How to Buy a Used Jaguar Sovereign

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How to Buy a Used Jaguar Sovereign

Jaguar has been producing the iconic Sovereign series since 1966. The vehicles are luxury saloons with a particular emphasis on power. In fact, some of the models have V12 engines, something that is relatively unheard of in other luxury saloons. The Daimler Sovereign series of cars have been built ever since 1966. The most famous car in the Sovereign series was the XJR. It features a supercharger, a V12 engine, 17 inch wheels, and small body upgrades. Jaguar has long had a reputation for producing the "gentleman's sports car". The vehicles are loaded with luxuries, powerful engines, and amenities, yet they have still maintained their sleek and classy appearance throughout the years. The Jaguar is perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life, but still want the ability to roar down the highway when needed.

Because Jaguars are so popular in the UK, it is not hard to find used ones for sale. However, shopping for any luxury sports car can be a challenge because owners often have a tendency to abuse the cars and wear them down. It is true that a little extra care needs to be taken when shopping for them, but once people know what to look for, it is not that difficult to find and purchase a well maintained Sovereign for an appropriate price.

Jaguar History

In 1922, two friends who lived on the same street started the Swallow Sidecar Company. William Walmsley was already in the business of making sidecars for motorcycles, and William Lyons had just finished an apprenticeship with Crossley Motors and was a salesman there.

By 1926, the two men decided to diversify their business and changed its name to Swallow Sidecar and Coachbuilding Company. Together they began producing vehicles called Swallows and eventually changed their name to Jaguar.

After World War II, money was tight and Jaguar had to sell the plant they used to make their pressed, steel body panels. Despite hard times, their early Jaguar models were still decently successful and they later on managed to buy the Standard Motor Company which was supplying the engines to Jaguar.

The company's fame began with their series of beautiful luxury vehicles such as the XK 120, 140, and 150. Jaguar's slogan was "Grace, Space, Pace" and they have stuck to that motto with every car that they've built.

The Jaguar Sovereign Engine and Drive Quality

The Jaguar Sovereign is available with a 6-cylinder engine, V12 engine or diesel engine. The 6-cylinder is smooth enough to pass as a decent motor, and the V12 is far too heavy to have much of an advantage over the smaller engines. In fact, when tested, the V12 went from 0 to 60 mph in 7.7 seconds, which was only 0.2 seconds faster than the 6-cylinder.

Both engines get a low, 15 mpg gallon rating, but when driven on winding roads, both cars have proven that they handle well and still provide their passengers with a comfortable ride even on the bumpy roads. All cars are rated by their drivers to determine how satisfactory they are to their owners and how the cars compare to their competition. The following chart lists the ratings that the Jaguar Sovereign has received.

Jaguar Sovereign Specification

Consumer Rating



Fuel Economy


Ride Quality






Controls and Details


Front Comfort


Rear Comfort


Cargo Room


Value in Class


Total Score


Although Jaguars are notorious for their high quality cars, the Sovereigns are not without fault. For example, there have been complaints about a faulty air conditioning switch, a "check engine" light that comes on frequently, engine misfires, loud engine noise, small cabin space, and a bad radiator fan.

Why Buy a Used Jaguar Sovereign

There are multiple reasons to make the decision to purchase a Sovereign. Some people have fallen in love with their classic body style, while others love the roar of the engines. Regardless, buying a used car is a smart choice because the vehicle has already depreciated from its original value, so the new buyer is not the one who is losing all of that money. New cars not only cost more, but they lose a large portion of their value as soon as they are driven away from the dealership. Research suggests that brand new cars lose 15 to 30 per cent of their value within the first year of being driven. The following are a few other benefits of buying a used vehicle rather than a new one.

  •     Lower insurance costs
  •     Lower licensing costs
  •     Some used cars were built better than they are today
  •     There are better bargains to be found
  •     There is more room for negotiation
  •     Some used cars have had upgrades

How to Buy a Used Jaguar Sovereign

Because of the declined economy, the cost of used cars has supposedly gone by by 10 per cent since 2010. That being said, used cars can still be found at bargain prices if shoppers know what to do.

Set a Budget and Do Not Change It

To decide on a car budget, shoppers can calculate out how much they can afford to pay in total for the car, or how much they can afford to pay each month on an auto loan. Be sure to factor in insurance costs as well as petrol prices. A car that has low fuel economy costs more to operate.

Determine the Average Value of the Jaguar Sovereign

There are websites that shoppers can visit which show the estimated value of a vehicle based on the make, model, condition, and features. In order to find a good deal, shoppers need to understand what the cars are worth. Usually after shopping for a while, buyers tend to get a pretty good idea of what the going rates are and it helps them determine right off the bat whether or not a seller has overpriced their car.

Before Looking at a Car, Decide on a Price Range

Since every Sovereign varies in age, mileage, condition, and upgrades, do some research on prices ahead of time before going to see the car in person. If buyers can decide what they would pay for the car before hand, they are less likely to end up agreeing to a higher price later.

Look for Indicators of an Accident or Poor Maintenance

During the initial viewing of the car, it is important to inspect everything thoroughly and look for signs that could indicate past or present problems. For example, if the door does not close properly, it could mean that the vehicle was in an accident. Also look for patches of discoloured paint; it may indicate that there was body damage that was fixed poorly.

Take a Lengthy Test Drive

Some people tend to get into the habit of test driving the car for 15 minutes and then taking it back. It is better to stay in it for a longer period of time and consider things such as leg room, head room, the location of the controls, how the car shifts, how it brakes, and whether or not everything functions properly.

Find a Used Jaguar Sovereign on eBay

The days when people had no choice but to go to dealerships around town to find a car are over. Now that private sellers and dealers can list all of their vehicles for sale online, the majority of modern day shoppers end up doing most of their browsing online before they ever start test driving anything.

One of the leading websites in auto sales is eBay. Here both dealers and private individuals can list their vehicles for sale. This gives buyers an opportunity to browse through cars and do all of the research prior to making any appointments to see the car.

To bring up the list of Jaguar Sovereigns on eBay, simple type "Jaguar Sovereign" into the search bar on their website. Then sort the listings based on the closest distance first and type in your price range. This will eliminate the cars that are outside of your budget and allow you to save time by going straight to the cars that are best suited to your needs.


Buying a car can be quite an ordeal, but owning one of the famous Jaguar Sovereign is worth the effort it takes to find a well maintained one. Buying a Jaguar is like purchasing a piece of British history. The company has been around since the early 1900s and has stayed strong in their mission of building top quality cars even during the toughest of times. Used cars are almost always a better bargain that new ones are. Their depreciation has slowed down and as long as they have been maintained and cared for, they should still have a lot of life left in them.

Although it may be overwhelming trying to find a used Jaguar. Just keep in mind that the process can be made a lot easier by first gaining a little knowledge about the current auto market and what to look for when inspecting a car.

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