How to Buy a Used Electric Fireplace

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How to Buy a Used Electric Fireplace

The advent of the internet has made it much more feasible for users to obtain used goods of all types very easily. This has been particularly helpful to individuals in search of a highly-specialised item such as a used electric fireplace. In years past, such an item might not be available at all at second-hand stores in a shopper's local area; this usually meant that the individual would have to look for a new unit instead, at a significantly elevated price. The online auction site eBay means that consumers now have access to an enormous market of used goods. Adults all across the nation can register with eBay to sell a used electric fireplace, which means that at any one time, a variety of such items are quite likely to be available. Likewise, individuals in search of a used electric fireplace can visit a virtual marketplace that unites sellers both distant and local; many desirable items are now just a mouse-click away.

Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

For some people, the word "fireplace" brings to mind a traditional wood-burning structure that is most often a built-in feature of a house. These traditional fireplaces that are most frequently made of brick or stone bear relatively little resemblance to today's modern electric fireplaces.

An Electric Fireplace is a Labour-Saving Device

With an electric fireplace in the home there is never any need to undertake the many backbreaking tasks that are a part and parcel of burning wood or coal to produce heat. These tasks include, at the very least, having wood delivered and stacking it neatly for use as well as bringing wood inside as it is needed – a chore that requires individuals to venture into the cold outdoors when they may least prefer to do so. Many people using fireplaces do much more work than this. They may collect their own wood, chopping and splitting it until it will fit inside their fireplace. Then of course it becomes necessary to periodically clean out and dispose of the ash that will have collected in the fireplace itself. An electric fireplace requires no work at all to use once it has been installed. Like an electric light, it operates at the flick of a switch.

Electric Fireplaces Often Feature Thermostats

Unlike an electric light an electric fireplace may well come equipped with a thermostat so that the desired heat output can be determined with relative precision. With a wood or coal fuelled fire, homeowners generally live in a land of feast or famine; the house becomes progressively warmer until it is actually overheated; the fire is then allowed to die down and the house will cool down until someone thinks to refuel the fire. An electric fireplace with an automatic thermostat, on the other hand, will produce a steady heat output that is specified by the person operating it.

Electric Fireplaces Create No Mess

A wood-burning fire creates ash that must be periodically swept out. Even worse, some of this ash inevitably blows about when logs are being added or tended to. An electric fireplace, in contrast, will never make a house dirtier. Nor does the appliance itself need much attention when it comes to cleaning. In most cases, all that is needed to keep it looking good as new is an occasional dusting.

Electric Fireplaces are Flexible

A traditional wood or coal-burning fireplace limits homeowners hugely in terms of placement for the simple reason that some sort of venting system is required. Houses without a chimney cannot have such fireplaces; they cannot even have a wood-burning stove installed unless a stovepipe is fitted to carry away the resulting smoke. In contrast, electric fireplaces are completely flexible in terms of their placement inside the home. Indeed, because they require only a standard electric plug, they can be positioned in locations where a traditional fireplace would almost never be situated. People that love electric fireplaces frequently install them in bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms. They are often used in the summertime when they are primarily desired for their flame effect rather than the warmth they can produce. Knowing this, many electric fireplace manufacturers have equipped their models to run on a "no heating" mode when desired. The flexibility of electric fireplaces also extends to an aspect that could never apply to a fireplace that requires a chimney: portability. Some models are designed to be moved around a home or office as desired. Others are intended to be installed on a permanent basis and are securely fixed to a wall.

Options for Buying a Used Electric Fireplace

Individuals who want to purchase a new electric fireplace have a range of options including home improvement stores, mail order catalogues, and online marketplaces such as eBay. Looking for a used electric fireplace automatically limits the options severely as most stores do not carry second-hand goods. Used electric fireplaces may be available at yard sales and second-hand shops, but there is no guarantee that even a single used unit will be found even if an entire day is spent visiting venues in the local area. Should a few electric fireplaces happen to be available at in-person second-hand stores the selection will naturally be quite limited. This means that a homeowner may not be able to find his first or second choice in terms of style. That is why so many people utilise eBay when searching for such products.

Electric Fireplace Styles

Electric fireplaces are available in a huge range of styles. Some of these mimic the look of an authentic cast-iron woodburning stove, while others present themselves as the last word in today's high-technology gadgets. This means that from traditional to modern, there is truly something for everyone that is looking for a used electric fireplace.

Traditional Styles

Many electric fireplaces are installed to look as though they are part of a traditional chimney arrangement, even though with this kind of heating solution, no chimney, stovepipe, or vent of any kind is actually required. There are two basic models of electric fireplace that are designed to mimic the traditional look of a wood-burning fireplace: fireplace inserts and mantel styles.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

An electric fireplace insert can convert a traditional hearth into one that runs on electricity instead of wood or coals. Fireplace inserts, as the name suggests, are inserted directly into a brick or masonry fireplace opening. Some are designed to look as though they occupy the entire fireplace cavity for a seamless, unified appearance. These often feature decorative details made out of cast iron or brass in addition to glass doors that allow the electric flame's realistic flickering to be enjoyed. These types of fireplace inserts give a home a sophisticated and elegant appearance. They are also quite handy in terms of using space efficiently. Because the insert is installed into a space that cannot be used for much besides providing heat and light, they conserve floor space elsewhere. For this reason, very small homes are more likely to opt for a fireplace insert than for a mantel style or portable electric unit. Other fireplace inserts provide a home with a much more rustic appearance. This style is usually referred to as a log insert. It has no outer casing and allows the fireplace to look as though a completely open fire is burning inside the fireplace cavity. Some log inserts are actually designed to look completely artificial, featuring metallic elements in the place of artificial logs. These inserts are often used in homes that feature an ultra-modern decor.

Mantel Styles

A mantel style provides the appearance of a traditional fireplace but can be placed against any wall in the home, which allows for more flexibility of location. Homes without any chimney can use a mantel style in order to make it seem as though there must be one. This is because a mantel style features an electric fireplace surrounded on three sides by a simple or elaborate mantel. Many mantel styles include a mantel made of beautifully stained wood, while less expensive options may use faux wood.

Other Styles

Used electric fireplaces can also consist of units designed to be built directly into a wall and in models that remain portable for their entire working lives.

Find Electric Fireplaces on eBay

The best way to search for electric fireplaces on eBay is to enter a search term and wait for results to load before checking off the Used box that appears in the Condition category in the pane to the left. This will reorganise the search results to display used items only. Alternatively, go through the categories on eBay. Start by selecting All Categories, then Home & Garden. To proceed, hover over the Living Room picture and select Fireplaces. Once on the main fireplace page, further, more detailed, search filters are available on the left hand panel. Filter further as befitting the preferences.


Electric fireplaces are most often used as a secondary, not a primary, heating source for a home. Because they are clean and convenient, they offer several advantages over traditional fireplaces. Used electric fireplaces allow homeowners to enjoy the benefits of electric heating at a significantly reduced price compared to new units.

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