How to Buy a Used Ford Truck

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How to Buy a Used Ford Truck

Trucks of the present day are not just utility vehicles for farmers and tradesmen or vehicles that are revered for their off-road capabilities. Over the years, the truck has even become a good option for a family car. Buying a truck is a big purchase, and not everyone can afford a new one. Luckily, the used market is filled with viable options that are worth considering.

Ford is one of the leading manufacturers of trucks. The company's long-lasting models are a good choice for anyone who is looking to buy a used truck. Over the years, Ford has released different trucks, targeting a wide range of customers. This has generated a very nice selection of used vehicles, capable of satisfying anyone's needs. The process of choosing a truck can be greatly simplified by learning how to approach the market of used vehicles and by carefully assessing the main functions of a truck. Knowledge about the features of a truck can help buyers make decisions in situations when they must choose between closely-matched offerings.

Assessing the Requirements for a Used Ford Truck

Proper assessment of one's needs can save a lot of money when a vehicle is selected. Individuals tend to go for more power when selecting vehicles, but sometimes, moderation can be better. Trucks can vary a lot in terms of size and power. Defining the main use of the truck helps properly assess which type of truck can make an economically sound purchase.

Those who do not intend on using a truck for heavy-duty purposes such as carrying multi-tonne loads are better off considering lighter vehicles. A lighter truck may not be as powerful, but it is much cheaper and can offer better fuel economy. Models like the Ford Falcon and the Ford Transit are highly capable vehicles which still fall in the light truck category.

Extended Cab

Those looking for a classic pickup truck that can also serve as a family vehicle should consider an extended cab model. The Ford F250 and the Ford F150 are two good options of this type. Some of the full-size Ford truck models over the years even come with four doors, allowing more comfort for all passengers.

Super Duty

The Ford Super Duty models are capable of performing any given task. These trucks can easily tow a car, boat or trailer. The powerful V8 engine in these vehicles makes them ideal for heavy-duty work. However, these engines use a lot of petrol, regardless of the whether the truck is loaded or not. This makes for a very inefficient ride if the vehicle is not constantly used for heavy-duty transportation.

Additional Towing Equipment

Aftermarket equipment might be compatible with a truck, but OEM equipment is always easier to install. Those who wish to use the truck for towing purposes should always account for the price of the towing equipment. Sometimes, the equipment is included in the offer, but at other times, the buyer needs to purchase it separately. To avoid overspending, one must add the price of the OEM towing equipment to the full price of the truck.

Price-Forming Parameters

There are many things one must consider when purchasing a used vehicle. Many factors shape the price of a vehicle, and some are more important than others. The top five factors that influence the price of a truck are summarised in the chart below.




Horsepower, torque and various performance features such as four-wheel drive and anti-skid.


The distance travelled by the vehicle so far.


Tendency to operate without any need of repairs


A successful model that has been sold in large quantities.


An overall reflection of the care provided to the vehicle.

Not all of these factors add a specific value to the desired vehicle. Understanding the true influence of the factors helps create a better strategic approach as one considers a purchase of a used vehicle.


When it comes to the performance of a used Ford truck, the same rules apply as in new vehicles. A high-performance vehicle costs more, as it has more to offer. Prices on used vehicles do not drop proportionally for all models, but those who want more still have to pay for the privilege. It is helpful to avoid paying for more than what one needs when acquiring a used vehicle. Though the price is only a fraction of what a new truck costs, a large sum can still be saved by adjusting the purchase to meet the needs.


The age of a vehicle is not as important as the mileage it has acquired over the years. Granted, the mileage can only increase over the years, but two equally old vehicles might have seen a totally different frequency of use. The odometer indicates the distance travelled by a vehicle and provides a good insight into the amount of use the vehicle has seen. Though it is illegal, a skilled mechanic can roll back an odometer to make a vehicle appear less used. When in doubt, try to look for other signs of use on the vehicle. The vehicle identification number can also be reviewed to obtain information on tampering with the odometer.

Reliability and Reputation

Reliability and popularity are two factors that are mutually dependent to a certain level. A reliable vehicle is usually a popular one. Ford is known for creating reliable trucks that have been known to run smoothly for many years without any problems. However, different Ford models have enjoyed different levels of popularity. One can find a reliable truck of a less popular model and make a wiser purchase if the vehicle is in good condition.

A vehicle purchase should always be approached as an investment. Reliability and popularity not only determine the price, but they also determine a vehicle's possible future resale value. A popular vehicle might sell more easily due to the reputation it carries.


Determining the condition of a truck can be quite tricky. A buyer can be distracted by a fresh coat of paint, chromed shiny rims, or a high-power stereo installed within the vehicle. All of these features are worth noting, but they are not nearly as important when compared to what lies under the hood. A well-maintained engine and body are more important than anything else that can be offered in a vehicle package.

It is worth remembering that a fresh coat of paint might also be hiding evidence of corrosion or prior vehicle accident. Consumers may use the VIN number to check if there have been any insurance reports declaring the vehicle 'salvage category', and inquire about its prior use. Driving off-road takes a greater toll on a truck than using it on a flat street surface, so it is important to keep an eye out for damages that can indicate rough use.

Buying a Used Ford Truck on eBay

The online retailer eBay is a great place to look for used vehicles in general. Numerous offers on Ford trucks can be found on the eBay Motors section. You can typically find trucks in relevant categories such as 'Commercial Vehicles', which has a 'Lorries/Trucks' section. Navigating to this section provides access to vehicles of differnt makes and models. You can filter the results to a subset relevant to used Ford trucks through the 'Condition' filter. Click on the 'Used' condition, and select 'Ford' from the 'Manufacturer' filter to get appropriate listings. You can also filter results by truck features, such as transmission type and colour of the vehicle. There is even a filter that covers the in-car entertainment options.

Buying a used vehicle over the Internet is not that easy. It requires a great deal of trust, so choosing a seller with good reputation can set you at ease. Look for listings that show pictures of vehicles from all angles and provide detailed information on the truck. If there are any questions, you can feel free to ask the seller by using eBay's secure email. The seller is as interested in making a deal, so cooperation can be expected.


Although there is a large number of used Ford vehicles in the market, the process of choosing the right one can be challenging. Ford has produced a large number of trucks over the years, and they cater to different market segments. That being said, the selection should be made with careful consideration of the intended use of the truck. While one may be looking for more power, this feature may not be as important for another potential buyer.

Getting well acquainted with what Ford trucks have to offer is essential to choosing a used truck. This can help the buyer focus attention on a specific model, making the purchase much easier. After the model is selected, all a buyer needs to do is follow the general rules that apply to purchasing a used vehicle. Popularity and reliability make a vehicle cost more, but they also help it keep its market value longer. Mileage and condition show how much use a truck has had over the years and the level of care it has received from its seller. By finding a vehicle that balances price with all of these factors, one can be assured of making the right decision.

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