.

· Most bags are made of leather and of a very high quality.

Cart/ Trolley Bag

· Made to be transported on the back of a golf buggy or on a trolley.

· Have a single strap attached, as they aren't designed to be carried.

· Bags are made of different materials and rarely constructed using leather.

· Come with a fair amount of storage, not as much as a Tour Bag though.

· Will fit onto any cart or trolley whether it is motorised, push, or pull.

Choice of Strap

Most types of golf bag come with some kind of strap that enable the golfer to carry the bag as much or as little as possible.

As mentioned above, there are two different types of strap, and the following bullet points explain the two:

  • Double Shoulder Strap – One strap on each shoulder make the bag easy to carry. Prevents any damage being done to the back as weight of the bag and clubs is distributed evenly. Most modern bags come with the double-strap design as standard.
  • Single Strap – One strap designed to be carried on one shoulder. Older bags came with one strap only. Can be picked up and put down quickly and tend to be more suitable for bags that hold less clubs.

Condition of the Golf Bag

Armed with knowledge on the bag that best fits your situation, the next decision to make will concern the condition of the bag being bought.

eBay allows buyers to search using the condition of the bag as a parameter and the table below explains the three different options available:



New with Tags

· Item is brand new with tags intact.

· No wear should be present and it's unlikely to have even been on display in a showroom.

· Tend to be valued higher than any other condition of bag.

New without Tags

· Bag should be brand new except for the tags that have been removed.

· Some shop wear may be present. Be careful to make sure it hasn't been used once and returned.

· Will cost slightly less than a bag that is New with Tags.


· Bag has had past owners and will show wear as a result.

· More affordable than a new bag.

· Ask the seller how used the bag is and the age/edition of the bag can be a good indicator as to wear that will be present.

Buying Considerations

When trying to decide on the right bag there are a number of other considerations to be taken into account. The following bullet point list outlines the main considerations:

  • Cost – this varies hugely depending on the bag being bought and will depend on how much golf the person buying the bag plays. Age and condition of the bag will influence the cost as well as the type of bag.
  • On what terrain do play most of your golf? – different bags suit different types of course and the type of golf club where the bag is to be used must be considered. The amount of walking and how hilly it is are two of the main factors to consider.
  • Weather considerations – if a lot of golf is to be played in the winter months when the weather is unpredictable then a bag that has plenty of space for towels,coats and an umbrella should be bought.
  • Age of the bag user – larger bags will be unsuitable for children and this is something that must be taken into account when purchasing a bag. Older players may use a golf cart every time they play and is something else to consider.
  • Will the bag fit the trolley? – if buying a bag to go on a trolley it's worth making sure that it is the right size for the trolley. Extras such as a retractable stand on the bag may mean it doesn't fit onto the trolley
  • Space for all clubs – product description should clarify how many clubs can fit into the bag and this is crucial when choosing the right bag.
  • Travel Covers – if transporting a bag over a long distance a travel cover may be appropriate. This makes sure that all clubs are secure and that there's no danger of them falling out. Some bags will come with them already included.

How to Buy a Titleist Golf Bag on eBay

Buying any type of Titleist golf equipment on eBay is a painless process with a whole host of different sellers on hand to help buyers navigate their way through acquiring just what they need.

The amount of items available combined with the knowledgeable sellers makes eBay an extremely helpful place to buy a Titleist golf bag.

In order to find Titleist Golf Bags, first go to the shop by category option on the homepage and click on it.

On the next page there will be a list of categories where the buyer should scroll down to Sporting Goods and select it.

A wealth of options become available on the page after and the buyer should go to Golf in order to bring up all the golf products for sale on eBay.

There will now be even more options on the left hand side of the page, one of which is Golf Bags.

To narrow it down to just Titleist bags, go to ‘Brand' on the left hand side of the page and click the ‘see all' option next to it. Then scroll down to Titleist, click on it to be taken to a list of all the Titleist Golf Bags for sale on eBay.

It's possible to narrow down the selection by Item Type where the buyer has the option to see a list of the Carry/ Stand Bags , Trolley/ Tour Bags , Travel Covers, and Holdalls.

Once you have a bag in mind that fills all the criteria specified then place a Bid, choose to Buy It Now or make your Best Offer.


Titleist is one of the most respected golfing companies on the pro circuit and anyone choosing to buy one of their bags can be sure of a product that will last for many years to come.

eBay's large number of reputable sellers offer the widest selection of Titleist golf bags anywhere online, and before making a bid remember to consider the following:

· Which type of golf bag is right for me?

· How much can I justify spending?

· Whereabouts will the bag get most of its use?

The answers will give a better idea of the type of bag needed, but they should in no way limit the decision that is always down to you, the buyer.

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