How to Buy a Used King Size Bed and Mattress

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How to Buy a Used King Size Bed and Mattress

A bed is a very important investment, and choosing the correct mattress is essential for a number of reasons. A good night’s sleep gets people ready for the day ahead. Facing life’s daily challenges often seems a little easier after a standard eight-hour sleep, and that is heavily dependent on a person’s mattress. An inappropriate or damaged mattress can result in chronic back-pain, neck-stiffness and deprivation of sleep. A good mattress must strike a balance between providing support and being comfortable for the individual; however, many people suffer throughout the day with pain and tiredness without realising that their mattress is to blame. For those with budgetary constraints, buying a brand new mattress is not always feasible. Luckily, there are some excellent savings to be had by purchasing a used one. Of course, many people will be wary of sleeping on a mattress that someone else has used, yet there are some excellent bargains to be found by following a few basic guidelines. If looking for a new king size mattress, expect to pay a premium; however, used items can often cost less than half the price. Sleeping on a used mattress is no different to sleeping on a hotel bed, and buying a used mattress should definitely be an option well considered when searching for mattresses. These are some handy tips to follow during the purchasing process, which can ensure that a suitably hygienic used mattress is found at a reasonable price.

How to Ensure a Used King Size Mattress is Hygienic

If coming to terms with buying a used mattress is possible, take a few simple steps to ensure that it is clean, and that it is in a good state of repair. A quick search on eBay for used mattresses will deliver dozens of items for sale, so choosing the most suitable one can be a difficult task; by making a few quick checks, however, the purchaser can rest-assured that a good night’s sleep will be possible on a quality product.

Check the Photo Carefully

The online purchase of a king size mattress should only be made if there is a photo of the actual product. Also, try to check the room in which the bed is displayed, as this will provide some useful information on the cleanliness of the house. A clean and well-presented house suggests that the owner may have looked after the mattress.

Ask Questions

A number of questions should be asked of the vendor before any money changes hands. Ask if the mattress has any stains, and then ascertain if there are pets in the house that may have damaged or soiled it. If there are smokers in the house, the mattress is likely to smell of smoke, and that can be difficult to remove. It is also a good idea to ask exactly why the vendor is selling it; reasons such as moving home or making extra space in the home suggest the mattress may still be in good condition.

Ascertain the Exact Model and Dimensions

There is a chance that people may mistakenly advertise king size mattresses when, in actual fact, they are queen size. Ask the seller to physically measure the bed to make sure it is five-feet wide. It is also a good idea to ask the vendor to take a close-up photo of the bed’s label, as that will verify the make and exact design of the mattress.

Get it Cleaned

Once having taken possession of the bed, it is essential that it is cleaned and prepared for use. Both sides should be vacuumed thoroughly, and a stain-remover should be used to remove marks, scuffs and stains. An anti-bacterial spray can then be used to kill off the majority of the inevitable bacteria living on the surface. If possible, a used mattress should be left in the open-air for a night before use.

Buy a Mattress Cover

The final stage of ensuring a used mattress is hygienic - and in a good state of repair – is by covering it with a good-quality mattress cover. This will provide additional support and a fresh sleeping surface for the new owner.

The Different Varieties of Used King Size Mattresses

There are several different varieties of mattress available in a used condition, and selecting the correct one is often a simple matter of personal preference. The most hygienic used mattresses will normally be foam-based, and water-beds often have vinyl mattresses that can be wiped clean. However, a used mattress is only a bargain if it delivers a great night’s sleep, so be in possession of some important facts surrounding the benefits of different systems.

Spring Interiors

Open Coil

Open coil mattresses are usually the cheapest interior systems on the market, and the same applies to used items. They consist of several springs connected together with long strips of wire. The success of these mattresses often depends on the quality of the filling used.

Continuous Spring

Continuous spring mattresses are more expensive than open coil systems when they are bought as new, and the same generally applies to used items. A more supportive and responsive sleeping experience is enjoyed, as springs are woven with a single piece of wiring. They are more responsive than open coil mattresses, and there are some excellent bargains available on used items.

Pocket Spring

Pocket-sprung mattresses are the most responsive and supportive spring mattresses on the market, as they contain individual springs that work completely independently from each other. Each spring is contained in its own fabric pocket.

Spring Interior Fillings

The filling in a spring mattress determines a number of different factors. The highest-quality mattresses will probably be filled with natural fibres such as wool, hair, and silk. Cotton is also a commonly-found filling, as it provides a soft substance that can breathe and absorb moisture from the body. The cheaper mattresses are often filled with synthetic fibres such as polyester. These mattresses can retain heat, and that often results in a hotter bed. Questions should be asked of the vendor surrounding the filling in a mattress before any money is paid.

Foam Mattresses

Foam systems provide an excellent opportunity for people to secure a cut-price used mattress, as they retain their supporting properties for longer. There are three main types of foam mattress, and they can all be found in used conditions on the eBay website.


Latex provides a durable, supportive, and firm sleeping surface that takes pressure from the back by evenly distributing body-weight.


The relatively new foam-based mattress uses temperature as well as pressure in order to mould itself to the contours of the body.


This is a cheaper foam mattress that is also sometimes used as filling for spring mattresses.

Other Types of Mattress

A water-filled mattress is a great second-hand purchase because it is often made from a smooth vinyl covering. This can be easily wiped and disinfected, and rest-assured that used items are completely hygienic. Water mattresses can deliver superb support, weight distribution and firmness, and all three of these attributes can be altered by changing the amount of water in them. Second-hand futons are usually found in sofa-beds in the UK, but their supporting properties are limited.

Finding a Suitable Used King Size Bed and Mattress on eBay

There are literally thousands of used king size mattresses on eBay, and locating the best one for the individual is extremely easy. There is a very useful search facility on the homepage, and entering used king size mattresses into the search bar should return plenty of suitable results. Alternatively, search by category by clicking the All Categories link near the top of the homepage. When presented with a drop-down menu, the category entitled, Home, Furniture & DIY should be clicked. This will then display a new menu of categories on the left side of the page. The category Furniture should then be selected, followed by Beds and Mattresses.


Buying a used frame for a bed is relatively straightforward, as it is in the mattress where the potential for problems usually lies. Buying a quality new king size mattress is usually going to cost considerably more than a used one, and that price can simply be out of the question of some people. However, it is possible to save a considerable amount of money by putting squeamishness to one side. A used mattress does not necessarily have to be a dirty mattress, yet take care when parting with cash. A little research on where the mattress is coming from can put the mind at rest, and it will also ensure that a significant investment is well-protected.

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