How to Buy a Used Bunk Bed Mattress

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How to Buy a Used Bunk Bed Mattress

When buying used mattresses for a bunk bed, consumers need to consider all of the available options when making a purchase decision. The safety aspect is of primary importance, but other factors, such as the comfort level, cover fabric, and filling of the mattress should also be considered. From a safety aspect, it is very important to buy a bunk bed mattress that fits the bed frame well. Before buying mattresses, carefully measure the bed frame to ensure a snug fit. Most bunk bed mattresses measure 3 ft, although some of the newer bunk beds may have a double bed frame on one bunk and a single frame on the other. The mattress should fit inside the frame securely so that it does not move around. If a mattress is too small, a child could get a hand, foot, or arm trapped in the gap between the mattress and the frame.

Types of Bunk Bed Mattress

Buyers may wish to choose a mattress that has certain features, depending on the needs of the user. Here are some common features that may be available:

Roll Up

A roll-up mattress is usually made of memory foam. It is lightweight and easy to transport. This type of mattress distributes bodyweight evenly and supports the neck and joints. A possible disadvantage of a roll-up mattress is that the sponge will absorb liquids easily, so if a child is prone to wetting the bed, a protective cover should be used.


Many children suffer from dust mite allergies, so a hypoallergenic mattress may help if they suffer from asthma or eczema.


An orthopaedic mattress offers extra support to those with joint or skeletal problems. It does not bow or lose its shape and allows the spine to keep its profile better.

Filling Type

A mattress may be made entirely of memory foam, sprung, or a combination of both. Prices vary depending on the quality of the mattress and the type of filling used.

Open Spring

This is the most common type of mattress. The mattress is usually about 5 or 6 coils deep. The firmness of the mattress depends on the tension of the wire used for the coils, as well as the wire thickness. This type of mattress has a wire border, which helps it to keep its shape. Open sprung mattresses are usually the cheapest type available, but this can vary depending on the filling used inside.

Pocket Spring

A pocket sprung mattress is a more luxurious version of the traditional open sprung style. Each spring is individually housed in its own pocket of fabric, which means that the springs distribute body weight more evenly. Another advantage of a pocket sprung mattress is that the body is cushioned from the springs, making it more comfortable to sleep on. The finest pocket sprung mattresses are hand-stitched at the seams.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is hypoallergenic, so may be the best choice for people with respiratory or skin conditions caused by allergies. The foam supports the body and helps to align the spine. Memory foam also has anti-microbial properties, making it a hygienic choice of mattress.

Continuous Coil

This type of mattress is similar to open spring, but the coils are made from a single, continuous piece of wire rather than individual sections.

Upholstery Layers

Mattresses also contain different layers of upholstery. There is much variation between mattresses and the type of upholstery used. The middle layer of upholstery is called the “comfort layer”. It is designed to keep the sleeper as comfortable as possible. Common materials for the comfort layer include foam, latex, wood fibre, cotton fibre, gel, and felt. The material used will affect the firmness of the mattress. The layer above the middle is called the “quilt”. This layer may be made from memory foam, hollow fibre, or other materials and is designed to create a soft, comfortable sleeping surface that cushions the user from the springs below. The cover on the outside of the mattress is usually made from polyester, and may be patterned or plain. High-quality mattresses may have an outer cover that consists of a polyester mix, combining polyester with natural fibres such as silk, wool, or cotton.


When buying a used bunk bed mattress, it is important to consider the current age of the mattress to determine how long it is likely to last. The average sprung mattress usually lasts up to 10 years, whereas a memory foam or latex type may last considerably longer, possibly up to 20 years. If buying for a child, it is likely that the child will graduate to a different bed as they get older, so this possibility should also be taken into consideration when purchasing a mattress.

Buying Used Bunk bed Mattresses on eBay

On the main eBay home page, go to the menu on the left of the screen and click on the Home & Garden category. This will bring up a screen that lists available products by room type. Click on the Bedroom image. A small menu will appear to the right of the image. Click on the Beds and Mattresses option. Scroll down the grey menu on the right and locate the Condition menu. Select the Used option. From this screen, look at the grey menu again and under the heading Categories, select Mattresses. Then select the appropriate size, which in most cases will be the 3ft single option. Buyers can then further filter results to their own preferences, including mattress type, firmness, features and brand. Alternatively, buyers may prefer to go to the relevant page directly by typing “Used Bunk Bed Matress” in the search bar at the top of the screen. eBay offers a variety of delivery options. With a large item such as a mattress, it is likely that the main options would be courier deliver or home collection. Courier delivery allows the buyer the convenience of having the item delivered directly to their home from any location in the UK or overseas. Collecting direct from the seller bypasses any deliver charges and may be a good alternative to courier delivery if the item is available nearby. It also allows the buyer to see the item in person before paying for it. Buyers may wish to purchase an item immediately by using the Buy it Now option, or alternatively, may wish to place a bid in one of the online auctions on the site.


Buying a used bunk bed mattress on eBay is simple and easy. The menu options on the left hand side of the screen allow the buyer to filter the options to their exact preferences and requirements. The most important thing to consider when buying a used bunk bed mattress on eBay is the person who will ultimately be using the mattress, whether that may be a child, teenager, or adult. When purchasing the mattress, consideration should be taken as to the user’s specific needs and preferences. Safety, comfort, and style are all important things to consider. Price and quality can vary greatly between individual types of mattress. Consumers need to think about how much they wish to spend on a used mattress and whether certain features are important to them. This may be especially relevant if the user has specific health problems, such as allergies or muscular difficulties. A mattress is an important purchase, as it will likely be used every night for the next 10 years or more. By carefully weighing up all of the available options, a buyer can make the best choice as to the perfect bunk bed mattress, and hopefully enjoy the benefits of a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep.

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