How to Buy a Used Multi Region Blu-Ray Player

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How to Buy a Used Multi Region Blu-Ray Player

Blu-Ray discs are designed to play only content authorised by the content provider in the particular region in which they are sold. This is similar to the idea of region codes for DVDs. The use of region codes are optional for content providers. All Blu-Ray players are required to support regional coding, so discs bought in one region cannot work with Blu-Ray players bought in a different region. Blu-Ray discs may use one code, a combination of codes, every code, or no code. Multi region Blu-Ray players are able to play a Blu-Ray disc from more than one, or all regions, making them highly desirable items. It may be possible to find a used multi region Blu-Ray player at a charity shop or car boot sale. When buying a used multi region Blu-Ray player at retailers such as eBay, buyers should understand the purpose of Blu-Ray player region coding, familiarise themselves with the various region codes, learn how to change Blu-Ray player settings, and know what to look for when buying used products.

Blu-Ray Player Region Coding Explained

The Blu-Ray disc regional restriction exists to protect against unlawful distribution. Region codes are a digital-rights management technique that controls aspects of a film’s release, including pricing, release date, and content, according to region.

Pricing and Blu-Ray Region Coding

Region codes allow the seller flexibility in pricing the film based on the amount people in a particular region are willing to pay for Blu-Ray discs. Buyers in the UK and the United States are usually willing to pay a greater amount than those in developing economies. So, the prices of Blu-Ray discs in the UK and the United States may be greater that other regions. In order to control the importing of cheap discs to more expensive regions, they are encoded to limit where they can be played. However, multi-region Blu-Ray players allow viewers to play the discs without regard to regional boundaries.

Release Dates and Blu-Ray Region Coding

Region codes also help to control the marketing of films. Often films are released in certain regions before being released in others. Region codes help to keep people from viewing films that have already been released in other regions of the world. This helps to control the finances and marketing for the film industry.

Content and Blu-Ray Region Coding

Region codes allow digital-rights management to censor the content. This is the case with Blu-Ray discs, for example, “Star Wars: Episode II”, which was released in the UK without a particular scene of violence. However, this scene was available in other regions. In addition to censorship, some regions may also offer Blu-Ray extras on the disc.

Blu-Ray Region Codes

The region code on the packaging of a Blu-Ray disc allows buyers to see the regions in which the disc can be played. The Blu-Ray disc region coding layout divides the world into three regions as seen in the chart below.

Blu-Ray Region Code

Regions of Play


Most North, Central, and South American countries

South Asian countries

Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Korea


Most European, African, and Southwest Asian countries

Australia and New Zealand


Remaining Central and South Asian countries

China and Russia

As a way of bypassing region code restrictions, Blu-Ray players are often modified by third parties. This modification allows playback of Blu-Ray discs with any region code.

Changing Blu-Ray Player Settings

It is possible to buy foreign Blu-Ray discs legally, where the regional Blu-Ray coding interferes with or prevents them from being played with a normal setting. So, many Blu-Ray players allow viewers to adjust the regional settings for a specific region. Some may even feature a multi region setting which lets viewers play Blu-Ray discs from more than one, or all three, regions. This usually involves entering a series of numbers using the remote control.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Multi Region Blu-Ray Player

When buying a used multi-region Blu-Ray player, buyers should ensure that the product is in proper working condition. This means checking the player for signs of damage which may compromise its ability to function safely and as intended.

Price Comparison for the Used Multi Region Blu-Ray Player

Buyers should compare the cost of used devices with new multi region Blu-Ray players that offer similar features. Used devices should always be substantially lower in price. Although cosmetic issues may not hinder the performance of the Blu-Ray player, any damage that makes it less than mint condition should result in a reduction of price.

Condition of the Used Multi Region Blu-Ray Player

The condition of the multi region Blu-Ray player should be checked for any signs of wear and tear. This includes cracks, dents, and scratches. Superficial markings may not affect the player’s ability to play discs.

Test the Inputs of the Used Multi Region Blu-Ray Player

Buyers should check all plugs, sockets, and connection ports. It is also a good idea to try playing Blu-Ray discs from various regions before purchasing, if possible, to ensure that the device not only functions properly, but is also in fact multi regional.

Safety for the Used Multi Region Blu-Ray Player

It is always important to consider safety when purchasing any used electronic device. Buyers should check the condition of the cord carefully for any worn casing or exposed, frayed wires. Compromised wiring can lead to electrical accidents. It can also affect the device’s ability to power on.

Terminology for the Used Multi Region Blu-Ray Player

When buying a used product, buyers should read item descriptions for words such as refurbished or reconditioned. Refurbished products have been fixed and restored to a like new condition. These products have usually been pre-owned. Buyers should always find out if the multi region Blu-Ray player is factory refurbished. This indicates whether the manufacturer did the refurbishing or a third party. Blu-Ray players that have been refurbished by a third party should be examined more carefully. On the other hand, reconditioned players have been fixed for resale by the manufacturer or the company selling the product. It is also a good idea to ask the seller which part of the Blu-Ray player was fixed or altered. Often it may be a cosmetic issue that does not affect the device’s ability to function.

Missing Components of the Used Multi Region Blu-Ray Player

Buyers should conduct some background research to find out what accessories or components the multi region Blu-Ray player comes with. Buyers should make sure that all accessories that are needed to play Blu-Ray discs are included. This includes power cables, USB cables, and a remote control. The Blu-Ray player should also include an instruction manual. If this is missing, it is important to make sure that one is available online before purchasing the device.

Buying a Used Multi Regional Blu-Ray Player on eBay

An excellent option for finding a used Blu-Ray player at a good price is to shop at eBay. At eBay, the buyer has the opportunity to browse different used multi regional Blu-Ray players. After determining the specific product that you need, visit the eBay homepage. eBay provides a useful search feature to locate exact items. Simply type the keywords in the search field and this takes you directly to a page of listings for the product. Alternatively, buyers can use eBay’s advanced search feature to narrow their search by category, price, or buying format. This feature also lets buyers limit their search to that of Top-rated sellers. Check eBay’s search tips for other suggestions on the keyword search function. Read the item description carefully and look at any photos for signs of wear and tear. If there are any questions about the functionality or the condition of the used multi region Blu-Ray player, contact the seller via the “Ask a question” feature.


Buying used electronics is a green way to shop. Not only does it keep waste out of landfill, but it extends the lifetime of useful devices and saves money. Multi region Blu-Ray players allow buyers to view Blu-Ray discs from various regions of the world on a single device. These players are ideal for those who spend a great deal of time travelling or buying Blu-Ray discs online from overseas. Region codes exist to control a film’s release according to the area in which it is sold. This ensures that the film industry can stagger release dates, control content, and optimise their pricing according to a region. Investing in a multi region Blu-Ray player allows the viewer to experience discs from all over the world.

Although it can be daunting to buy a used product, there are a handful of things to bear in mind, such as which questions to ask and the terminology that may be used to describe the item. Whenever purchasing a used device, the buyer should check it carefully for signs of wear, either in person, or by asking the seller questions. This includes checking the multi region Blu-Ray player for damage, compromised wiring, and parts that are missing or not functioning properly. eBay can help any buyer to find a good quality multi region Blu-Ray player.

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