How to Buy a Used Engine for Your Kia

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How to Buy a Used Engine for Your Kia

Kia is a Korean car manufacturer that is partially owned by Hyundai. They produce small and efficient passenger cars that are sold at affordable prices. Kia cars have a stylish appearance, which is why many people are drawn to them. They are known for being reliable and inexpensive to repair. If for some reason the engine needs to be replaced, then the car owner can find replacement engines from a number of locations for reasonable prices. Buying a used engine is a good way for Kia owners to save money on this repair. Shopping for a used engine for a Kia can be difficult for those who do not know what to look for. Doing a bit of research and following a few steps can make the process much easier. Shoppers should start by considering all of their options, and then examining each engine carefully before making a selection. Shoppers should also take the time to think about other engine components that may need to be replaced. Shopping for and comparing used engines is simple when shoppers browse the large selection on eBay.

Specify Your Price Range

Before you begin shopping for a used engine for your Kia, you should figure out how much you are willing to spend on the engine. Determining the price range that you are shopping in can help you identify the type and condition of the engine that you need. Additionally, by setting a budget, you are able to limit your search to only those engines that fit within your budget. You can work with sellers to find the engine that fits in your budget and avoid wasting time looking at engines that you cannot afford.

Remanufactured vs. Used Engines

When looking for used engines for a Kia, you may come across remanufactured or rebuilt engines. Both are used, but they are of different quality. Remanufactured engines are used engines that have been repaired, cleaned, and restored to working condition. If they were previously not functioning, then they have been restored to working condition. Used engines have not had this treatment. They have been pulled from a car and can be put into another car or repaired before being put into another car. Some new engines are in like new condition and do not need repairs. However, remanufactured or rebuilt engines are usually in better condition than used engines.

Find an Engine to Fit Your Kia

Once you have determined how much you are willing to spend on your used Kia engine, you need to start looking for engines that fit in your car. Kia has several models, and uses several different engines. Compact and subcompact cars use smaller engines than full-size standard cars and sport utility vehicles. Smaller engines have four cylinders, but Kia also manufactures six- and eight-cylinder motors. Likewise, some engines use petrol while others use diesel. You do not necessarily have to put the same engine back into the car. You can find several motors that are compatible with your car that are different than the one that you are replacing.

Hyundai Engines

Kia is owned by the Hyundai Motor Company. Because Hyundai and Kia cars are made by the same company, they use the same engines. For example, the 2011 Hyundai Sonata and the 2011 Kia Optima use the same gasoline engine. So, when shopping for a used engine for your Kia, you do not have to limit yourself to only Kia engines. Expand your search to include compatible Hyundai engines, and you have a larger selection to choose from.

Check the Mileage on the Engine

Once you have found some used Kia engines that you are considering for purchase, be sure to check the mileage. Engines cannot last forever, but if they are properly maintained, they can last for several hundred thousand miles. The higher the mileage, the less life the engine has left. Be sure to check the history of the engine and the vehicle that it was removed from to verify its mileage. You can expect to pay more for a used engine with low miles than one with high mileage.

Look for Previous Repairs

When checking out the engine, look for previous repairs by looking for new or replaced parts. Some parts, like the oil filter and the belts, should be new or in good condition. However, other repairs could be a sign that there are problems with the engine. Look for repairs that have been done poorly. Watch out for stripped threads, missing bolts, and broken fasteners. If you notice any of these, look for a different engine to purchase.

Check the Oil in the Engine

If the engine you are considering can still be started, then you should have the owner crank it up. Listen to how it runs and check the oil. The oil should be clean and brown. If it is thick and black, then this is a sign that the oil has not been changed in a while or that the engine is burning oil. When checking the oil in the engine, it is also a good time to look for leaks. Check the underside of the engine to see if oil is leaking anywhere.

Find Other Engine Components

When you are buying a used engine, you are often buying it as it is. The main parts that you are paying for are the block, heads, and internal components. The other components necessary for the engine to run properly may be missing or need to be replaced. When buying a used engine it is also a good time to find and buy the other engine components. The table below lists and describes the parts that you should look for.




Attached to pulleys that turn the belt to create power to run accessories or peripheral components; common belts found in Kias are the serpentine belt and the timing belt

Seals and Gaskets

Joints that attach two components together in the motor; prevent leakage of oil; prevent water from getting into the motor


Support the engine on the inside of the car; made of metal or rubber

Oil Pumps and Filters

Pushes the oil through the engine to keep the metal parts lubricated; filters strain out the impurities to keep the oil through the engine clean

Pulleys and Tensioners

Work with the belts to keep them tight and moving; provide power for accessories and peripheral components

Other parts aside from those listed in the table above may need to be replaced to keep the engine in good condition and running to the best of its ability. A lot of components are needed to keep the engine running. It is a good idea to replace any worn out or non-functioning components to make sure that you do not cause any damage to the used engine.

How to Buy a Used Kia Engine on eBay

If you are looking for the best selection and best prices for used Kia engines, then look no further than eBay. This large online marketplace allows you to browse engines for sale all across the UK. Rather than having to visit different sellers and scrapyards to check out the engines, you can do so from your own home. To find the engine that you need, simply enter keywords into the search bar. From there, narrow down the listings by selecting the categories and preferences that apply to the Kia engine you need. You can then look at each listing and the images attached to help you make a decision.

Delivery Options

Car engines are large and heavy, even small Kia engines. You may be nervous about shopping online for a used engine because of the high cost of postage and packaging. Fortunately, eBay sellers can set the postage costs, and many offer free postage and packaging to save the buyer money. Additionally, you can search for Kia engines that are for sale near your location. Many sellers allow you to pick up the engine in person after purchase.


Having to buy a new engine for a car can be a bit troublesome. The engine is the most important part of the car, as it is the component that makes the car go. When the engine on a Kia fails, it is worth replacing rather than buying an entirely new car. Parts and engines for Kia cars are known for being less expensive when compared to parts for other cars. To save even more money on this large purchase, shoppers can look for used engines. By taking the time to learn about used and rebuilt engines, as well as the different types of engines that work in Kias, shoppers can find engines that fit both their cars and their budgets. Shoppers should also keep the other components of a car engine in mind when making a selection. Peripheral components may need to be replaced in order to ensure that the engine runs as it should and avoid damage to the engine. While the entire process can seem overwhelming, eBay makes it simpler by making it easy to browse and compare listings for different used engines.

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