How to Buy a Used Cable or Freeview Remote Control

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How to Buy a Used Cable or Freeview Remote Control

Used cable or Freeview remote controls can be found in good working order for a fraction of the retail price of a new model. The battery housing should be free of corrosion, the buttons should depress easily, there should be no sticky residue, and the indicator light should engage when the buttons are pressed. The numbering and lettering on the buttons should also be visible. Used remote controls complete with instruction manuals are also a very good buy as the manual provides the programming codes.

Branded used cable or Freeview remote controls are replicas of the original, meaning that the buyer need not worry about having to learn how to use a new remote. They can control a single device and have all the function buttons associated with a buyer's current set up. Third party remote controls are usually the least expensive option. Buyers must establish whether these remote controls are compatible with their device. Universal remote controls can control multiple devices and can require some programming before they can be used. They are more expensive, but as they can be used for multiple devices they reduce clutter. Before buying a used cable or Freeview remote control, shoppers should consider the types available and consider a number of factors. Used remote controls can be found at some electronics shops, car boot sales, and in private advertisements. For the largest range of used remote controls, buyers can shop on eBay..

Types of Cable or Freeview Remote Controls

When buying a used cable or Freeview remote control,, buyers have several options. Buyers should consider the benefits and drawbacks of each option to purchase the most suitable type of remote control for their requirements.

Branded Used Remote Controls

The most straightforward method of buying a used cable or Freeview remote control, is to purchase branded remote controls, which have the same manufacturer as the cable or Freeview box. Many people choose this option because they are replacing an old remote that they are familiar with, so they do not need to read instruction manuals to learn how to operate the new features. Branded used remote controls are often more expensive than other types. Also, branded used cable or Freeview remote controls have a limited set of features. They are a good option for those who purely want to operate their cable or Freeview only. They are not the best option for buyers who want to control multiple devices or have access to additional features.

Third Party Used Remote Controls

Third party used cable or Freeview remote controls are less expensive alternatives to branded models. They are not of the same brand as the cable or Freeview box. They are usually made by lesser known brands, and are designed to be used with many different cable or Freeview boxes or televisions. Some are complex and offer many different features. The less expensive, simpler models perform the essential functions.

If considering purchasing a used third party cable or Freeview remote control,, buyers must remember to ensure that the particular remote that they purchase is compatible with the device that they need to operate.

Universal Used Remote Controls

Universal used remote controls are multifunctional, third party remote controls, designed to work with multiple devices, including cable or Freeview. Universal remote controls can also be used with televisions, stereo systems, and DVD players or recorders. These remote controls are usually more expensive than other types. Some universal remote controls require advanced programming, which can be done using the instruction manual, or by a professional. Like standard third party remote controls, buyers must make sure that their devices are all compatible with the used universal remote control that they wish to purchase.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Cable or Freeview Remote Control

Buyers should establish if the required remote control offers all of the necessary features. Some buyers purely want to control their cable or Freeview with basic channel changing. Other buyers require something more advanced, such as controlling their cable or Freeview, along with the television, DVD recorder, and stereo system. A buyer should ensure that every feature that they want in a remote control is present before they buy. Once the type of used cable or Freeview remote control required has been identified, there are a number of factors buyers must consider to make sure that they purchase a suitable model.

Instruction Manual for Used Cable or Freeview Remote Controls

The presence of an instruction manual is incredibly useful. It also implies that the remote has been cared for. Purchasing a used cable or Freeview remote control with an instruction manual allows buyers to program their remote control easily with clear guidance. It also means that the program codes are present so that buyers can set the remote to control their devices easily.

It is possible to use a remote control without an instruction manual, but it does make things more difficult. If a used cable or Freeview remote control is purchased with no instruction manual, buyers are able to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Alternatively, they may be able to find instructions and programming codes online.

Battery Housing for Used Cable or Freeview Remote Controls

Buyers should check carefully that the battery housing is in good condition. The removable cover should fit tightly and securely to prevent the batteries from falling out. Any batteries should be removed, and the inner housing should be checked for signs of corrosion. If corrosion is present, this indicates that batteries have leaked at some point. Corrosion prevents the remote control from functioning eventually. So, the terminals should have no corrosion and should be straight and fitted securely.

Buttons for Used Cable or Freeview Remote Controls

The condition of the buttons is of considerable importance when buying a used cable or Freeview remote control. If the images, numbers, or lettering are worn off, or are very faded, it is difficult to identify which buttons perform which task. The buttons should all depress to the same level without resistance or stickiness. Sticky buttons may indicate a spilt drink or food substance that has penetrated beneath the buttons, reducing the functionality and lifespan of the remote control, and making the affected buttons unreliable.

General Condition of Used Cable or Freeview Remote Controls

The general condition of the remote control tells the buyer a great deal. Shake the used remote control and listen for any loose, rattling connections, which indicate that the remote has been dropped too many times. Rattling sounds imply loose connections or a damaged internal mechanism, which means that if the remote control works at all, it may likely be sporadic, and it does not have a very long lifespan. The remote control should not have any dents, major scratches, or cracks in the outer casing. With batteries installed, there should be a red light that is illuminated when buttons are pressed.

Buying a Used Cable or Freeview Remote Control on eBay

eBay has a range of cable and Freeview remote controls available for purchase. Buyers can search for a remote control from the eBay homepage,, by using a phrase, such as "Freeview remote control&". If a buyer wishes to narrow down their results to used remote controls only they can use the filters that eBay offers to select the "used" condition. This helps to reduce the number of items they see.

When purchasing a used remote control the buyer should read the item description and look carefully at the photograph. The buyer should look for signs of wear on the remote control. If the buyer can see any areas of concern, or if they have any questions, such as whether the instruction manual is present, they can contact the seller using the "Ask a question" function.

It is important that the buyer looks at the feedback of the seller before purchasing. Feedback is left for the seller after a transaction has been completed. It is a way for a potential buyer to see what previous buyers thought of the service that the seller offered. The higher the percentage of positive feedback, the more buyers would recommend the seller.


Buying a used cable or Freeview remote control allows shoppers to save money. Provided the remote control is in good condition, it should last for many years, and there are some real bargains to be found on eBay. Buyers need to decide what type of remote control they are looking for. There are three separate categories: branded, third party, and universal. Branded remote controls match the model of the cable or Freeview box. Third party remote controls are most often less expensive remotes made by different manufacturers. Universal remote controls range from reasonably simple devices to large, complex ones, able to controlling multiple devices.

Used cable or Freeview remote controls should be inspected thoroughly to make sure that they are in good working order. The outer casing should be checked for major imperfections, the battery housing and cover should be examined, the red indicator light should illuminate, and all of the buttons should be easy to press. The buttons should also have all of their numbering and lettering intact. eBay offers a range of good quality used cable and Freeview remote controls.

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