How to Buy a Used Exhaust for a Renault Clio

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How to Buy a Used Exhaust for a Renault Clio

The exhaust system is an important part of a vehicle. It does more than just act as a conduit of the exhaust gases released from the engine. This system supports combustion and can boost the performance of a vehicle. A good exhaust system can improve the overall fuel efficiency and increase the vehicle's power and torque along the way. The exhaust is also mainly responsible for the way a car sounds and the toxicity of the exhaust fumes.

There are many reasons why a Renault Clio owner may seek to purchase an exhaust. Even if the existing system is not damaged, improved performance and fuel efficiency sound very appealing. Exhausts are very durable, and a used model can provide these benefits at a lower price. Choosing a used system for a Renault Clio requires some knowledge. A buyer needs to be familiar with the components of the exhaust and the different Clio generations that have appeared on the market over the years. With this knowledge and some advice on what original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket parts can offer, any buyer can make a solid purchase of a used exhaust for a Renault Clio.

Exhaust Basics and Considerations

Before purchasing an exhaust system, it is highly important to get acquainted with the terminology. Knowing the basic build of the system helps the buyer make a better assessment of what needs to be purchased. In many cases, replacing just a part of the system can be a wiser decision than making a complete change. Some of the exhaust parts that a buyer needs to be familiar with are given in the chart below.



Exhaust manifold/header

The part that collects exhaust gases from cylinders into one pipe.

Exhaust/head pipe

The pipe that leads the gases outwards from header.

Catalytic converter

Converts harmful gases into harmless elements.


Mufflers and resonators used to dampen noise.


Guide gases to rear of vehicle.

Combining parts from different exhaust systems is possible but is not recommended. Those who wish to replace a part rather than the whole system are well advised to look for one made by the same manufacturer.

Manifold or Header

The exhaust system starts with a manifold or a header. These are the parts that go directly over the cylinders and create a single exit point for exhaust gas. Headers are considered superior to the manifold. They have a special coating that reduces the heat in the engine compartment and they are mandrel-bent for superior flow.

Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter looks like a muffler, but it has an entirely different job. It takes the hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide and converts them into less harmful substances. One way of recognising the catalytic converter is through its position, as it is always placed before the muffler.


The muffler is a large part that appears along the line of the head pipe. It is constructed of a series of chambers which are used to tone down the sound of the exhaust. A great deal of how a car sounds is dependent on the muffler.


The tailpipe is the last stretch of pipe from the exhaust system. Manufacturers often make it look more aesthetically pleasing, as it usually is the only clearly visible part of this system. Usually a single tailpipe exits out of a muffler, but with the help of a small extension, a tailpipes can be installed.

Exhaust Systems from Renault Clio

The exhaust systems of Clio have evolved over the years. Each generation of Renault Clio has brought some changes to the design, which in turn has led to the use of different exhaust systems. Some of these systems do fit across generations, but if the idea is to purchase an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, model, getting the right one is preferred. The advantage of the OEM exhaust, of course, is its compatibility. Installing this model into the vehicle ensures that the engine runs the way it was intended.

Regular Clio vs. Sports Version

The Clio has enjoyed a great deal of popularity since its appearance in 1990. Nine years after its first appearance, Renault even decided to release a more powerful sports version for those seeking extra horsepower. There is more than one generation of both the regular and the sports version. That leaves a good number of possible combinations of exhausts that can be installed. Sports models, in general, have better exhausts, so installing an OEM sports exhaust to a regular Clio might not be a bad idea. However, using an exhaust from the regular Clio on a Renault Sport Edition can create a decrease in the sports engine's power output.

Different Generations of Renault Sport

Tinkering with the exhaust is a good way to increase performance. The Clio RS has seen some significant changes in the exhaust systems over the years. One of the major improvements on the Clio II RS was the addition of twin exit exhaust tailpipes. The Clio III RS drew technology from Formula One and introduced further improvements to the build of the exhaust. These facts are enough to conclude that, aside from using the OEM exact match, previous or future OEM exhausts models should not be considered for instalment.

Aftermarket Exhaust Systems for a Renault Clio

Anyone looking to purchase a used exhaust system should also consider the aftermarket options available. Aftermarket parts usually compete by trying to offer superior quality or design. Some of these systems are made of materials that can ensure corrosion resistance throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. That type of quality is something to be desired in an exhaust. The exhaust can still corrode if it has been mechanically damaged, so it is a good idea to pick one in good shape.


A boost in performance can also be achieved with some of the aftermarket models. Buying a used exhaust of this type can be a less expensive way to add power to the engine. Make sure that the exhaust is properly installed. A badly installed one can have a negative effect on the power performance. Aftermarket exhaust systems often come with an installation manual, so it is important to secure the manual prior to purchase. If the manual is not available, then seek for advice from people with experience.


The design of the exhaust is also a good reason to seek aftermarket models. There are many designs which can fit the Clio, and an exhaust is a nice final touch that compliments a sport or custom version of this vehicle. Those who purchase an aftermarket model for its looks may have some reservations when it comes to used models. In these scenarios, acquiring a damaged exhaust might defeat the reason for purchase. Still, only a small portion of the exhaust is visible and if there are no signs of damage, a used exhaust can prove to be a nice choice.


An exhaust does influence the sound of the engine. Changing it can give the engine a different note altogether. Aftermarket exhausts often make the engine noisier, giving it a sound typical of a race car. Those who wish a car with more roar in it often seek an aftermarket option. Used models provide a fine opportunity for vehicles owners to experiment. This way, if a vehicle owner is not satisfied with the results, less money has been wasted in the process.

Buying a Used Exhaust for a Renault Clio on eBay

The online retailer eBay is a good place to look for car parts in general. A vast number of exhaust and exhaust parts can be found, and a good number of them are either designed for or compatible with the Renault Clio.

You can look for exhausts by starting at eBay's main page and navigating to an appropriate category such as 'Vehicle Parts and Accessories'. Selecting 'Cars' from the menu and choosing a subcategory such as ''Exhaust & Exhaust Parts' can yield relevant listings. Consider looking within subcategories for different parts of the exhaust system, like tailpipes, mufflers, catalytic converters, depending on the specific part you need. You can find offers for Renault Clio by using filters such as the 'Model' and 'Condition' to get listings for for used Renault Clio exhaust systems and parts. You can also enter a relevant term in eBay's search bar. Enter 'Renault exhaust', and apply the same 'Model' and 'Condition' filter, and the end results are identical.

When dealing with used automotive parts, always look for quality sellers who have maintained a good reputation on eBay.


Buying a used exhaust for a Renault Clio is a task that is slightly more complicated than buying a new one. Aside from all the standard issues that come up during the purchase of an exhaust, the buyer also needs to make a good judgement call on the condition of the exhaust.

Compatibility is amongst the top concerns that arise with the purchase of an exhaust system. There are many Renault Clio models, and their exhaust systems are not all the same. Consumers need to find an exhaust made for the same generation of Clio, if possible. It is also important to remember that the Clio RS models have a different system than the regular Clio models.

There are arguments for and against the purchase of a used exhaust. The pros seem to outweigh the cons when it comes to these systems, as they can offer quality at lower prices. Exhausts are built to last, so even a used exhaust, when chosen well, can provide years of service without any problems.

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