How to Buy a Used Blu-Ray Player

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How to Buy a Used Blu-Ray Player

Buying a used Blu-ray player is an excellent way of purchasing cutting edge technology at a reduced price. A Blu-ray player plays high-definition discs, using a short wave, blue light laser beam. Prices vary considerably depending on the quality of the player, and the extra features that it has. When buying a Blu-ray player buyers need to ensure that they understand the notion of regions so that they can purchase the correct region-specific model. For UK buyers, region 2 or region B Blu-ray players are likely to be the most appropriate as these play European discs.

Some Blu-ray players have extra features, such as BD-Live capabilities, which allow buyers to get access to extra content via an internet connection. USB ports are also common features and are used to connect digital devices to play home video or display photos. Used Blu-ray players may be found at charity shops, car boot sales, in local advertisements, and in some electronics shops. Buyers can also find a huge selection of used Blu-ray players on eBay.

What is a Blu-Ray Player?

A Blu-ray player plays Blu-ray discs, which deliver high-definition video content. Blu-ray discs are similar to DVDs, but hold around five times more data on a single disc, allowing for much higher picture quality. Blu-ray players use a shorter light wavelength, so they have a blue laser, instead of the red laser found in DVD players. To get the absolute maximum performance from a Blu-ray player, it must be connected to a high-definition monitor or screen. Some Blu-ray players can also play other disc formats, including DVD and CD. Some more expensive models can stream live content from the internet.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Blu-Ray Player

Buying a used Blu-ray player is fairly straightforward, but buyers need to consider several factors to ensure that they purchase the best player to meet their needs, such as the region specification, accessories, features, and internet accessibility.

Regions for Used Blu-Ray Players

Blu-ray players are region specific. This means they only play discs that are of the same region code. UK Blu-ray players are region 2 or region B. This means that the discs played on the Blu-ray player must also be region 2 or B. Regions were established for various reasons. Having different region codes prevents films released earlier in some countries being played in a different region that has a later release date. Some discs are less expensive in certain countries, so region specific discs prevent buyers accessing very low cost discs that do not match their Blu-ray player region. Also, many discs have region specific advertising that would mean little to viewers from another part of the world. However, some Blu-ray discs are region free, meaning that they can be played on Blu-ray players of any region.

The chart below shows the region classifications, and the countries to which each region applies. This makes it easy for buyers to identify which discs work on their Blu-ray player.


Countries in Region

Region 1/A

America, South East Asia, Korea and Japan

Region 2/B

Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Middle East

Region 3/C

Russia, China, India, and the rest of the world

All Blu-ray players and discs should state clearly the region that they are intended for. Using the chart above, buyers can check which region code matches which country, to be sure that they select the right device.

Cables for Used Blu-ray Players

Buyers should ensure that all of the cables are present when purchasing a used Blu-ray player. To work, a Blu-ray player requires a power cable and an HDMI cable. An HDMI cable connects the HDMI output port on the back of the player to the corresponding input on the back of the television. Before switching on a used Blu-ray player for the first time, buyers need to make sure that the power cable is safe to use. The wire sheathing should be completely intact, with no cuts or splits. No wire should show through the sheathing, or between the wire sheath and the plug. For Blu-ray players supplied without an HDMI cable, these can be purchased separately. For the best possible image, a high-quality HDMI cable is recommended.

Remote Control for Used Blu-ray Players

Many used Blu-ray players are supplied with their original remote control. Using a remote control makes life easier, with viewers able to make adjustments, pause, rewind, and fast forward from the comfort of the sofa. There are usually many more options available on the remote control, such as subtitles, that are not accessible with the basic controls on the body of the Blu-ray player. For those Blu-ray players that do not have a remote control, buyers can purchase a universal remote control instead. Universal remote controls are very useful as they can be programmed to multiple devices at the same time. For example, a single high quality universal remote control can operate a DVD player, television set, stereo system, and Blu-ray player.

BD-Live for Used Blu-ray Players

BD-Live allows the used Blu-ray player to be connected to the internet to access certain extra features present on many Blu-ray discs. These extra features often include outtakes, additional bonus footage, trailers, games, or Easter eggs. An Easter egg, in the context of recorded media, gaming, or the internet, is a packet of hidden content that can, on a Blu-ray disc, include deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews, or games. Some models of Blu-ray player require a memory card to enable the BD-Live features as it takes up considerable memory. Not all Blu-ray players require this as some have an onboard hard drive with adequate internal memory.

USB Port for Used Blu-ray Players

Many Blu-ray players are equipped with a USB port. This is a useful feature, as it is required to attach digital equipment, such as a digital camera or video recorder. Some Blu-ray players have a USB port to access BD-Live. Many of these types of ports cannot be used to connect digital equipment. This is an important distinction, so buyers should clarify which type of USB port is present before purchase.

PlayStation 3 as a Blu-Ray Player

Although PlayStation 3 is predominantly a games console, it also doubles-up as a top notch Blu-ray player. For those who want a little something extra, buying a used PlayStation 3 may be the answer. It offers powerful, high quality images and excellent sound. The PlayStation 3 also has a large internal hard drive, with plenty of room for BD-Live content. It is equipped with easy web browsing, live chat, and live commentary.

The advantage of the PlayStation 3 is that as Blu-ray technology expands, buyers can simply download the latest software update to the console and the technology is instantly available. Buyers with a standard Blu-ray player most commonly need to purchase a new player to access the latest technology. PlayStation 3 is also compact and versatile, offering lots of features in one powerful device. A used PlayStation 3 makes a fantastic used Blu-ray player, and is reasonably inexpensive.

Buying a Used Blu-Ray Player on eBay

eBay has many used Blu-ray players available for purchase. Buyers can search for Blu-ray players from the eBay homepage. They can then narrow down their search results to used players by using the filters found on the search results page. Alternatively, buyers can include the keyword “used” in the search phrase, for example, "used Blu-ray player".

When buying a used Blu-ray player on eBay, buyers should make sure that they look at the photographs and read the description carefully. If they have any concerns about the condition of the item they can contact the seller to find out more information.


Feedback is left for the seller once the transaction has been completed. Feedback can be positive, negative, or neutral and this information can provide any potential buyers insight into whether the transaction is likely to be smooth and straightforward. Sellers with a high percentage of positive feedback are often known as Top-rated sellers.


Used Blu-ray players in working condition make a good, inexpensive investment. By purchasing a used model, buyers can save a significant amount of money and still have access to the latest entertainment technology. There are numerous models available across a broad price range, which offer different features. Buyers should always check that they purchase the correct region, as buying an incorrect region limits the number of playable Blu-ray discs that can be acquired easily. Those in the UK should look to purchase a region 2 or region B model because this is the European region classification.

It is important to check the integrity of the power cable before turning on the machine when purchasing a used Blu-ray player. Buyers also need an HDMI cable to connect the device to their television. A remote control is required to access advanced features and menus. A universal remote is often favoured as it can control multiple entertainment devices.

Another option for buyers looking for a good quality used Blu-ray player is to purchase a used PlayStation 3. PlayStation 3 combines a top quality Blu-ray player with state of the art technology, a very popular games console, web browsing, and easy software updates to get the very latest Blu-ray technology. Used models in good working order are also very affordable. Whichever avenue a buyer takes, eBay is an excellent place to find a used Blu-ray player.

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