How to Buy a Used Daewoo Matiz

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The Daewoo Matiz makes the ideal compact run-about for the urban environment. Spanning 1998 to 2005, this internationally distributed multi-purpose vehicle quickly became a popular seller for its intended market. Matiz owners love its great fuel economy, quality ride, and comfortable features. Its low running cost and resale value makes it attractive for second-hand buyers, but customers should watch out for high mileage. A good used deal on a Daewoo Matiz is about finding one with a light work history.


Key Features

As the perfect city car, the Daewoo Matiz performs in all the right areas with a very low fuel consumption coupled with lively performance. This reliable car is a dream come true for tight spot parking, and offers surprising spaciousness for its small dimensions. A bright and airy cabin gives it instant driving appeal with good visibility. The Daewoo Matiz is also well equipped for passenger comfort and safety.


Know What to Look For

In order to assess the feasibility of a used Daewoo Matiz, you need to recognise what makes a car an unbeatable deal or a potential purchasing regret. Avoid the pre-2000 SD model. Daewoo later resolved many of the car's initial problems, such as its lack of power steering, a defective fuel pump and low rpm torque. Also consider engine size. The earlier models featured a 796cc 3-cylinder engine that, while providing a fun and zippy city ride, proved weak on the open road. If you need your Matiz to perform any motorway driving, choose the later 1-litre-4 cylinder models.


Know What to Avoid

Buyers should remember that Daewoo released the Matiz as a budget car. That said, its comfortable and serviceable interior offsets somewhat cheap plastic components. Later models saw upgraded upholstery and an improved ventilation system, along with a wheel rim overhaul. Matiz has always performed well on passenger comfort, but legroom improved in later models, compensated by a smaller boot. Buyers should remember that although earlier versions of the Matiz are cheap and make a great second car, they are not the best choice for a primary vehicle in broad demand.


Choosing a Daewoo Matiz

When shopping for your Daewoo Matiz, make sure that you can verify that a particular model meets your realistic expectations. Matiz car parts are generally available, but easier to source in the better selling later models. Watch out for any Matiz model with an exceptionally low price. This could suggest high mileage which can quickly spell disappointment. The Daewoo Matiz is not suited to long road trips and one used for such driving is likely to soon become a financial liability.


Further Checks

Before choosing your used Daewoo Matiz, thoroughly check the car for rust and leaks. Test drive to ensure steering is smooth, and that the engine does not over rev. Read through the car's service history to ensure good maintenance from its owner.

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