How to Buy a Used Engine for a Skoda

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How to Buy a Used Engine for a Skoda

Replacing an engine is without a doubt one of the more expensive repairs that can be made to a Skoda. While some vehicle owners may just decide to purchase a new vehicle rather than messing with a new engine, the cost of a replacement engine is still less than the cost of a new or a used vehicle. Though a full engine replacement is not a repair that occurs often, vehicle owners faced with this decision need to decide whether to scrap the vehicle and purchase a new one or replace the engine on an otherwise good vehicle.

Skoda owners who are debating between purchasing a new engine and replacing the vehicle actually have a third option that they should consider before making a decision. Rather than purchasing a new engine, Skoda owners could purchase a used engine that is in good condition. This option brings the cost of engine replacement down and eliminates the need for a new vehicle. Skoda owners should learn what to look for in a used engine before beginning the process of purchasing one.

A Brief History of Skoda

Skoda, which is a major name in the automotive industry, got its start in 1985 when Czechoslovakians Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement began manufacturing and selling bicycles. Only four short years later, the duo began manufacturing motorcycles and moved on to designing and manufacturing automobiles in 1905. In 1925, Laurin and Klement merged with Pizen Skodovka Co., and the company became known as Skoda. By this point, the company was manufacturing everything from cars, trucks, and buses to aeroplane engines, ploughs, and other agricultural equipment.

During World War II, Skoda's production of consumer vehicles slowed, as the company was forced to help the war effort. Once the war had ended, Skoda took over production of all passenger car production in Czechoslovakia, and the company began exporting vehicles as far away as Australia. In 1990, the company entered into a joint venture with Volkswagen and became the fourth brand in the Volkswagen group, which also includes Volkswagen, Audi, and Seat.

The Skoda Line-Up

Skoda has produced a variety of unique vehicles throughout its history. The company has manufactured seven vehicles, each with a few different models. While these vehicles are the ones many Skoda owners are driving, it is also possible to purchase used engines for older Skoda vehicles that have since been retired. When shopping for a used engine for a Skoda vehicle, it is important for the vehicle owner to know the specific model to shop for in order to determine the engines that are compatible with the vehicle.



Number of Models

Type of Vehicle



City car



Supermini car



Small family car



Five-door liftback



Five-door multipurpose vehicle



Luxury family car



Five-door, compact sport utility vehicle


Skoda produces vehicles in a variety of sizes, ranging from small city cars like the Citigo to luxury sedans. The company also offers SUVs, such as the Superb and the Yeti, so the Skoda family of vehicles has something for everyone. While some of these vehicles may use similar engines, not all of them do, with some requiring engines with more power. The prospective buyer needs to check the engine specifications for the vehicle when shopping for a replacement engine.

Tips for Shopping for a Used Engine for a Skoda

Skoda owners need to exercise caution when buying a used engine so one does not end up with an engine that is in poor condition or has not been properly taken care of. Prospective buyers who are not cautious could wind up wasting money on a used engine that does not last very long. The buyer should look for a used engine with low mileage so that the engine lasts longer without the need to service or replace it. The good news is that there are several ways for prospective buyers to safeguard themselves so that they do not end up buying a useless engine.

Determine the Correct Engine Size

Skoda owners do not necessarily need to replace a vehicle's engine with the exact same engine. Before shopping for a used engine for a Skoda, the prospective buyer should do a little bit of research to determine which size engines can fit in the Skoda's engine compartment. Research should also be conducted into the minimum power requirements needed to operate a vehicle that is the size and weight of the Skoda in question.

When shopping for used engines for Skoda vehicles, prospective buyers should search for engines that are within the proper size and power ranges. This ensures that there is no difficulty getting the engine installed in the vehicle so that the engine can adequately support the vehicle's weight and size.

Visually Inspect the Engine

Individuals interested in purchasing a used engine for a Skoda should visually inspect each engine under consideration. When inspecting an engine, buyers should look for repairs that were not made properly, rust, and sign of engine damage. If an engine looks like it has been repaired poorly or shows signs of neglect or damage, prospective buyers are well advised to keep shopping. These engines are more likely to break down or need additional repairs more quickly than engines in better condition.

Ask for a Vehicle History Report

Vehicle history reports are tied to actual vehicles, not engines, but prospective buyers can ask to see a vehicle history report for the vehicle that the engine was in. When reviewing reports, buyers should look for major accidents that may have caused engine damage as well as confirm that the mileage on the report matches the mileage claimed by the seller.

Check the Engine's Oil

The prospective buyer should ask the seller to start the engine and then check the oil. The oil should be a clean light brown colour. If the oil is dirty or there is no oil in the engine, the buyer may want to consider looking at different engines.

Listen to the Engine

This step can only be carried out if the seller is willing to start the engine, but it is definitely worth inquiring about as it can clue a prospective buyer in on whether an engine is sound or may be problematic. If there are strange sounds, such as clicking or knocking, the prospective buyer should consider buying a different engine that does not sound strange.

Shopping for a Used Engine for a Skoda

Because used engines are not a commonly sold item, prospective buyers may not be able to find any vehicles for sale locally. Skoda owners could check local classified listings in an attempt to find used engines for their Skoda vehicles; however, they may not find too many listings for used engines if they only shop this way. For a better selection and excellent prices, prospective buyers should consider the selection of engines for Skoda vehicles available on eBay.

Buying a Used Engine for a Skoda on eBay

eBay has thousands of listings for products of all types, so prospective buyers should be able to find several suitable engines for Skoda vehicles. If you are ready to take a look at the listings on eBay, go to the site's home page and type " Skoda engines" into the search box. Once the search results load, you can filter the listings by vehicle model, price, engine manufacturer, and condition. If you want to search for engines for a specific Skoda model, you can enter that information directly into the search box for a more refined search. For example, enter "Skoda Fabia engines" to only see engines compatible with Fabia vehicles.

Before making a purchasing decision, you should arrange an appointment with the seller to visually inspect the engine, check the oil, and listen to the engine if possible. In addition, it is a good idea to ask for a vehicle history report or for the vehicle's identification number so you can obtain the report on your own. If you need the engine delivered, then remember to factor the cost of freight into the purchase price to get as good a price as possible.


Purchasing a used engine for a Skoda vehicle is an excellent way to keep the vehicle running without spending a fortune. If chosen properly, a used engine can provide many more years of service at a fraction of the cost of a brand new engine. When looking for a used engine for a Skoda vehicle, prospective buyers should be sure to purchase the best engine that they can afford so that the engine lasts for as long as possible. Skoda owners should look for engines that have low mileage, have been well maintained, do not show signs of poor repairs, and do not make any strange noises when running. All of these signs indicate an engine that is not in peak condition or one that has not been maintained properly.

Armed with these tips, prospective buyers should have no problem finding suitable used engines for Skoda vehicles at the right prices on eBay.

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