How to Buy a Trampoline That's Safe for Kids

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How to Buy a Trampoline That's Safe for Kids

Children enjoy using trampolines and purchasing one can be an exciting prospect. However picking the right model from the array that is available can be a daunting task.

The trampoline market contains numerous brand and manufacturers with models for all ages and abilities. A trampoline used effectively has a wide range of benefits for children; including helping improve their confidence and self-esteem. Kid's trampolines have become a must have item and will provide years of fun when maintained correctly. eBay has a wide range of trampolines that are all designed to keep kids safe.

Types of Trampolines

When picking the perfect trampoline be aware of the types that are available:

* Backyard (Round) - Coming in sizes up to 12ft by 12ft and built for exterior use. Perfectly acceptable for use all year round.

* Backyard (Rectangle) - The rectangular version of the aforementioned. However, it's usually built of stronger materials, suitable for being situated outside for extended periods of time.

* Professional - Some children take up trampolining as a hobby whilst looking towards the competition circuit. If this is the case it would be worth investing in a larger trampoline that adheres to competition regulations.

* Round - The beginner's trampoline, small in stature and basic in features. Largely interior based and simple to store.

* Mini - For toddlers and infants. Known for its small size and storage ability.

Depending on the child's needs one or more of the above trampolines will be suitable. Using eBay's search functions and trusted sellers you will be sure to find the perfect trampoline for the home.

Trampoline Size

Getting the biggest trampoline always seems like the best option but it is important to know your garden measurements first. Larger trampolines can take up an entire inner-city garden. Remember that the size of a trampoline is figured out by measuring across the perimeters of the exterior frame. It helps determine the actual bounce area (which is 2ft less than its total size). It means that when a trampoline is listed at 12ft that is the area it will take up once assembled. The standard issue trampoline sizes are:

* 8ft - Suitable for toddlers and infants.

* 10ft - Suitable for young children.

* 12ft - Suitable for both young children and teenagers.

* 14ft - Suitable for those looking to perform routines and engage in more strenuous trampoline activities.

There are plenty of options available in order to find the right trampoline for any garden size. Before making a decision on a purchase it is important for the perspective buyer to measure their garden. From there they can decide how much of that they are willing to take up with a trampoline.

Trampoline Costs

* High-grade trampolines have longer springs, resistant coils, galvanised steel frames, thicker protective pads and come with a warranty that is five years or more. Such trampolines can be expected to last over ten years when correctly maintained.

* More affordable trampolines (along with used models) can be just as durable but do not come with warranty. They require owners to be much more observant when it comes to intricate parts such as nuts and bolts. Spotting problems early will prevent a domino effect of issues and keep the trampoline running smoothly.

* No matter the type of trampoline you choose to invest in, eBay will have a suitable model for sale.

* When it comes to parts eBay should be your first destination. Trusted sellers stock a wide range of third-party and manufacturer issued parts that are readily available to buy. Many parts can be delivered next day for those in need of an emergency trampoline repair.

Trampoline Safety

Trampoline safety is not something to be taken lightly, especially where kids are concerned. It is crucial to maintain 2.5ft to 3ft of clear space around the trampoline. Be cautious of over hanging trees and excess shrubbery, trim such back before setting up a trampoline. Safety is especially important when children are using the trampoline; the following are some tips to help prevent possible injury:

* Make sure children are with an adult when using the trampoline.

* Avoid attempting professional moves without the proper training and supervision.

* Consider a protective net to help keep children on the trampoline.

For all the fun a trampoline can provide it can also be a dangerous piece of equipment when used irresponsibly. Teaching kids how to use it in a responsible manner while instilling the rules mentioned above will help ensure that they stay safe.

Assembling a Trampoline

* Putting a trampoline together is a simple process but it is important to follow the manufacturers instructions carefully.

* Most trampolines don't requite tools to construct as parts slot together with ease.

* Once constructed you should think about where you will position the trampoline. Ground level is obviously advised, as anywhere else will put both the trampoline and user at risk.

* The trampoline's legs will need to sit flat and all touch the ground evenly. If this is not the case the frame will come under increased pressure and in time will cause the trampoline to fail.

* Grass is considered the best surface to place a trampoline on due to it being soft to the touch. It also allows the legs of the trampoline to become rooted.

* If placing a trampoline on concrete, paving or tile surface be sure to cushion under the legs in order to avoid cracking the area underneath.

Trampoline Maintenance

Owning a trampoline will help keep children entertained all-year round, but in order for it to be that way it needs to be maintained. There are a wide range of accessories available that will help keep a trampoline up and running.

* Cover - A good cover will help keep a trampoline in good condition and ready for use.

* Weights - An appropriate set of weights will keep the trampoline resistant to strong winds.

* Ladder - Using a ladder will make getting on and off the trampoline easier.

* Protective Net - Prevents children from falling off the trampoline.

Other tips for helping keep a trampoline maintained and reducing the degree of wear and tear are:

* Ensure that children remove shoes and jewelry before getting on.

* Refrain from using a hose to clean the trampoline's surface area.

* Clean the trampoline with warm water only.

It is fine to keep a trampoline outdoors all year but keeping on top of its condition is strongly advised.

Cost Efficiency of a Trampoline

Trampolining is a great activity for children that is both enjoyable and cost efficient. After school clubs and activities can be expensive, investing in a trampoline can provide all of the following at an affordable cost:

* Fun - Trampolining is an enjoyable activity for most children and it's easy to see why. They provide plenty of active and enthralling entertainment without the need for any organisation.

* Keeping Healthy - Laziness is a common trait amongst children. Trampolining is a clever way to get them out of the house and remaining active. Its long-term health benefits are unparalleled and well documented.

* Hobby - Getting children involved in hobbies can benefit their physical development, social abilities and focus.

* Educational - Using a trampoline will help children learn about their own physical capabilities whilst teaching them about fitness.

Kids and trampolines are the perfect match both personally and financially. Purchasing one for the home can provide endless hours of entertainment on a budget.

How to Buy a Trampoline That's Safe for Kids Using eBay

There is a wide range of children's trampolines available on eBay.

* To start browsing what their trusted sellers have on offer use the navigational controls on the left side of the page.

* Locate the toys and games portal, then click on outdoor toys and activities and head into the trampoline category.


It should be noted that children's trampolines carry higher delivery charges than regular sized items. A large percentage of eBay sellers will not ship assembled units, as isn't cost effective to do so. If this is the case the item will be listed as "collection only" and you will be required to pick it up on your own time. Be aware that choosing to buy a trampoline with this option will cost buyers more due to fuel and possibly van hire charges. Disassembled trampolines ship in flat pack form and are considered more cost efficient.

Making a Purchase

When buying a trampoline from eBay you will be required to either submit a bid, make a best offer or complete an immediate purchase via the buy it now option. Completing the checkout with PayPal allows a buyer to take advantage of the buyer protection program. The program will provide cover should a problem arise with the transaction.


Trampolines provide children with an excellent alternative to regular exercise activities. Its fun nature means it will appeal to most and is a great way to entertain children and keep them active. They're noted for being long lasting, durable and budget friendly.

Using this guide will help you find the perfect trampoline for your home. It will also help keep kids safe when bouncing. eBay provides trampolines for all garden types and you'll be sure to find a model that will keep children entertained for hours on end.

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