How to Buy a Used Audi A4

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How to Buy a Used Audi A4

The Audi A4 is a premium German compact sedan that ranks amongst the top of its class every year. These upscale vehicles receive and deserve attention for their precision design and exemplary construction. While many Audi enthusiasts are eager to own a brand new model, fresh off the assembly line, most consumers are just as happy with a vehicle that is a couple years old, still in prime condition, looking and running well.

Finding a used Audi A4 is not difficult to do. Dealerships and ads are full of them, as are the many online vehicle marketplaces. Consumers shopping for these cars are likely to find a very broad selection. Because of the premium Audi design and construction, each used A4 that is for sale is bound to have plenty of life left in it, not to mention power. When shopping for one, consider the different body styles available, the design changes that have occur from year to year, and the features that are most important. Then evaluate each possibility to determine the right Audi A4 to purchase.

Choosing an Used Audi A4 Body Style

For most years, the Audi A4 is available in two main body styles, the saloon or the estate. Both are mid size vehicle models, and are typically considered very roomy inside. Of course, the estate offers more accessible space in the boot. Consumers with families and those who travel with luggage and sport items, such as golf clubs or ski equipment, consider this extra space very beneficial. On the other hand, many drivers appreciate the stylishly sporty appearance of the saloon. Several used Audis are available in each body style, so consumers should decide which style suits them and how important this factor is before shopping for the car. All Audis, whether estates or saloons, are known for being great vehicles to buy used.

Choosing the Year of the Used Audi A4

Audi, like most vehicle manufacturers, updates the design of the Audi each year. Some years, there are not many changes made that are worth noting and the features of one year are simply carried over to the next. Other years, the vehicle has undergone virtually a complete redesign. The Audi A4 has had four major design generations, the B5 (1994-2001), B6 (2001-2006), B7 (2004-2008), and the B8 (2008-present).

Each generation has features and design details that are considered improvements on the last. These features include the convertible option available on the B6 and B7 models. This type of feature affects appearance and driver experience more than the cars performance. While Audi has always strived to keep the A4 a nice looking vehicle, several other changes to the car's design have focused more on handling and overall performance. The consumer who is interested in an Audi A4 should first educate themselves on the different A4 generations and the evaluate the features that are most important to look for.

Many consumers who are interested in a used vehicle prefer to stay with those that are only a few years old. For the Audi consumer, this means the B8 generation A4s. The following chart describes some of the major design changes and options that are available on the B8 generation Audi A4.



MMI (Multi Media Interface)

The control central for the Audi. Controls many main electronic and entertainment systems. Includes navigation and video capabilities

LED Daytime Running Lights

These LED lights stay on during the day in order to improve the Audi's ability to be seen by other drivers. The design of the Audi daytime running lights is very stylish

Audi Side Assist

Monitors the vehicle's blind spots. Lights on the side view mirror turn on when a vehicle is in the monitored range

Audi Lane Assist

Similar to side assist. Signals the driver when the vehicle nears or departs the edge of the lane

Advanced Key

Keyless entry and remote ignition. Allows the driver to open the doors with the press of the button. Can also start the car remotely so that it is warm when ready to go

Adaptive Headlights

Headlights that automatically adjust direction and brightness according to the road and weather conditions

These, like many of the features that are available on any generation Audi A4, are not all standard on the B8. The trick in choosing the right vehicle is knowing what features were available for the year and model of the car and which ones are most important to the consumer. This helps with narrowing down the list of possible vehicles.

Narrowing the Available Used Audi A4 Possibilities

By understanding the different body styles and options that are available for each year, most consumers find it much easier to search for the specific vehicle that matches their needs and their budget. It is wise to make a list while collecting this information. Such a list can help the consumer weigh the pros and cons of each vehicle in an objective manner. The list should include which features the consumer considers most important, as well as a price range that the consumer is willing to consider for each model on the list.

Evaluating the Used Audi A4

Armed with a list of the most desired Audi A4 model years and features, it is time to begin the search for the right one. There are many available to choose from, so the search should not be difficult. When a possible vehicle is found, it is necessary to evaluate it to determine its value.

Used vehicles are listed for sale in a number of ways. Online is a popular way to buy cars these days. When considering the purchase of any car online, it is even more important to take extra care in determining the its condition. Check the description closely and not any mention of issues the car may have. Examine photos and look for signs of damage. Audis are known for their clean lines. Body panels that seem even slightly out of alignment may indicate body damage from an accident.

Under the bonnet, look for cracked or melted wiring or hoses. Also, look for signs of any leaks, which can be seen as concentrations of any liquids or grime on the engine or components. Examine the tyres for signs of wear. All of these are much easier to see in person but can also be evaluated initially by closely examining the available pictures. If more pictures or information is necessary, ask the seller to provide them. This should not be a problem. Most sellers are happy to provide necessary information.

Have the Used Audi A4 Inspected

If a car seems like a good value it is time to check it out in person. If it is an online purchase and not for sale locally, consider having a friend in the area look it over. Regardless, if it seems to be the right one, it is wise to have the vehicle inspected by a professional before purchasing it. Many companies offer this service regardless of where the vehicle is. Having the car inspected does add to the purchase price, but it can also offer the used car buyer confidence that the purchase is a sound one.


The Audi A4 is a well-respected vehicle, appreciated for its quality construction and superior design. These upscale, midsize cars remain in good condition and stylish even after years of use, making them a great option for the used car buyer. Many Audi A4s are available for sale regularly, so finding just the right one that meets the needs of the consumer should not be difficult.

Before beginning the search, it is wise for the used Audi buyer to determine which features are most important. Each generation of A4s has different options available and unique design and construction details. While many used car buyers are in the market for a car that is only a few years old, some Audi enthusiast may be more interested in one of the older generation models because of these features. Knowing the information that is important about the vehicle is the best way for the consumer to ensure that they are happy with the purchase.

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