How to Buy a Used Engine for a Peugeot

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How to Buy a Used Engine for a Peugeot

Buying a used engine is not something a vehicle owner wants to do. However, if engine failure occurs, a used engine is an economical alternative to rebuilding an engine or replacing it with a new or factory rebuilt engine. Buying a used engine for a Peugeot is no different than buying a used engine for any vehicle. The important thing is to locate the proper engine for the year and model of Peugeot that needs the replacement engine. Finding a used engine with a reasonable amount of miles on it may be the bigger challenge.

Vehicle owners should be aware of the potential causes of engine failure, as the problem is not always related to an internal engine part. Replacing an engine and leaving a problem unresolved can damage the replacement engine. Some tips and tricks for engine replacement can save money and possibly avoid a future breakdown from occurring. Used engines can be bought from salvage yards and repair shops that specialise in Peugeot repair. Buying a used Peugeot engine from a seller on eBay is a convenient way to locate just the right part for the vehicle.

Common Causes of Engine Failure

The cause of engine failure may not be associated with the engine itself. Several other components on a vehicle can ultimately result in an engine failing. Replacing an engine and not correcting the root cause of the problem can result in a similar failure soon after engine replacement or after an indeterminate amount of miles. It is important for vehicle owners to understanding the potential causes of engine failure.

Engine Overheating

An engine that overheats badly enough to crack the engine block or warp the surface where the block meets the cylinder head can result in the need to replace the engine. Blocked cooling ports in the engine can be a possible cause and so can a failed water pump. Leaking hoses, a leaking radiator or a clogged radiator are possible external causes of engine failure. When installing a used engine, make sure the radiator flows properly, and replace the existing radiator hoses with new ones. Install the new radiator hoses with new hose clamps for solid sealing around the attachment fittings.

Insufficient Oil Pressure

One of the more common causes of engine failure is the insufficient oiling of internal engine parts. When installing the used engine, the user should replace the oil pressure sensor and the oil filter with new parts. Also drain the existing oil from the used engine and install fresh oil. The oil pressure sensor sends an electronic signal to the instrument panel to register on an oil pressure gauge or illuminate a low oil pressure lamp. It is not advisable to install and crank a used engine without changing the oil and oil filter, regardless of how good the filter and oil look.

Ignition Timing and Fuel Delivery Issues

If a Peugeot engine is experiencing what is commonly referred to as spark knock, catastrophic failure can result. Mistimed ignition and lean fuel mixtures can cause the combustion chambers in the engine to overheat. Overheating in the cylinder can cause premature piston ring failure as well as damage to the piston itself. Damage to intake and exhaust valves can also result from timing and fuel delivery issues. If these conditions existed before engine failure, they are unlikely to be resolved with a used engine. After the used engine is installed and running, control components for the engine should be scanned with a diagnostic tool. This is to make sure that parts like the oxygen sensor, air flow sensor and the engine control unit are functioning properly.

The following chart provides a basic cross reference for common engine failure conditions and the potential contributing factors. Vehicle owners can use the chart to determine the possible causes of engine failure and the components that need to be checked after installation of a used engine.


Possible Cause

Related Components

Cracked engine block


Radiator, water pump, engine hoses, freeze plugs, leaking hose clamps, thermostat.

Spun rod bearing, spun main bearing, engine seized, broken rod, broken piston

Lack of lubrication

Oil pump, oil pressure sensor, lack of maintenance to oiling system.

Burnt piston, burnt valves, hole in piston, broken valves

Timing issues, lean fuel mixture

Engine controls, fuel injectors, engine sensors.

Determining the cause of engine failure in a Peugeot can help to make sure a similar condition does not develop on the replacement engine. It is also important to remember that used engines can fail due to components not specifically included with the used engine.

Engine Replacement Tips for a Peugeot

Regardless of whether the vehicle owner or a trained technician is replacing the engine with a used assembly, there are some tips and suggestions that can help save money on future repairs that may be required after installation. Some suggestions may add expense to the engine replacement process but can save significant cash down the road.

Timing Belt Replacement

If the used engine for a Peugeot has close to or in excess of 150,000 km on it, replacing the timing belt before installing the engine can save hundreds of pounds. The timing belt cover is easily accessible on a used engine and does not require removing other vehicle components for access. Installing a new timing belt and tensioners is a maintenance usually performed between the range of 125,000 km and 175,000 km, so installing an engine and then replacing the timing belt within the next year may be an unnecessary expense. Car owners are well advised to spend a little extra during the used engine installation than spending hundreds more just a few months later.

Replace Seeping Gaskets

If the used engine shows any sign of leakage at an oil seal, it is much easier to install a replacement gasket with the engine out of the car. Oil pan gaskets, rear main seals, and rocker cover gaskets can seep oil, and if signs exist showing a current leak, it is possible the engine may leak worse when installed. Gaskets on an engine that has been setting can dry out and crack; check and replace seeping gaskets before installing the used engine in the Peugeot.

Replace Freeze Plugs

Freeze plugs are the metal plugs in the engine block that are forced out if the water in the engine freezes. The freeze plug keeps the engine from cracking if an extreme freeze occurs. What is more common is the freeze plugs rusting and leaking. Installing brass freeze plugs is advisable as the brass is more resistant to corrosion.

Check Engine Mounts

Engine mounts hold the engine in place and cushion the motor from the chassis to minimise vibrations. A cracked or broken engine mount should be replaced prior to bolting a used engine into place. By inspecting the engine mounts closely with the engine of the vehicle, potential problems are easier to see than when the engine mounts are in use supporting the engine.

Used Engine Interchangeability

It may be possible for a petrol engine to be interchanged with a diesel engine in a Peugeot in terms of attachment points and bolt patterns on the transmission. In some cases, different-sized engines can even be configured to fit properly during engine replacement. However, changing from the vehicle's original engine to one that fits is not a recommended method of performing a used engine installation. Wiring harnesses need to be changed or modified, vehicle electronic modules are different for different types of engines, and the resale value of the car is likely to be adversely affected by installing a used engine that is different from the one that was originally installed in the vehicle.


An engine failure is a major occurrence that is a costly repair for the owner of a Peugeot. Replacing the failed motor with a used engine is generally the less expensive repair alternative available to the owner. After experiencing such a breakdown, having the problem repeat itself can be a devastating blow to the pocketbook.

It is important to determine why the engine failed and correct any related problems that led to malfunction. Understanding potential engine damaging issues can help owners avoid a repeat of the failure. Knowing what components on a used engine should be inspected prior to installing the engine into the vehicle can also save money on repairs that may develop after installing the replacement engine. Locating the proper engine for the vehicle on eBay, making sure it is in good shape prior to installation, and taking care of components that affect engine performance can have the Peugeot back on the road and providing reliable transportation once again.

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